103 collocations for rigs

We rigged a sail for the extra dory, and spent much of our time at the sport.

They rigged jury-masts, and, under short canvas and working at the pumps, brought their craft to the mouth of Plymouth Harbor.

I must rig ships to Samos for peacocks; to Paphos for pigeons; to Austria for oysters; to Phasis for pheasants; to Arabia for phoenixes; to Meander for swans; to the Orcades for geese; to Phrygia for woodcocks; to Malta for cranes; to the Isle of Man for puffins; to Ambracia for goats; to Tartole for lampreys; to Egypt for dates; to Spain for chestnutsand all for one feast.

It was evident that he could not endure the jolting of the cart, and we finally rigged up a sort of litter out of a portion of the tumbrel top, and the men took turns in bearing him on this between them.

In the morning they hauled the tug alongside the wreck and at low-water rigged a derrick and opened the fore hatch.

"If there's any place a man ought not to drink it's in a circus, and especially when he has to rig up high flying apparatus for others.

THE ALL PULL TOGETHER SHOT There was a regular celebration at Pepper hill, north of Verdun, where a battery of Rhode Island artillery rigged a twenty-foot rope to the lanyard of a .155 cannon, and every man in the company, from the captain to the cook, laid hold of it and waited.

For some time after rigging this contrivance, whenever anyone reported "tracks," Mac and the Boy would hasten to the scene of action, and set a new snare, piling brush on each side of the track that the game had run in, so barring other ways, and presenting a line of least resistance straight through the loop.

769. speculate, give a sprat to catch a herring; buy in the cheapest and sell in the dearest market, buy low and sell high; corner the market; rig the market, stag the market.

"We'll moor the hulk alongside and rig the diving pumps.

A powerful garden-hose of considerable calibre might be useful, but for the present I have given Sabz Ali orders to rig out long poles, which will prevent the enemy from so easily getting to close quarters.

Two of you bail out that water till she's dry, and the others get out that extra sail forward and rig up a jib.

However, that gave me something to do, for, taking advantage of two of the trees being together, I rigged up a kind of storm-shelter with these vestiges.

They get a coarse sort of hook in the bazaar, rig up a roughly-twisted line, tie on a small piece of hollow reed for a float, and with a lively earth-worm for a bait, they can generally manage in a very short time to secure enough fish for a meal.

In the first place, whether as faller, rigging man or on the "drive," his work is muscular and out of doors.

They rigged up a talking-machine on a stand and dressed it in some of Edison's old clothes, put a lullaby record on it, lugged it in, set it up in front of the couch and set it going, to express the idea that he was singing himself to sleep.

And there warn't no sense in rigging her new, So they laid her up for a year or two; And there they left her, and there she lay,

How the censors rigged the news.

So the carpenter was summoned, with orders to rig the boat and sail it on the Moskva, the river which runs through Moscow.

"Nowtoo-der-sweet(tout-de-suite)the boat is at the gangway, and old Giuntotardi is in herthey are rigging a chair for the gal.

In the first place, a man never is happy, but spends his whole life in striving after something which he thinks will make him so; he seldom attains his goal, and when he does, it is only to be disappointed; he is mostly shipwrecked in the end, and comes into harbor with masts and rigging gone.

The lids of the Resolution's coppers were stolen, and the discovery had her rigging much cut about for the sake of the iron.

" We rigged the tackle and hauled the boat into the sand with little trouble, and, while Rajah held her on an even keel, we tugged at the painter and soon had the water lapping at her bows.

Propose your schemes, ye senatorian band, Whose ways and means[M]support the sinking land: Lest ropes be wanting in the tempting spring, To rig another convoy for the king[N].

In fact, Beaumont was so simply and earnestly convinced that the night would bring some extraordinary manifestation that I got Parsket to rig up a long cord from the wire of the butler's bell, to come along the passage handy.

103 collocations for  rigs
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