1749 collocations for run

I could run no unnecessary risks, under the danger that threatened us.

Mary ran races with the black children.

How do they, age after age, run a predestined course?

I run my eye along the barrel, sighted him between the eyes, and pulled.

" The boy ran his fingers in his hair and threw out his arms impatiently.

It was a good thing for Thurston and Fletcher that they had their studies, and Noaks the housekeeper's room, in which to find shelter, or they would have been compelled to run the gauntlet.

she sang out, as Laura Jordon ran up the steps of the porch.

He 'ain't been here with us ten years, ever since we started in this big house, notnot to know he's the only one thinks you're here for anything except impudence and running stairs and standing sass from the bad boys of lazy mothers.

Each man can say: "In me rise impulses that ran riot in the veins of Anak, that belonged to Libyan slaves and to the Ptolemaic line.

My father at this time was running a stage line, between Chicago and Davenport, no railroads then having been built west of Chicago.

"If a sertin lite complexion man wouldn't run his hands down into sugar barrels so often, when visitin' grosery stores, it would be money in the pocket of the Skeensboro merchants" "Query.

Their faces, flushed with running, were radiant with a look of triumph, while all three, the unfortunate Mugford included, leaned up against the wall, and laughed until the tears ran down their cheeks.

He had run a long way.

It took our car ten hours to run forty miles, and as the last ten miles was over wet sand and on rabbit wire stretched across the sand where the car could do fifteen miles an hour, we had averaged something under three miles an hour through the mud.

Diggory tried to let down the window to get at the handle of the door; but the sash worked stiffly, and before he succeeded in making it drop, the train had run the length of the platform, and the station was left behind.

For me, was it for me you ran this hazard then? Fal.

About a hundred feet or more of the trunk is usually branchless, but its massive simplicity is relieved by the bark furrows, which instead of making an irregular network run evenly parallel, like the fluting of an architectural column, and to some extent by tufts of slender sprays that wave lightly in the winds and cast flecks of shade, seeming to have been pinned on here and there for the sake of beauty only.

At the bottom runs a sluggish stream so overhung by trees as scarcely to be seen from above.

He had run desperate chances, dominated desperate crews.

" He opened up the engine and the hydroplane ran some distance from the position of the men below.

"Just let me run this thing over," said the free lance slowly.

A man is sent into the world to wield a hammer, a saw, and run an engine.

If anything happens, it will be at night, and while the newspaper office may some time go flying skyward the girls will run no personal danger whatever.

It is a hard lot to be cooped up in the city, vegitating, as it were, in the shade, where there is no grass for their little feet to press, no fences to climb, or fields to ramble over, or brooks to wade, or running water on which to float chips, and wherein to watch the little chubs and shiners dancing and playing about, or fresh pure air to breathe, or birds to listen to.

I run errands and when there is nothing else to do, I study a big invoice book, so as to get the names of things that are bought.

1749 collocations for  run
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