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105 collocations for revisit

" It was not his intention to revisit the places so thoroughly overhauled by the police.

It is largely on your account that I consented to revisit these familiar scenes!"

The circumstances briefly were: Miss Dalrymple, four or five days before Mr. Heatherbloom's term of service came to an end, had expressed a desire to revisit her old home and friends in the West.

Such was the condition in which the poet found the country as he approached Athens; and although the spirit he invoked has reanimated the dejected race he then beheld around him, the traveller who even now revisits the country will still look in vain for that lofty mien which characterises the children of liberty.

The venerable Brahmin here concluded his narrative, and we both remained thoughtful and silent for some time; he, apparently absorbed in the recollections of his eventful life; and I, partly in the reflections awakened by his story, and partly in the intense interest of revisiting my native earth, and beholding once more all who were dear to me.

Lenox Hildreth when a young man, forced to flee from the rigors of the New England climate by reason of an inherited tendency to pulmonary disease, had chosen Barbadoes as his adopted country, and had never since revisited the land of his birth.

When, with dear friends, I revisited this spot, after an interval of more than forty years, [A] this interesting feature of the scene was gone.

This change in his life was a very fine thing indeed for Harry, who rode away in company of my lord, who said he should like to revisit the old haunts of his youth, and so accompanied Harry to Cambridge.

While in its practical adaptation to this complex age the men who framed it, if they could "revisit the glimpses of the moon," would as little recognize their own handiwork as their own nation, yet they would still be able to find in successful operation the essential principles which they embodied in the document more than a century ago.

Horace Walpole, in one of his Letters (i. 15), distinguishes the two words, on his revisiting his old school, Eton:'By the way, the clock strikes the old cracked soundI recollect so much, and remember so little.' He made the same boast at St. Andrews.

The wind whistled drearily through the nooks and crannies of the unfinished brickwork of the upper story, and a faint evening mist rose from the soddened garden and floated in a thin cloud past the library window, as though the ghost of the dead judge were revisiting the house in search of his murderer.

18.Were at the Monthly Meeting at Highflatts, where we laid our concern before our friends to revisit some parts of Germany and Switzerland, and to visit some of the descendants of the Waldenses in the Protestant valleys of Piedmont; and, on our way home, our friends and some other serious persons in the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

The letter ends with an assurance that if anything could persuade him to break a resolution he had formed, and to revisit Rome, it would be his great anxiety to view the Last Judgment of the Sistine Chapel with his own eyes.

Only Yvonne was content at the prospect of revisiting France.

Now, on revisiting this island, they had the satisfaction of holding two meetings for worship with Isaac Lowndes' congregation.

THE MIGRATORY HABITS OF THE SALMON.The instinct with which the salmon revisits its native river, is one of the most curious circumstances in its natural history.

On our revisiting the shore, we traced their steps through the grass, and came up with a shallow well containing fresh water, which they had evidently taken the opportunity of our absence to drink at.

Still in some fond dream Revisit my sad heart, auspicious smile!

Before leaving I revisited the cathedral to see if during the night it had been further mutilated.

In 1824, upon a formal invitation by Congress, he revisited the United States as the guest of the nation, and received unprecedented ovations wherever he went,a tribute of the heart, such as only great benefactors enjoy, when envy gives place to gratitude and admiration.

Conservatism revisited: the revolt against revolt.

About the expiration of that time, Mr. Jesse Andrews unexpectedly revisited the office, and as soon as I was disengaged, was ushered into my private room.

If Thomas Attwood or George Frederick Muntz could now revisit the town they once represented in Parliament they would probably stare with amazement at the changes that have taken place in Birmingham, and would require a guide to show them their way about the townnow a citythey once knew so well.

The prairies revisited; a re-estimation of Josiah Gregg.

In the death-chamber for a moment Death, Shamed by the presence of that living might, Blushed to annihilation, and the breath Revisited those lips, and life's pale light Flashed through those limbs so late her dear delight.

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