252 collocations for rivalling

The only one of Mrs. Haywood's scandal novels that rivaled the fame of her "Memoirs of a Certain Island" was the notorious "Secret History of the Present Intrigues of the Court of Carimania" (1727), a feigned history on a more coherent plan than the allegorical hodge-podge of the former compilation.

The brave soldier, who in the perils of war could shake off all luxurious habits and could rival the commonest man in the cheerfulness with which he underwent every hardship, was seen no more.

As a temporal government, rivalling kings in the pomps of war and the pride of armies, it may be passing away; but as an organization to diffuse and conserve religious truths,yea, even to bring a moral pressure on the minds of princes and governors, and reinforce its ranks with the mighty and the noble,it seems to be as potent as ever.

But for it Michelangelo would have finished the tomb of Julius II, and we should now possess a gigantic monument that would, no doubt, have rivalled the grandest works of ancient statuary.

After that he recovered his spirits, and resumed the administration of affairs with his former liberality, clemency, and justice, almost rivalling the glory of Feridún and Jemshíd.

He consequently collected all their families together, and settled them at Palermo, supplying them with the means of exercising their industry with profit to themselves, and inducing them to teach his own subjects to manufacture the richest brocades and to rival the rarest productions of the East.

Orators have appeared who have rivaled the great masters of antiquity.

It is further said, that if the negroes were free, the black would rival the white laborer in the free States.

Following in the path of my late friend William Pickering, our publisher rivals the Aldine and Elzevir presses, which have been so universally admired."

Indeed one part of it, across the river, is called "Birmingham," and bids fair to rival its old namesake.

His nonsense, therefore, is quite gratuitous; he writes it for its own sake, and, being bitten by Mr. Leigh Hunt's insane criticism, more than rivals the insanity of his poetry.

All my ideas that I had gained from conventional carpet-flowers, which, woven almost beneath my hand, had seemed to rival Nature's, all these ideas had been suddenly swept away.

It is possible to dream of combinations of syllables so delicious that all the dawning and decay of summer cannot rival their perfections, nor winter's stainless white and azure match their purity and their charm.

The large white, and yellow and white species, have whiter and more delicate flesh, and, cooked in the same way, will rival the turkey.

The tower was built in several successive stories, each being ornamented with balustrades, galleries, and columns, so that the splendor of the architecture by day rivaled the brilliancy of the radiation which beamed from the summit by night.

Then comes the great Shoshone Falls themselves, rivaling in many respects Niagara, and having at times even a greater volume of water.

Earth rivals the Immortal Garden during the rose and lily's reign; But what avails when the immortal is sought for on this earth in vain? When riding on the windy courser, as Solomon, the rose is found, And when the Bird, at hour of morning, makes David's melodies resound, Ask thou, in Solomon's dominion, a goblet to the brim renewed; Pledge the Vizir, the cycle's Ásaf, the column of the Faith, Mahmud.

With the rise of its "upper class" Saint X had gone in diligently for genealogy, had developed reverence for "tradition" and "blood," had established a Society of Family Histories, a chapter of the Colonial Dames, another of Daughters of the Revolution, and was in a fair way to rival the seaboard cities in devotion to the imported follies and frauds of "family."

Even now I see her as she used to step out on the veranda,the lithe Indian girl, rivalling the choicest "desert- flower" of Arabia in the rich darkness of her eyes and hair, and in the warm mantling of her golden-ripe complexion,unutterably graceful in the thorough-bred ease of her elastic movements,Zosime MacGillivray, perfect type and model of the style and beauty of the brulée.

Broadway is a beautiful street, a very beautiful street, but it is absurd to think that our brick houses of twenty-five feet front, with plain doors and windows, built by contract in two or three months, and holding together long enough to be let, can rival the spacious stone palaces of hundreds of feet in length, with lofty gates and balconied windows, and their foundations deeply laid and slowly constructed to last for ages."

"The major must have examined the basket by this time," she cried, her cheek rivalling the tint of a riband it leaned against, on the back of the chair.

It was a sea of light, surmounted at the end of the church by the gilded choir, where the high altar rose in glory, which rivaled the rising sun.

Girl never breathed to rival such a rose!

Their object was not that of all other translators, to imitate and rival the beauty of style.

When Mr. Brush and his associates succeeded in placing Base Ball upon a plane of absolute fairness, so far as the proper distribution of the returns of the sport could be made between clubs, Base Ball began to prosper, and, for the first time in all its history, the owners of so-called smaller clubs felt that they could go forward and try to rival their bigger fellows with equally strong combinations.

252 collocations for  rivalling