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174 collocations for  ripping

174 collocations for ripping

The fourth bottle went wild, but the fifth exploded six inches in front of the offside wheel and its jagged fragments ripped out the heart of the tire.

Something about the boy's clothing attracted his attention, so, drawing his knife, he deftly and gently ripped away the coat and shirt.

And we rip up old clothes in order to have rags, and to make room in our homes for other things.

And as I knelt, bathed in perspiration, I caught one word, repeated over and over: "Revanche!Revanche!Revanche!" Then the voice fell to a sort of low growling, as of a dog which worries its prey, and I caught a sound as of ripping cloth.

Brodie ripped out a string of oaths, demanding: "Who told you to come in?

He had heard and knew that almost every animal is afraid of the voice of a man; so he shouted at the top of his voice, and as he said, ripped out some select and choice oaths, which for a moment alarmed the wolves, and they fell back a few rods, still, however, keepin' in a kind of half circle around him.

" "Well, let's see about that," said the second of the two men, pushing the younger aside and beginning to rip open the old man's shirt.

Once, with a heavy collision, he stopped short violently in the midst of crowded men, who shouted, clung to him, wrestling, and struck out with something sharp that ripped his tunic.

Finally the trainer formed the whole herd into a grand pyramid, with old Bolivar in the center, each elephant holding an American flag with his trunk, and waving it, and the audience broke out into a cheer that fairly ripped the canvas.

In the middle of the floor stood the Boule cabinet, and before it, with his back to the door, stood a man ripping savagely away the strips of burlap in which it had been wrapped, talking to himself the while in a sort of savage sing-song, and pausing from moment to moment to glance at a huddled bundle lying on the floor against the opposite wall.

"This will rip things wide, wide open.

From the shelving rocks a wild convolvulus drooped its twisted bells across them, a sweet-brier snatched at her hair in passing, a sudden elder-tree shot out its creamy panicles above, they ripped up drowsy beds of folded lily-blooms.

Mark eagerly ripped up the floor near the hearth.

One day, when his mother had no money in the place and began to weep, he talked of ripping up the mattress, where, said he, she probably kept her hoard.

A blow from the claw-furnished tail would plough up the thigh or rip open the abdomen of a man.

Then as a last despairing effort he tried to charge it over on its back and rip the hide off it with his teeth.

The slave-dealers of Sous vowed vengeance against me, and threatened to "rip open my bowels" if I went down there.

Two! Three!" He felt himself smothering, and with one sweep of his hand ripped the collar from his throat.

I was once bringing from Leith an Austrian sailor who was charged with ripping open his mate, and as I considered that I had a disagreeable character to deal with, I handcuffed him.

If you go too fast you sometimes have to rip out the whole seam.

One young Esquimau, howsiver, would have another slap at it, and went so close that the brute charged, upset the kayak, and ripped the man up with his tusks.

Legend regards even this early time as one of preparation for his mission, and there are stories of the coming of two men clothed in white and shining garments, who ripped open his body, took out his heart, and having purged it of all unrighteousness, returned it, symbolically cleansing him of sin that he might forward the work of God.

Thereupon the Beggar drew a little knife that hung at his side and, ripping up the lining of his coat, drew thence ten bright golden pounds, which he laid upon the ground beside him with a cunning wink at Robin.

" "You look ripping, mother," said her husband, simply.

He was fighting clawsclaws that ripped like twenty razor-edged knives, and which even a jugular hold could not stop.

For my own part, I had hurled myself off the bed on the side opposite to him, and the blade grazed my side before ripping its way through blanket and sheet.

When at length he found courage to rip the envelope, the news was of the best.

These horrible animals had the boldness to attack me on both sides, and one of them held his forefeet at my collar; but I had the good fortune to rip up his belly before he could do me any mischief.

With the help of Mr. Eddy, he then ripped out the sleeves, cut off the waists about an inch above the skirt gathers, cut slits in the skirts for arm-holes, and tacked in the sleeves.

"Ripping sport, old chap!"

"Rip up thim bales, Jack!" said Murphy.

He did not see the kid I shot at, or perceive I had killed it, but ripped up his waistcoat, to feel whether he was not wounded; and, as I found presently, thought I was resolved to kill him: for he came and kneeled down to me, and embracing my knees, said a great many things I did not understand; but I could easily see the meaning was, to pray me not to kill him.

Out of his vest he ripped a section of black lining, and, having cut eyeholes, he fastened the upper edge of the cloth under the brim of his hat and tied the loose ends behind his head.

They swept off the hen-coops, and ripped four or five water-casks from their lashings, even, as if the latter had been pack-thread.

What bothers him a little is that the wind of their blows sometimes rips pines out of the opposite hill-sidesexplodes, as it were, a whole valley.

