32 collocations for rewrites

"He says he expects to stay up all that night rewriting the book, but he is willing to sacrifice a few hours' sleep in the interest of Art.

Just for this reason we so deeply regret his premature death, because he would have constantly rewritten his works and enriched them with the attainments of the (ever) later phases of his life.

Revised & rewritten version of Teacher's guide and key for Gaining skill with words.

NM: manuscript writing & rewritten exercises.

They've rewritten the last scene four times; gallows, electric chair, Guilliotin [sic] etc.

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There were the lines, staring at her, as though King had rewritten Kipling: "Who hath smelt wood-smoke at twilight?

He could repeat the whole of Paradise Lost by heart, and thought it probable that he could rewrite Sir Charles Grandison from memory.

After discussing the subject thoroughly in the class-room, the pupils should rewrite their papers, and finally answer the following questions, as a species of review.

Yet few of them would rewrite the record of these short lives; their pride is greater than their pain.

History, above all, is the great opportunity, and, from this point of view, is it not necessary to rewrite our histories: instead of portraying solely statesmen and warriors, to fill them with lofty examples of leadership in all walks of life? Women as well as men: for surely ideals of both should be fostered.

It is with the aid of those two brilliant and interesting volumes on Carlyle's "Earlier Life" and "Life in London," issued about two years after the death of their distinguished subject, that I have rewritten my own view of one of the most remarkable men of the nineteenth century.

To rewrite this volume cost Carlyle a year's exhausting labor.

Crewe was a painstaking detective as well as a brilliant one, and it was his custom to prepare several critical summaries of any important case on which he was engaged, writing and rewriting the facts and his comments, until he was satisfied that he had a perfect outline to work upon, with the details and clues of the crime in consecutive order and relation to one another.

Their monster writes and scratches out and rewrites long proscription lists, and Marcia trembles for her Christians.

I proceeded to rewrite my account, determined not to trust again to the head-quarters' mail.

Though Mr. James paid me the compliment of advising me not to rewrite my original manuscript, I did revise it quite thoroughly before publication.

Talking of rewriting, Prosper Mérimée, best known for Carmen, is said to have rewritten his Colomba no less than sixteen times; as our Anglo-Saxon Kipling, it used to be told, wrote his short stories seven times over.

Snapshots of author writing play at place on Hudson; pictures of the play in rehearsal; of the director directing it; of the stage hands rewriting itlong before the opening night we know more about the piece than does the playwright himself, and are ten times less eager to see it.

He now rewrites Divorce in a handsome house in Sussex.'

As soon as he was free to do as he pleased, therefore, it was natural that he should rewrite his poems and publish them.

Indeed, it seemed to Peter that to sit in this old room and rewrite the wordy meanderings of the old gentleman's book was the very height of emptiness.

She might rewrite the last page of her letter, and leave the postscript out.

To recall the instances would be to rewrite his political novels and to transcribe those attacks on Sir Robert Peel which made his fame and fortune.

He has condensed the whole, has corrected errors, and has rewritten certain passages in a more concise form.

32 collocations for  rewrites