3694 collocations for saying

In fine, let him say the three words

So that all the people might know who you were and not say awful things about the 'infecte gouvernement' and the Republic, 'which no gentleman could serve.'

Although he was not at school remarkable for the piety he had shown earlier, yet he never gave up reading his Bible daily and saying his prayers morning and evening.

W. was quite sorry to say good-bye to some of his colleagues.

W. was quite sorry to say good-bye to some of his colleagues.

Of the simple, stiffly given account of weird and extraordinary matters, I will say little.

To say the truth, I have been holding the pen over my paper, purposing to write a descriptive paragraph or two about the throng on the principal Parade of Leamington, so arranging it as to present a sketch of the British out-of-door aspect on a morning walk of gentility; but I find no personages quite sufficiently distinct and individual in my memory to supply the materials of such a panorama.

The late moon had risen as he was bidding good-bye to the graceful creatures he should never see again, and Hollywood had been clad in a bewitching beauty which made it all the harder to say farewell.

He said a great deal of the majesty of the gods, and how the honour ought not to be given away to every Tom, Dick, or Harry.

name me the Man; Man did I say?

We were shown one large room that was occasionally used as a dancing-hall; another that was used as a chapel, with natural pulpit and crosses and pews, sermons in every stone, where a priest had said mass.

If I couldn't sing on a spring morning or say a hearty grace over a good dinner I'd be content to be put away in a graveyard.

" "Then," said Frank, "we climb in and say goodbye, eh?"

We say good-night, and lay our heads on our separate pillows.

And there a hunter draws his bow outlined with skilful thread, And underneath a word which says, 'Nay, shoot not at the dead.'

" "He claims he can," Brown said dryly.

"I'm not your father," he said stiffly.

The sight of him, the sound of his voice, even if he were not saying good morning to her, would cheer her heart for one whole, long, hot day: and if he spoke to her, if he looked at her, nothing could touch her with sadness for hours afterward.

In a second or two he was with me, flying three times round my head with a happy salute, as if saying, "Cheer up, old friend; you see I'm here, and all's well."

So, when they had let me go I came seeking thee, my lord, since 'tis said thou art a very strong man and swift to aid the defenceless."

"Will you be done with this?" he said, "The lady, where is she now?"

"And He taught us to say 'Our Father.'"

"In your statement of what took place when Birchill returned to the flat after committing the murder, he said something about having seen a woman leave the house by the front door as he was hiding in the gardena fashionably dressed woman

Why, I'd have been content to have been patronized if there had been anyone here to do it, who wore the right sort of clothes and said the right sort of thing in the right tone.

"I heard a man's voice," Donnegan said half apologetically.

3694 collocations for  saying