17 collocations for screech

"There's gloom everywhere where man is," he replied, "and screeching owls in every brain.

Some of the more considerable among them have the means of sending to the States for an annual supply of blankets, beads, vermilion, and other stuff for Indian traffic; but the most are thriftless, and all are living in concubinage or marriage with squaws, and surrounded by troops of unwashed, screeching half-breeds.

" "Had enough, has he?" screeched the captain.

The Inspector" "Bother the Inspector!" screeched Lucifer.

I had built my nest at the muzzle of the whistle of the engine, and, as they made a point of screeching forth the moment anything appeared in sight, you may guess that I had a pleasant night of it, and have scrupulously avoided repeating the experiment in any subsequent steam excursions.

Luckily, he screeched blue murder at the tip-top of his voice, or we might not have missed the beast.

Then she kind o' screeched out,'Eber Nicholson, what are you doin'?'

When Holman approached the old maniac he ruffled up like an angry porcupine, and he screeched out his opinion concerning people who would not mind their own business.

"Flapdoodle, Flapdoodle, Flapdoodle!" screeched the parrot in return, and laughed harshly.

"Sit down!" screeched Peggy, really fearing he would fall over.

He was screeching "Vive le roi!

The following lines are given by Mr. Malone as a specimen: "Before the hearse the mourning hautboys go, And screech a dismal sound of grief and woe: More dismal notes from bog-trotters may fall, More dismal plaints at Irish funeral; But no such floods of tears e'er stopped our tide, Since Charles, the martyr and the monarch, died.

"'Wen yo' see a pig agoin' along Widder straw en de sider 'is mouf, It'll be a tuhble winter, En yo' bettuh move down Souf.'" He jumped up and dashed into a breakdown, clattering the bones, and screeching: "'Squirl he got a bushy tail, Possum's tail am bah, Raccoon's tail am ringed all roun' Touch him ef yo dah!

Then behind, through the gaps in the trees, big, whining, screeching swarms of another caliber shells fly over the wall of blue.

"What?" suddenly screeched a woman's voice.

We had, in Massachusetts, an old statesman, who had sat all his life in courts and in chairs of state, without overcoming an extreme irritability of face, voice, and bearing: when he spoke, his voice would not serve him; it cracked, it broke, it wheezed, it piped;little cared he; he knew that it had got to pipe, or wheeze, or screech his argument and his indignation.

The ferry boats, with their amazing human cargo, seemed to be screeching a welcome as they churned their way across the busy river.

17 collocations for  screech