721 collocations for resumed

Finding his frankness to be thus seasoned with hospitality, we resumed our seats.

The next place of interest which we reached, after resuming our journey, was within twenty miles of Weston.

" She resumed her work with a smile and a twitching at her lips that she was unable to control.

It resumed its course in the direction of our voyage.

The horse was bruised and cut about the knees, but otherwise unhurt, so the men resumed their places; Babette climbed back to hers, and the heavy cart went jolting on.

Afterward we sat and smoked awhile, resuming our walk only when we were tired of inaction.

Although Roldan had now resumed his position as a legitimate official ready to maintain order, it could hardly be expected that his fatal example would not be followed by other unprincipled men of the same stamp

The procession now resumed its march with joyful alacrity, to the sound of triumphant music, until they came to a small mosque, near the banks of the Xenel, and not far from the foot of the Hill of Martyrs, which edifice remains to the present day, consecrated as the hermitage of St. Sebastian.

She began to meet him professionally, for his reputation was steadily increasing, but he made no attempt to resume the conversation which had been so rudely interrupted.

He received us politely, and then resumed the duties of his vocation.

till the man who was my friend faltered and stumbled like a drunken man; but afterwards he recovered strength and resumed his way.

He was bound West from Montreal, and in the morning would resume his labors at a construction camp.

10th December. Started at 4.50 a.m., steering 160 degrees magnetic over sandy country; passed a small grassy valley at 8.0; halted on the north branch of the Bowes at 10.10 on a small pool of brackish water; dined and resumed our route at 2.40 p.m.; steered south over a grassy country till 6.10, when we halted for the night on a tributary stream to the Bowes; obtained fresh water by digging, the pools being very small and brackish.

He had resumed his chair, but be rose up once more, took the Cuban's hat from the table and tendered it to him.

Mathieu had learnt only the day before that Norine, on leaving Madame Bourdieu's, had sought a temporary refuge with a female friend, not caring to resume a life of quarrelling at her parents' home.

Goaded by the cowardly persecution, the proselytes groaned after deliverance; a few even dared to renounce the profession of a faith they never held, and many resumed the practice of Jewish rites in private.

We ordered refreshments; after partaking thereof we resumed our task.

" "Well," said Spalding, resuming his narrative, "some fifty years ago, two enterprising men (brothers) marched into the woods in the town of Mexico, now in Oswego county, with their axes on their shoulders, and stout hearts beating in their bosoms.

But who knows?" Sofia shook her head impatiently, and in a murmur of deepening amazement resumed her reading of the note: "'Your daughter Sofia is now with me..

Seeing then that nothing has been done where it ought, it is the duty of the abolitionists to resume their labours.

The new sense of responsibility that had come to the Whaup determined him to return at once to Glasgow, and resume his studies.

Mac was no sooner on his legs than Kaviak, determined not to lose his grasp of the situation, climbed upon the three-legged stool just vacated, and resumed his former relations with the friendly coat-tail.

But soon the silence resumed its sway, a deathlike silence, with far off the faint tinkle of water.

I resumed the subject of my leaving him on the road, and endeavoured to defend it better.

But, as she gave no sign of resuming the discourse, he was forced to take up the burden again.

721 collocations for  resumed