896 collocations for restoring

At length Carleton wrote to the Duke of Portland, Pitt's home secretary, saying: 'All command, civil and military, being thus disorganized and without remedy, your Grace will, I hope, excuse my anxiety for the arrival of any successor, who may have authority sufficient to restore order, lest these insubordinations should extend to mutiny among the troops and sedition among the people.'

" "My word!" said Rudolph Musgrave, "your methods of restoring domestic peace to a distracted household are, to say the least, original!"

But the other laughed softly, and restored all her confidence.

But he is well now; the air of the Tunxis hills, and the rest of a quiet life, partly, I hope, good care also, have restored to him his lost health.

Perhaps they think that their pages grow dull and that ridicule will restore the balance.

The invalid, whose health is impaired by excessive labor, but who is yet able to exercise in the open air, will find a visit to these beautiful lakes and pleasant rivers, and a fortnight or a month's stay among them, vastly more efficacious in restoring strength and tone to his system than all the remedial agencies of the most skillful physicians.

I could adduce undeniable testimonials of their efficacy, because, in fact, they are all efficacious; and it seems to me a mere matter of earthshine, whether we resort to one or the other mode of restoring the equilibrium of the human machine; all that we have to do, being to know when and to what extent it is proper to use either.

Every effort was made to restore the power as well as the will of Russia to gain ultimate victory, and Elihu Root, head of a United States commission to Russia, assured the American people on his return from Petrograd that the ill effects of the revolution would soon pass away, leaving Russia once more united for action against the Teuton foe.

This performance restored harmony and a gentle reflectiveness.

"May I restore your property?"

After he had restored the circulation: "There now, don't go near the fire, or it will begin to hurt.

He flattered the people with the hope that he would, when Antony had fulfilled his mission of recovering the standards of Crassus, engage him to join in putting an end to their sovereign power and restoring constitutional liberty.

The young King, at the time of his father's death, resided in the castle of Ludlow, on the borders of Wales, whither he had been sent, that the influence of his presence might overawe the Welsh and restore the tranquillity of that country, which had been disturbed by some late commotions.

I thought how praiseworthy it would be in me to restore to my friend the rights of her birth; yet I thought only of becoming her patroness, and raising her to her proper rank; it never occurred to me that my own degradation must necessarily follow.

Even the sultans of Stambul could not think of restoring the authority of the Khalîf over the whole Mohammedan world.

The lightly armed soldiers who preceded the legions placed themselves between the squadrons and restored the fortune of the combat.

Perhaps if some fundamental truths were brought home to the people, or, to be more exact, to the peoples now at loggerheads with each other, a notion of the peril equally impending upon all concerned and the conviction that an indefinite prolongation of the present state of things is impossible, would prove decisive factors in restoring a spirit of peace and in reviving that spirit of solidarity which now appears spent or slumbering.

" He restored his sight to him, and the King gave him his daughter.

" The catastrophe was witnessed by the assembled family, who hastened to the bleeding victims of parental injustice, and endeavored to do all that was possible to restore life to the mangled forms of the two who loved when living, and in death were not divided.

Tearful parents came to him day by day to beg his help in restoring sons who had fled to the wars.

The actual signatures of the gentlemen who had been so deluded as to believe they could restore a king to France!

Not that the Quebec Act was a dead letterfar from itbut simply that it could not go beyond restoring the privileges of the French-Canadian priests and seigneurs within the area then effectively occupied by the French-Canadian race.

The sweet freshness of her new existence was rapidly restoring tone to her mental system, and life no longer seemed a hopeless task.

Aratus restores the freedom of Sicyon; joins the Achaean League, which becomes a powerful body.

However, the morning sunlight restored my courage, and I once more wandered among the trees, but always with some anxiety as to what I might see next.

896 collocations for  restoring
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