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87 collocations for « rowing »

87 collocations for « rowing »

  • He rowed his boat to the other end of the stage, and there saw the boy's hand upright in the water.
  • Thence the commissary and his companions returned to Savannah, and Oglethorpe, with the speaker, went to Purrysburgh on the 18th in order to row up the river to the Palachocolas Indians, but the floods from the Cherokee mountains had so swelled the freshes, as to make that passage too tedious.
  • They could not go directly to the ship, but rowed some distance along shore to the north, and then falling into the ice drifted with it back to the ship.
  • We left the first chain of ponds, and rowed some ten miles up the deep and sluggish but narrow channel of the river, startling every little way a deer from its propriety by our presence as it was feeding along the shore.
  • But how fares the world of Venice?and what dost thou among the canals at this season, to keep the flowers of thy jacket from wilting?" "To-day, as yesterday, and to-morrow will be as to-day I row the gondola from the Rialto to the Giudecca; from San Giorgio to San Marco; from San Marco to the Lido, and from the Lido home.
  • Manned with her regular crew, with everything in order, and with men accustomed to pull together, the largest boat, and rowing ten oars to the six of my mate's, I make no doubt that the cutter of the Black Prince would have beaten materially in an ordinary race, more especially in the rough water over which this contest occurred.
  • Deacon thanked no coxswain to tell him how to row a race, when to sprint, when to dog along at a steady, swinging thirty; nor did he require advice on the pacing and general condition of a rival crew.
  • The Turks were compelled to row their galleys against this wind and the heavy sea it raised.
  • They rowed round the ship, which occasioned us to call to the men in the boats, not to suffer them to come near them.
  • He rowed the skiff in which the captain and his wife had embarked, with his own hands; and, previously to starting, he had selected the best sculls from the other boats, had fitted his twhart with the closest attention to his own ease, and had placed a stretcher for his feet, with an intelligence and knowledge of mechanics, that would have done credit to a Whitehall waterman.
  • IV.Cornelius the Ferryman Fourscore years ago there was a good ferryman named Cornelius, who rowed people between New York and Brooklyn.
  • "Why do you suppose that Pa-pah is rowing somebody's maid around the bay, and singing that way to her?" "Perhaps it's one of our maids," said Drusilla; "but that would be rather odd, too, wouldn't it, Mr. Yates?" "Alittle," he admitted.
  • From Bound Pond we rowed up the inlet, a broad and sluggish stream, full of grass and lily pads, to Little Tapper's Lake.
  • " In the afternoon they took two men and rowed up a muddy creek that flowed into the lagoon, but the factory was farther than they thought and when they landed dusk was falling.
  • The Argono river ran but a short distance from Mollie's home, and soon the four girls were in an old-fashioned, but safely constructed, barge, half drifting and half rowing down the picturesque stream.
  • Ever try to row feather-stroke, Blakeley?"
  • In the course of the winter a family came where I was, on a visit from a neighboring island; of course, in a boat with negroes to row themone of these a barber, told me that he ran away about two years before, and joined a company of negroes who had fled to the swamps.
  • After three-quarters of an hour's hard rowing the barge approached her side.
  • I didn't want to be gliding o'er the smooth waters of Loch Katrine, and have him asking me who the girl was who rowed her shallop to the silver strand, and the end of it was that I made him sit up until a quarter of two o'clock in the morning while I read the "Lady of the Lake" to him.
  • On Saturday, the 13th of July, 1850, as a boy, ten years old, was rowing his father over to their home on Grand Island, the father being so much intoxicated as not to be able to assist any more than to steer the canoe, the wind, which was very strong off shore, so frustrated the efforts of his tiny arm, that the canoe in spite of him, got into the current, and finally into the rapids, within a very few rods of the Falls!
  • They rowed her in across the rolling foam, The cruel crawling foam, The cruel hungry foam, To her grave beside the sea: But still the boatmen hear her call the cattle home Across the sands of Dee. Eversley, 1849.
  • I rows folks out to their boats round Tilbury way, and at times I does a bit of eel fishingor maybe in summer there's a job lookin' arter the yachts at Leigh and Southend.
