105 collocations for retires

" She had retired one pace as he began advancing, but as the import of what he said became clear to her she was rooted to one position by astonishment.

That other's my Mistress,couldst thou but keep this old Fellow in discourse whilst I give her the sign to retire a little.

The Turks had retired a considerable distance during the day.

As soon as we were a little recovered from our first terrors, we endeavoured to obey, and begged they would indulge us by retiring a few moments till I had put my clothes on; but neither my embarrassment, nor the screams of the childneither decency nor humanity, could prevail.

He retired a step in disorder before the apparition of a maid in cap and apron.

He retires a poor man, to live on his wife's little fortune.

Address and presentation of gift to retiring Matron.

The orderly saluted, pointed to me, and retired a few yards.

Already a numerous band of French Huguenots had retired thither, under the conduct of their celebrated Calvinistic leader, De Monts, who was invested with the government of the district lying between Montreal and Philadelphia, by a patent from his sovereign, Henry the Fourth.

That movement would seem to have presented the sole and only chance of success for the Federal arms, as the successful advance of General Franklin's fifty-five or sixty thousand men up the old Richmond road would have compelled Lee to retire his whole right wing, to protect it from an assault in flank and reverse.

It was but for a few years; and the time never came for him to retire hither from Rugby.

Sir, retire ye, for it hath thus succeeded: the carnifex or executor, riding on an ill-curtal, hath titubated or stumbled, and is now cripplified, with broken or fractured tibiards, and, sending you tidings of success, saith yourself must be his deputy. WAR.

From the bright wave, in solemn gloom, retire The dull-red steeps, and, darkening still, aspire To where afar rich orange lustres glow 160 Round undistinguished clouds, and rocks, and snow: Or, led where Via Mala's chasms confine The indignant waters of the infant Rhine, Hang o'er the abyss, whose else impervious gloom His burning eyes with fearful light illume.

In these secluded vales, if village fame, Confirmed by hoary hairs, belief may claim; When up the hills, as now, retired the light, 195 Strange apparitions mocked the shepherd's sight.

He is the first in giving the charge and the last in retiring his foot.

We retired with feelings of pride and gratification that we had been privileged to join a company which, though wearing the badge of a proscribed race, displayed in happy combination, the treasures of genuine intelligence, and the graces of accomplished manners.

With reference to the interior arrangements, there are four large and well-proportioned rooms for refreshments, &c.; a spacious hall, leading through a screen of Doric columns to a large and elegant staircase of stone, and on each side of the staircase are retiring rooms of convenience for gentlemen.

As it was, he felt compelled to retire up the cañon until he could recover his gravity.

ON THE ACTING OF MUNDEN Not many nights ago I had come home from seeing this extraordinary performer in Cockletop; and when I retired to my pillow, his whimsical image still stuck by me, in a manner as to threaten sleep.

The most tremendous fighting took place for the possession of the bridges, but the French engineers blew them up one after the other as they retired southwards.

Suspecting the purpose of his present visit to so retired a spot, a comrade followed him, but was unfortunately too late to arrest the hand of the determined suicide.

You cannot, in a retrospective play like Rosmersholm, attain anything like the magnificent onward rush of Othello, which moves "Like to the Pontick sea Whose icy current and compulsive course Ne'er feels retiring ebb, but keeps due on To the Propontick and the Hellespont.

Blake, having set ashore his wounded men, sailed in pursuit of Van Trump, who sent his convoy before, and himself retired fighting towards Bulloign.

An' if you're attacked afore I come, then retire firing.

" With a contemptuous shake of the head, he turned and retired down the next flight, and, as the echoes of his footsteps died away we resumed our ascent.

105 collocations for  retires