8 collocations for self

What blame if the stoutest turn sick and giddy at the first home-thrust of that sword which pierces the joints and marrow, and lays bare to self the secrets of the heart?

The Conscience of approving ones self a Benefactor to Mankind is the noblest Recompence for being so; doubtless it is, and the most interested cannot propose anything so much to their own Advantage, notwithstanding which, the Inclination is nevertheless unselfish.

Such an Aversion to Labour creates a constant Weariness, and one would think should make Existence it self a Burthen.

" "Dear medear me"ejaculated the peacefully-inclined chaplain"that human beings can thus be inclined to self destruction!" "Is Tryon active?What do the royal authorities, all this time?

With Joy, great Sir, we viewed this pompous Show, While Heaven, that sate Spectator still 'till now, It self turn'd Actor, proud to Pleasure you.

Mr. SPECTATOR, I find you are a general Undertaker, and have by your Correspondents or self an Insight into most things: which makes me apply my self to you at present in the sorest Calamity that ever befel Man.

In this Case therefore Caprice very often acts in the Place of Reason, and forms to it self some Groundless Imaginary Motive, where real and substantial ones are wanting.

Learn'd Mercury needs not th' aid of Mars, and innocence is to it self a guard; yet since Arms ever protect Arts, I may justly wear and use it; for since 'twas made my prize, I know not how I'm grown in love with't, and cannot eat nor study, and much less walk without it.

8 collocations for  self