4 collocations for rhapsodizes

This is amazing!" rhapsodized Mark.

Mr. Olin D. Wheeler, in an admirable treatise on this park, in which he describes some of the many wonders in the marvelous region traversed by the Northern Pacific Railroad, thus rhapsodizes: "The Yellowstone Park!

And the boy recalled many of his Valencian poems, all rhapsodizing a ladysometimes singing of her great beauty with the rapture and noble lassitude of a recent possession; at others complaining of her coldness, begging of her that disposition of her soul without which the gift of the body is as naught.

At last, these women grew tired of the moping and ineffectual youth who still remained poor and unsettled, with a father desperately healthy and inexorable, and all hope of the baronetcy very far off indeed; they grew tired of him and went away,the wife, like Lady Byron, refusing to go back to such an aimless, rhapsodizing vagabond.

4 collocations for  rhapsodizes