People who live by robbery and plunderpeople who, if they find no gold in your money-belt, will rip your stomach open to see if you've swallowed it!

"We should have ripping fun.

"Jack Fyfe is going to put in a crew and a donkey, and we're going to everlastingly rip the innards out of these woods.

" Peggy ripped off a flounce of her petticoat and formed it into a bandage.

He ripped up the foreign corset in a truculent manner.

Shoreward, with rapid blades and bright, That shower the foam-rain pearly white, And rip the waters, bending lithe, In hollowing swirls that hiss and writhe Like adders, ere they dart away Bright-spotted with the flakes of spray.

La-ter on, when the hay was all gath-ered, the wheat be-gan to rip-en, and the men were bu-sy cut-ting it and gath-er-ing it in-to sheaves.

A man hard pressed by creditors, who had assembled at his house and were urgent in their demands, called to them to keep back, and upon their still pressing on, he seized a bowie-knife in each hand, and rushed among them, stabbing and ripping right and left, till checked in his mad career of assassination by a creditor, in self-defence, burying a cleaver in his skull.

The joy of the real eagle-eating biographer is to do what Tennyson bluntly described as ripping up people like pigs, and violating not privacy but decency; sweeping together odious little anecdotes, recording meannesses and weaknesses and sillinesses, all the things of which the subject himself was no doubt heartily ashamed and discarded as eagerly as possible.

And Heady, ripping away his mask again, whirled round and round, trying to find the little globule in the dazzling sky.

This column slowly worked its way to Monclova and then to Ciudad Porfirio Diaz, which it occupied on October 7th; the Constitutionalists ripped up the railroad and destroyed everything that might be useful to the Federals and a good deal that could not, and offered very little resistance.

For if the steed Haply too near approach; or the loose earth 330 His footing fail; the watchful angry beast The advantage spies; and at one sidelong glance Rips up his groin.

The sudden sound ripped the sick man's nerves like an exploding bomb.

Forswear her love, and seal it with a kiss Upon the burnish'd splendour of this blade, Or it shall rip the entrails of thy peasant heart.

Heave, and rip the planks off the lugger's bottomheave, men, heave!

I'll shake his heart upon my verses' point, Rip out his guts with riving poniard, Quarter his credit with a bloody quill.

He rolls him into a corner and proceeds to rip away the burlap.

Zenas, lak I tol' youman may hab plenty debbilment, rip en t'ar, but he'll stan' back whenas a ooman meks up her min'

The forests are so vast that, although the saw-mills have been ripping 500,000,000 feet of lumber out of them every year for the past ten years, the spaces made by these inroads seem no more than garden patches.

Ower there they riped ma pooches, an' took a'thing I had.

Cut or rip the clothing, but don't pull it.

And with our swords dispatch it for her sake; And, hauing slaine it, rip his panting breast And take the heart of the vnguiltie beast, Which, to th'intent our counterfeit report May seeme more likely, we will beare to court

He whirled to come back at the girland that time he seemed sure to give that vicious, ripping jab he had so narrowly missed giving before; even the girl saw that he would, and turned a little pale, and Tejon's eyes glazed with terror.

An echo ripped the shimmering heat.

But a friend reminds one of other things, rips up old grievances, and destroys the abstraction of the scene.

The flashes, meanwhile, came faster and prolonged their glory, running behind a thin, dead screen of scalloped clouds, piercing the tropic sky with summer blue, and ripping out the lost horizon like a long black fibre from pulp.

I gave Henry a little pincushion, which I made on purpose for him, and not knowing what to present Fred with, I allowed him to rip open my second-best doll, which was still in quite a good state of preservation.

But England has insisted on ripping up old wounds, and has undone the healing work of fifty years; for nations do not reason, they only feel, and the spretae injuria formae rankles in their minds as bitterly as in that of a woman.

So in a perfect frenzy I dragged out my long pale blue sortie du bal, ripped the white velvet capes from it, pinned a short sable cape to the top of it with safety-pins, and enveloped myself in this gorgeousness at eleven o'clock in the morning.

"Andrew, it's ripping good to see you....

With that Jimmie ripped open a long pole he was carrying, and the stars and stripes floated out over our shell.

"Guess so," he said, "you fellows rip open the ends of these cushions, but don't tear the covering any, and somebody get the stove cleared out; see if there's a damper in the pipe, and see if there's any bilge under the flooring.

Send that boy at the desk up to his room and tell him to rip all that gold braid off his coat.

There were also irregular tongues of dead and scattered dead, with arms outstretched or under them as they fell, and faces white even in the reddish glare of the rockets and turned toward you in the charge that failed under the withering blasts of machine-guns, ripping out two or three hundred shots a minute, and well-aimed rifle-bullets, each bullet getting its man.