  • Sukey and Tawney were among the boat's crew which rowed Captain Garden to the enemy.
  • Then taking the others into the craft that Percy had commandeered for the occasion, the two boys rowed the girls back to the dock at the foot of the slope that led to Mollie's house.
  • We know, from Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton's and the Bowdlers' letters, how Elizabeth and her sister lived in the beauty about them, rambling, sketching, and rowing their guests on the lake.
  • If you would like to borrow Until the daffodil Unties her yellow bonnet Beneath the village door, Until the bees, from clover rows Their hock and sherry draw, Why, I will lend until just then, But not an hour more! V. The pedigree of honey Does not concern the bee; A clover, any time, to him Is aristocracy.
  • The boatman, a big, husky fellow, had been rowing a long hour when we put into a cove under the high shore of an island.
  • 'It is rowing without a port,' iii. 255.
  • I rowed over frum the island this mornin', and I declar' ter goodness, once or twice I thought I'd swamp."
  • And Defeat rowed Jim and me; rowed us past the feathered marge of green islands quite as if nothing had happened.
  • After a few minutes passed, as it might be, in the preliminary points of etiquette, a better feeling and more confidence was established, and it was soon settled that they should fish in company, the rest of the day; Paul promising to row the ladies out on the lake, and to join them in the course of the afternoon.
  • One could row and fish in sheltered bays, and adventure on board a gasoline launch into the northern wilds.
  • To see the splendid ridge as Vergil saw it from the road one must now row the length of it from Naples to Nésida, sketching in an abundance of ilexes and goats in place of the villas that now cover it.] And here, too, were doubtless as many melodious shepherds as ever Theocritus found in Sicily, for they were of the same race of people as the Sicilians.
  • No longer are there happy and accomplished men; we are candidates, indeed, for heaven, but on earth galley-slaves, and we row away our life in the expectation of harbour.
  • And 'all in the blue unclouded weather' we rowed down the huge stream, the men keeping time and tune to their oars with extemporaneous chaunts of adieu to the rice island and its denizens.
  • It was Miles who rowed Mary over the river, for a fit of shyness came upon Katherine, and she was not visible to many people except her own family for the remainder of that day.
  • "Are you going to row to-morrow?" asked Jimmie.
  • Although Reagan called Kings Row the movie that "made me a star", citation he was unable to keep up on his success.
  • About two we again stepped into the boat, and after rowing the whole night reached a small visita, Cobocobo, about nine in the forenoon.
  • You row ze boat last-a nightanswer me dat!
  • Here he rowed up the note like a baw in his hand, and put it into his coat pouch like any rational cratur.
  • They rowed a staff officer to the ship.
  • "Why, bless your soul, lady, there isn't nobody who could row this boat back agen that current and up them rapids.
  • In addition, $3.9 billion will be paid to row crop producers, $2.1 billion for specialty crop farmers and $500 million for other crops, according to the statement.
  • After that we lived in a continual state of rumours and alarms, secret messages and expeditions, until I, being strong in the arm and the wind and a feather-weight, was one of those honoured by rowing the Queen and Prince across the river.
  • Villagers row a makeshift raft through a flooded field in the northeastern state of Assam, India, on 29 June.
  • "We never shall get back in the world," said one of the boys; "forty men couldn't row the boat up those rips.
  • Either Shelburne was setting out to row her rival down at the start, or else, as Deacon suspected, she was trying to smoke Baliol out, to learn at an early juncture just what mettle was in the rival boat.
  • That my laddie's in "O who is like my Johnnie, Sae leish, sae blithe, sae bonnie; He's foremost 'mang the mony Keel lads o' coaly Tyne He'll set and row sae tightly, And in the dance sae sprightly He'll cut and shuffle lightly, 'Tis true, were he not mine!
  • of Iune there rowed a scute called a Prawen harde vnder the lande by vs, wee called him, but not against his will, and shewed him siluer, and other wares that liked him well, he bad vs make towards the strand, and told vs of Bantam, saying that there we should haue al kinds of Marchandise.
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