4577 collocations for sending

When he knew the sitting would be very late he sent me word and I used to go and dine with mother, but sometimes he was kept on there from hour to hour.

Mr. P. took the seat, (which was nothing to brag of,) and a cigar, (which would have been a great deal to brag of, if he had succeeded in smoking it,) and, after a whiff or two, asked his companion how it was that he came to send such a message to Congress about Cuba.

That quarter of the world has sent letters, and arts, and religion abroad to adorn and benefit the other four; and these, the chief of human blessings and glories, have deserted us!" I told him that I had heard the honours, which he claimed for India, attributed to Egypt.

Representative men of ability, health, culture, and courage are being chosen to carry on governmental work: it is idle to send provincial men to the Church.

If you discover a defect in this electronic work within 90 days of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by sending a written explanation to the person you received the work from.

The two sisters sent a messenger to Jesus to tell Him.

On receipt of a | | postage-stamp we will send a copy of No. 1 to any one | | desiring to get up a club.

Obviously it was quite unnecessary for him to have called; he could have sent the note that he had brought with him.

The sent an ambassador .

One boy buys cigarettes, and sends his money up in smoke.

" "In case of an attack you will at once send in another boat with a howitzer.

She proposes to send her son, Prince of ASTURIAS, to Professor CASTELAR, to study modern history.

"A poor woman in Utica, who owns three houses and is building another, sends her children into the streets daily to beg.

You should make an inventory of the stock on hand before sending in your order for additional goods.

The king sent Sir Samuel a present of some jars of cider.

He urged to them that the nations of the earth felt so much jealousy and ill-will towards one another, that they never cordially co-operated in any enterprise for their common interest or glory; and that if any one nation were to send an army into the moon, such a scheme of ambition would afford at once a temptation and pretext for its neighbours to invade it.

I told W. I had spent a very cold and uncomfortable hour at the house, and I was worried about the cold, thought I might, perhaps, send the boy to mother, but he had taken his precautions and arranged with the Minister of War to have a certain amount of wood delivered at the house.

"Many times I have sent my servants to find you," said Onoyom, "but they never found you until today.

Bismarck sent me a telegram regretting the absence of the godmother from the ceremony.

When the people passed this decree, Pericles sent only ten ships under the command of Lacedaemonius, the son of Cimon, as if he designed a deliberate insult; for the house of Cimon was on peculiarly friendly terms with the Lacedaemonians.

Can ye not devise a way to send out these foreign troops, without yielding up the princess for the sake of peace?

" "Should we be overtaken by the vapour while on the highland and be unable to get back to the beach, you are to send no rescuing party up there until the air has cleared.

We send school-books and machinery to China; she sends us tea, matting, and bamboo.

" Then a derisive howl followed the line as it passed through the masses of the army, and remarks of an acrid nature were made that were not gratifying to the departing patriots: "Don't you want a guard to protect you?" "Does your mamma know you're out alone?" "Wait till to-morrow and we'll send Beauregard's forces to see you safe home.

Sh'has made me take an Oath, to fight with thee; And every Wound my lucky Sword shou'd make, She bad me say, was sent thee from her Hate.

4577 collocations for  sending