163 collocations for shaming

Is there one, that, remembering the torments endured of groaning bodies, the dire wrongs of innocence shamed and trampled in the mirelives there a man that will not adventure life and limb and all he doth possess that such things may be smitten hence and made an end of for all time?

" If I said, "No, forsooth," I lied forsooth: To lie upon myself were deadly sin, Therefore I will speak truth and shame the devil.

This noble toleration is one of the finest features in the religion and character of this people, and puts to shame the prejudices of many Christian sects.

In The Spanish Gypsy she makes Don Silva say that The only better is a Past that lives On through an added Present, stretching still In hope unchecked by shaming memories To life's last breath.

If she be soft and foolish, thou wert better have a block, she will shame thee and reveal thy secrets; if wise and learned, well qualified, there is as much danger on the other side, mulierem doctam ducere periculosissimum, saith Nevisanus, she will be too insolent and peevish, Malo Venusinam quam te Cornelia mater.

John will never shame his kin,' quoth she.

And such a one, I hope, Sir, as shall not shame the Family. Bri.

Amid constant dangers they sweated at a task that shamed the seven labors of Hercules.

"And shamed life a hateful," replied his sister.

Away! Go exploit helpless Africa, where you have shamed the beast, But understand, your cruel day is over in the East!"

"The skies hang full and darka rack sails from the west; the clouds cast themselves into strange formsarches and broad radiations; there rise resplendent morningsglorious, royal, purple, as monarch in his state; the heavens are one flame; so wild are they, they rival battle at its thickestso bloody, they shame Victory in her pride.

For when God's smile was with us we were strong To go like sudden lightning to our mark: As on that summer day when Saladin Passing in scorn our host at Antioch, Who spent the days in revel, and shamed the stars With nightly scandalcame with all his host, Its gay battalia brave with saffron silks, Flaunting the banners of the Caliphate Beneath the walls of fair Jerusalem:

The cold air had heightened her colour, and the brightness of her eyes shamed the solitary candle which lit up the array of burnished metal on the mantelpiece.

I would rather die than shame my manhood by yielding.

He first tried to shame the nobles by reminding them that whilst he, ever since his return, had been spending his money in buying back those Jews who had been sold into slavery to the heathen round, they on the other hand had actually been doing the very opposite, bringing their fellow citizens into slavery to themselves.

Altogether, the book is one of thoroughly manly tone and temper,a book to make those who read it manlier, to put to shame the cowardice of easy life, to make men more honest, more enduring, more energetic, by the example which it sets before them.

Not for a diadem; Ile trie no longer lest I shame my selfe.

A broad red glare rising behind the assailants, and putting to shame the pallid lights of the winter morning, first recalled Arthur to a sense of his condition.

Perhaps the truth is that there has scarcely been a town in any Christian country since the time of Christ, where a century has passed without exhibiting a character of such elevation that his mere presence has shamed the bad and made the good better, and has been felt at times like the presence of God Himself.

For him alone she pined in grief, From him alone she sought relief, And called him to her secret bower, To while away the passing hour: But Saiáwush refused the call, He would not shame his father's hall.

As there is music uninform'd by art In those wild notes, which, with a merry heart, The birds in unfrequented shades express, Who, better taught at home, yet please us less: So in your verse a native sweetness dwells, Which shames composure, and its art excels.

You will make me better, purer, for love, the true refiner, Burning out the baser passions, will kindle the diviner, Will plead and wind my spirit, not to shame its heavenly station, You will trust me, and that trust will prove my tempted soul's salvation.

It turned down all the ill-written and besmirched leaves in my book of life and opened up a new page on which her name, written in letters of gold, demanded clean work in the future and a record which should not shame the aura surrounding that pure name.

"God strike me dead if I do not!" shouted Otho; "if it were only to shame you cowards.

In this spirit we may be content to bide our turn, hoping that when we, too, are called away our record may not shame the bright example of those who have gone before us.

163 collocations for  shaming