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3193 collocations for setting

When this final danger flashed upon me, I became nerve-shaken for the first time since setting foot on the mountains, and my mind seemed to fill with a stifling smoke.

He had an electric machine brought to him, by means of which he set fire to a few grains of gunpowder; this lighted some tinder, which again ignited spirits, whose blaze reached the lower extremity of his lamp.

As ye have proved this night that ye are not yet purged of the feelings and prejudices of a vicious education, I will perform this office for you all, and set you an example, by which ye may hereafter profit.

I had set sail possessed by the sole idea of ferreting out Dr. Schermerhorn's investigations, but the gradual development of affairs had ended by absorbing my every faculty.

Why, when a native of one of these island groups sets his heart on a particular loaf of bread up his bread-fruit tree, he doesn't bother to climb after it.

But there's one thing we're all anxious to know; how came you in the dory which we found and left on the Laughing Lass no later than two days ago?" "I haven't set eyes on the Laughing Lass forwell, I don't know how long, but it's five days anyway, perhaps more," replied Slade.

All these things mean, not that a minister must grow discouraged, but that he must set his teeth, and with pluck and endurance rise strong and masterful and say, This shall not be!

He believes that the music-lover and the church-lover may be identical, and has set his hand to the uniting of all true music-lovers with the great offices and services and influences of the Church.

Their individual value, as they go out into the world, is to set right values on social customs and decrees; to establish the law of freedom in the home; to lead men and women out of the thraldom of ignorance, vulgarity, hearsay, and "style," into simplicity of living and a sane scale of household expense.

The tricycle clanked and rattled away merrily enough on the return journey until it came to the long hill, which this time had to be climbed instead of descended. "Don't let's get off," said Jack; "we ought to rush her up this if we set our minds to it.

Just eight days later the two men walked into the Cabin and sat downPotts with a heart-rending groan, Mac with his jaw almost dislocated in his cast-iron attempt to set his face against defeat; their lips were cracked with the cold, their faces raw from frostbite, their eyes inflamed.

We must remember, however, that it is a transition class, and not set up a completely fashioned time-table for the whole day.

Please set this young man free so that he may return to his village and his people.

We talk about a line of traps, because we blaze a line of trees, sometimes for miles, and set a trap every twenty or thirty rods.

I have set aside a house for you as long as you stay with us.

With infinite precaution Barnett picked out an object that looked like a 22- calibre short cartridge, wadded some cotton batten in his hand, set the thing in the wadding, laid it on the rock, carefully returned the small box to the large box and the large box to the boat, took up the cartridge again and waded back to the cliff.

As the priest was pocketing the letter the Boy dashed in, put on the Arctic cap he set such store by, and a fur coat and mittens.

What the ideal-maker tries to do is to set holy standards that shall not pass away: to do abiding work, in thought, deed, word; work philosophically planned, and perseveringly carried out; work which he shall do regardless of the outer circumstances of his lifepoverty or wealth, of threats, misunderstanding, or hoots of scorn.

She pulled the old shawl closely round her, and set a brisk pace back to the Sisters' House.

Byron's garrulity with regard to those delicate matters on which men of more prudence or chivalry are wont to set the seal of silence, has often the same practical effect as reticence; for he talks so much at largeevery page of his Journal being, by his own admission, apt to "confute and abjure its predecessor"that we are often none the wiser.

," she said, setting down her glass.

Brutus induced them to come to an understanding, and by executing a few of the most audacious and dismissing others from his service he set matters in such a light that the men arrested and killed those sent away, on the ground that they were most responsible for the sedition, and asked for the surrender of the quaestor and the lieutenants of Antonius.

~The Response to a Festal Ode~ Heaven shields and sets thee fast.

It is a more serious stumbling-block to the Froebelian that Dr. Montessori, while advocating freedom in words, has really set strict limits to the natural activities of children by laying so much stress on her "didactic apparatus," the intention of which is formal training in sense-discrimination.

I stood over him until he was well at work, then turned back to set tasks for the other men.

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