He sent a huge boulder of chalk bursting among them, and then ripped up a dozen yards of rail with a mighty plunge of his foot.

A man of mistaken scruples, Duchemin failed to do so, but held the other helpless only long enough to find his hip-pocket and rip out the pistola deadly Luger.


Almost at my feet is a knapsack, ripped open and revealing a card of small china buttons, a new red handkerchief, a gray-striped flannel shirt, a pencil and a sheaf of writing paper.

They had gashed and ripped the sides of the cathedral itself, so that the birds flew in and out at will; they had smashed holes in the roof; knocked huge cantles out of the buttresses, and pitted and starred the paved square outside.

The next thing I knew, Kennedy had ripped off his disguise, had flung himself up behind the van, and had swung the doors open.

The bullet skipped like a schoolboy's pebble, ripping out little rags of white along that surface of liquid clay.

Frequently experiencing the truth of the adage, that as you sew so shall you rip, the fair young thing was passing half her valuable time in ripping out the mistaken stitches she had made in the other half; and the severe moral discipline thus endured, made her mad, as equivalent vexation would have made a man the reverse of that word.

They must: thou art my Brother, and if I did believe Thou hadst a base thought, I would rip it out, Lie where it durst.

He took a jar of preserves and ripped off the paraffin wafer that covered the top.

I could 'a' rented the house twice over if there'd been any barn room; but them confounded young scalawags ripped out the horse and cow stalls, cleared away the pig pen, and laid a floor they could dance on.

With much hard work she hauled four of them to the store above, ripped the cover from one, so that the contents might be retailed at so much per pound, and left the other three standing in a row on a shelf which was remote from the stove.

If he had charged squarely the horns would have been buried to the head; but striking at an angle only one of them touched the target and delivered a long, ripping blow.

So the noble delegate imagined he could quietly issue a proclamation one morning commanding all the officers under his orders to rip off the gold and silver bands which luxuriantly ornament their sleeves and caps!

Berkley felt every nerve in his body leap as his lance fell to a level with eight hundred other lances; he saw the battery bury itself in smoke as gun after gun drove its cannister into obscurity or ripped the smoke with sheets of grape; he saw the Zouaves rise from the grass, deliver their fire, sink back, rise again while their front spouted smoke and flame.

" This is a very model of satire in its kind, and of a higher kind than the pasquil, which Coleridge quotes as an example of wit, upon the Pope who had employed a committee to rip up the errors of his predecessors.

But, lest his offspring should her fate partake, Spite of the immortal mixture in his make, He ripped her womb, and set the child at large, 120 And gave him to the centaur Chiron's charge: Then in his fury blacked the raven o'er, And bid him prate in his white plumes no more.

'Let us not be found, when our Master calls us, ripping the lace off our waistcoats, but the spirit of contention from our souls and tongues,' iii. 188, n. 4. LACED COAT.

When I got down here, I helped the local police to go through everythingwe even searched the linings of his clothing and ripped his one handbag to pieces.

At one point Emil Scheutz was standing by the side of Cummins, when some Indians that had worked around to the side fired a volley, one of the bullets ripping a trench in Scheutz's breast that one could lay his arm into.

Hoffman, waving his sword, cheered on the Sixth; but the shot tore and ripped up their ranks to such a degree that in a few minutes they had lost ninety-seven men.

He paused to rip the ice from his bearded lips, then he knocked softly, three times.

When I went into the church for my early service I found that some one had ripped off the wainscoting in a half a dozen places and even pried up the altar.

He had opened the packet, ripping off the old encasement of cloth.

It did not tend toward peace of mind to know that any instant they might encounter a submerged crag that would rip their craft in twain.

It will cause her quite unnecessary trouble if we rip this affair open again.

However, I bear no malice, and if I did, this is not a time to rip up old quarrels.

" Pressing the message into Sturm's hand, he rested wearily against the casing of the door, his body shaken by laboured breathing, andwhile Sturm, with an exclamation of excitement, ripped open the envelopesurveyed the dark and rain-wet street out of the corners of his eyes.

Then Berkley drove his horse blindly into the powder fog ahead; a dozen brilliant little jets of flame pricked the gloom; his horse reared, and went down in a piteous heap, but Berkley landed on all fours, crawled hurriedly up under the smoke, jerked a board loose, tore another free, rose to his knees and ripped away board after board, shouting to his comrades to come on and cut their way out.

"A man w'at nevva wan' to gid marri'd wid noboddie in 'is life, and now trine to gid marri'd juz only to rip-ose de soul of 'is oncl'" M. Grandissime uttered an exclamation of protest, and she ceased.

Perhaps the Chartist movement may have ripped up the old sod and prepared the soil for the later peaceful growth; but in itself it accomplished nothing for which it was undertaken.