174 collocations for ripping

The fourth bottle went wild, but the fifth exploded six inches in front of the offside wheel and its jagged fragments ripped out the heart of the tire.

Something about the boy's clothing attracted his attention, so, drawing his knife, he deftly and gently ripped away the coat and shirt.

And we rip up old clothes in order to have rags, and to make room in our homes for other things.

And as I knelt, bathed in perspiration, I caught one word, repeated over and over: "Revanche!Revanche!Revanche!" Then the voice fell to a sort of low growling, as of a dog which worries its prey, and I caught a sound as of ripping cloth.

Brodie ripped out a string of oaths, demanding: "Who told you to come in?

He had heard and knew that almost every animal is afraid of the voice of a man; so he shouted at the top of his voice, and as he said, ripped out some select and choice oaths, which for a moment alarmed the wolves, and they fell back a few rods, still, however, keepin' in a kind of half circle around him.

" "Well, let's see about that," said the second of the two men, pushing the younger aside and beginning to rip open the old man's shirt.

Once, with a heavy collision, he stopped short violently in the midst of crowded men, who shouted, clung to him, wrestling, and struck out with something sharp that ripped his tunic.

Finally the trainer formed the whole herd into a grand pyramid, with old Bolivar in the center, each elephant holding an American flag with his trunk, and waving it, and the audience broke out into a cheer that fairly ripped the canvas.

In the middle of the floor stood the Boule cabinet, and before it, with his back to the door, stood a man ripping savagely away the strips of burlap in which it had been wrapped, talking to himself the while in a sort of savage sing-song, and pausing from moment to moment to glance at a huddled bundle lying on the floor against the opposite wall.

"This will rip things wide, wide open.

From the shelving rocks a wild convolvulus drooped its twisted bells across them, a sweet-brier snatched at her hair in passing, a sudden elder-tree shot out its creamy panicles above, they ripped up drowsy beds of folded lily-blooms.

Mark eagerly ripped up the floor near the hearth.

One day, when his mother had no money in the place and began to weep, he talked of ripping up the mattress, where, said he, she probably kept her hoard.

A blow from the claw-furnished tail would plough up the thigh or rip open the abdomen of a man.

Then as a last despairing effort he tried to charge it over on its back and rip the hide off it with his teeth.

The slave-dealers of Sous vowed vengeance against me, and threatened to "rip open my bowels" if I went down there.

Two! Three!" He felt himself smothering, and with one sweep of his hand ripped the collar from his throat.

I was once bringing from Leith an Austrian sailor who was charged with ripping open his mate, and as I considered that I had a disagreeable character to deal with, I handcuffed him.

If you go too fast you sometimes have to rip out the whole seam.

One young Esquimau, howsiver, would have another slap at it, and went so close that the brute charged, upset the kayak, and ripped the man up with his tusks.

Legend regards even this early time as one of preparation for his mission, and there are stories of the coming of two men clothed in white and shining garments, who ripped open his body, took out his heart, and having purged it of all unrighteousness, returned it, symbolically cleansing him of sin that he might forward the work of God.

Thereupon the Beggar drew a little knife that hung at his side and, ripping up the lining of his coat, drew thence ten bright golden pounds, which he laid upon the ground beside him with a cunning wink at Robin.

" "You look ripping, mother," said her husband, simply.

He was fighting clawsclaws that ripped like twenty razor-edged knives, and which even a jugular hold could not stop.

174 collocations for  ripping