431 collocations for rubbing

The attention of the mountaineer is seldom arrested by moraines, however regular and high they may be, or by cañons, however deep, or by rocks, however noble in form and sculpture; but he stoops and rubs his hands admiringly on the shining surfaces and trios hard to account for their mysterious smoothness.

Soon the workers began coming, rubbing their eyes and yawning.

You rub your offending nose upon the glass.

I can't understand it," and I sat down in my bewilderment and rubbed my head.

The chief rubbed his chin.

Like most fellows of his kind, Noaks was a regular toady, ready to do anything in return for the privilege of being able to rub shoulders occasionally with some one in a higher position than himself, and he eagerly seized the opportunity which his friendship with Mouler afforded him of becoming intimate with Thurston.

He jumped up, got a handful of snow, and rubbed the man's face with it.

Lastly, take a clean cloth, and rub him all over again till he be dry; then take another hair-cloth, and rub all his legs exceeding well from the knees and hocks downwards to his hoofs, picking and dressing them very carefully about the fetlocks, so as to remove all gravel and dust which will sometimes lie in the bending of the joints."

"Nothing, my dear young ladyyet," he answered, coming forward and rubbing his broad palms slowly together.

Maybe you ain't bright, but you're mighty different!" He paused and rubbed his forehead.

It is also a mistake to suppose that rubbing the body with salt and water is of service.

The Symptoms that generally indicate the cutting of teeth, in addition to the inflamed and swollen state of the gums, and increased flow of saliva, are the restless and peevish state of the child, the hands being thrust into the mouth, and the evident pleasure imparted by rubbing the finger or nail gently along the gum; the lips are often excoriated, and the functions of the stomach or bowels are out of order.

He was placed under the charge of a quack named Lavender, who rubbed his foot in oil, and screwed it about in wooden machines.

nodded Giles, rubbing his arm.

he said, rubbing his cheek ruefully.

Also we will not rub salt into the wounds to make them sting.

By this time the shoes he wore had rubbed the skin off his toes and cut into the flesh above the heels.

Ants and ground squirrels were getting ready for their summer work, rubbing their benumbed limbs, and sunning themselves on the husk-piles before their doors, and spiders were busy mending their old webs, or weaving new ones.

If Heaven never answered prayers because of deafness, methinks I would nevertheless have blessings bestowed upon me, for that man yonder would make the great stone image of Saint Peter rub its ears and hearken unto him.

"How could I know anybody was hiding up there?" demanded Jerry, in pretended ignorance, though his eyes twinkled with humor as he watched the bully limping around and still rubbing his knee.

But if she knew how hard it was to be poor and to have to rub elbows with girls who have everything" "I don't think you ought to feel that way," urged Betty.

Season with pepper and salt, dish them on a very hot dish, rub a small piece of butter on each chop, and serve very hot and expeditiously.

One that rubs two sticks together (as the Indians strike fire), and rubs a poor living out of it; partly from this, and partly from your charity, which is more in the hearing than giving him, for he sells nothing dearer than to be gone.

Melt in a hot soup plate one ounce of butter, adding salt, pepper and cayenne, and one teaspoonful of made mustard, rub smooth and add one-half teaspoonful of vinegar, one tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce and the juice of one small lime.

We have been accustomed to rub our Aladdin's lamp of opportunity and the good genii have sent us workers.

431 collocations for  rubbing