7 collocations for romance

He has asked her!" XIX FLORA ROMANCES "Dearest," warily exclaimed the Creole beauty, with a sudden excess of her pretty accent, "I am in a situation perfectly dreadful!" Anna drew her to a sofa, seeing pictures of her and Hilary together, and tortured with a belief in their exquisite fitness to be so.

But was not romance a spiritual emanation, a state of mind, and not people or scenes?

For the writings of a man with whom style is not the first object are as refreshing as his scorn for romancing history is wholesome, and the grave irony with which he records its slips amusing.

"Well," Godfrey answered, at last, "now I'm going to romance a little.

This Castle corresponds with all the representations of romancing narratives.

Drama is the poetry of conduct, romance the poetry of circumstance.

Paul was, in short, a fatalist; not of that kind which romance writers feign in order to make the character work through a gloomy presentiment of his own destiny, but merely a believer in a universal original decree, the workings of which we never know until the effects are seen.

7 collocations for  romance