504 collocations for robs

Bill was carrying the butt end of a billiard cue for a cane, and bending over the table, he said: "You'd rob a blind man."

With that he pulled out a revolver from his pocket, and swore with an oath that he'd put a bullet through me when he came back if I'd played him false and put Sir Horace on his guard, and that he'd put a bullet in the old scoundrelmeaning Sir Horaceif he interrupted him while he was robbing the house.

He suffered no woman to be maltreated, and never robbed the poor, but assisted them abundantly with the wealth which he took from abbots.

" "So, Henry Field, in November 1909 you were sentenced to three years for robbing your master, Lord Melhurst.

"Rudolph, you don't know how I would adore you if you would rob a church or cut somebody's throat in an alley, and tell me all about it because you knew I wouldn't betray you.

I have robbed God long enough.

Twenty years ago some hold-up men from New York robbed a bank in Delaware, and were caught, and given 50 lashes apiece on the bare back, by a big negro, and there has never been a burglary in Delaware since.

" "And dared they rob thee indeed?" quoth Beltane, "and thou my lord Duke's High Steward and Bailiff of the Marches!

And they say the head lady of themprioress, or abbess, as they called herwithstood him, and cursed him, in the name of the Lord, for a hypocrite who robbed harmless women under the cloak of punishing them for sins they'd never committed (for they say, sir, he went up to court, and slandered the nuns there for drunkards and worse).

When the fairies robbed a mother of her babe, they left behind a useless, old, and peevish fairy, who took the form of a child.

The trouble was, they sometimes gave the man who could use them power to rob his poorer neighbors.

"The rulers of those States rob their people of their time, so that they cannot plough and weed their fields in order to support their parents.

"We are to rob that child of fifty thousand pounds.

And they two burned to rob those nests.

Some say it was he who robbed the emperor's own mail a month ago.

There is no more honor, gentility, or courage in dueling than in robbing a safe.

Appealed to on behalf of a man who had a wife and large family, and had been convicted of robbing his neighbours, "True," said Alderson"very true, it is a free country.

Surely, stealing pine-trees in this way is not so mean as robbing hen-roosts.

There must be, they thought, something in a religion which could take away the sting of death and rob the grave of its victory.

Indeed she steales and robs each part o'th world With borrowed beauties to enflame thine eye: The Sea, to fetch her Pearle, is div'd into; The Diomond rocks are cut to make her shine; To plume her pryde the Birds do naked sing: When my Enanthe, in a homely gowne Anto.

The Code Noir of the South robs the slave of all his rights as a man, reduces him to a chattel personal, and defends the master in the exercise of the most unnatural and unwarrantable power over his slave.

Whose orchard he robbed at our instigation I cannot say.

They were forbidden by general order to inquire even the names of the towns they passed through; directed to reply "I don't know" to every question; and it is said that when Jackson demanded the name and regiment of a soldier robbing a cherry-tree, he could extract from the man no reply but "I don't know.

They will beg of blacks more provident and industrious than themselves, or they will steal their poultry and rob their provision grounds at night; but they would disdain to associate with them.

I renounce my allegiance to a Constitution that enthrones such a power, wielded for the purpose of depriving me of my rights, of robbing my countrymen of their liberties, and of securing its own protection, support and perpetuation.

504 collocations for  robs