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163 collocations for  shaming

163 collocations for shaming

Is there one, that, remembering the torments endured of groaning bodies, the dire wrongs of innocence shamed and trampled in the mirelives there a man that will not adventure life and limb and all he doth possess that such things may be smitten hence and made an end of for all time?

" If I said, "No, forsooth," I lied forsooth: To lie upon myself were deadly sin, Therefore I will speak truth and shame the devil.

This noble toleration is one of the finest features in the religion and character of this people, and puts to shame the prejudices of many Christian sects.

In The Spanish Gypsy she makes Don Silva say that The only better is a Past that lives On through an added Present, stretching still In hope unchecked by shaming memories To life's last breath.

If she be soft and foolish, thou wert better have a block, she will shame thee and reveal thy secrets; if wise and learned, well qualified, there is as much danger on the other side, mulierem doctam ducere periculosissimum, saith Nevisanus, she will be too insolent and peevish, Malo Venusinam quam te Cornelia mater.

John will never shame his kin,' quoth she.

And such a one, I hope, Sir, as shall not shame the Family. Bri.

Amid constant dangers they sweated at a task that shamed the seven labors of Hercules.

"And shamed life a hateful," replied his sister.

Away! Go exploit helpless Africa, where you have shamed the beast, But understand, your cruel day is over in the East!"

"The skies hang full and darka rack sails from the west; the clouds cast themselves into strange formsarches and broad radiations; there rise resplendent morningsglorious, royal, purple, as monarch in his state; the heavens are one flame; so wild are they, they rival battle at its thickestso bloody, they shame Victory in her pride.

For when God's smile was with us we were strong To go like sudden lightning to our mark: As on that summer day when Saladin Passing in scorn our host at Antioch, Who spent the days in revel, and shamed the stars With nightly scandalcame with all his host, Its gay battalia brave with saffron silks, Flaunting the banners of the Caliphate Beneath the walls of fair Jerusalem:

The cold air had heightened her colour, and the brightness of her eyes shamed the solitary candle which lit up the array of burnished metal on the mantelpiece.

I would rather die than shame my manhood by yielding.

He first tried to shame the nobles by reminding them that whilst he, ever since his return, had been spending his money in buying back those Jews who had been sold into slavery to the heathen round, they on the other hand had actually been doing the very opposite, bringing their fellow citizens into slavery to themselves.

Altogether, the book is one of thoroughly manly tone and temper,a book to make those who read it manlier, to put to shame the cowardice of easy life, to make men more honest, more enduring, more energetic, by the example which it sets before them.

Not for a diadem; Ile trie no longer lest I shame my selfe.

A broad red glare rising behind the assailants, and putting to shame the pallid lights of the winter morning, first recalled Arthur to a sense of his condition.

Perhaps the truth is that there has scarcely been a town in any Christian country since the time of Christ, where a century has passed without exhibiting a character of such elevation that his mere presence has shamed the bad and made the good better, and has been felt at times like the presence of God Himself.

For him alone she pined in grief, From him alone she sought relief, And called him to her secret bower, To while away the passing hour: But Saiรกwush refused the call, He would not shame his father's hall.

As there is music uninform'd by art In those wild notes, which, with a merry heart, The birds in unfrequented shades express, Who, better taught at home, yet please us less: So in your verse a native sweetness dwells, Which shames composure, and its art excels.

You will make me better, purer, for love, the true refiner, Burning out the baser passions, will kindle the diviner, Will plead and wind my spirit, not to shame its heavenly station, You will trust me, and that trust will prove my tempted soul's salvation.

It turned down all the ill-written and besmirched leaves in my book of life and opened up a new page on which her name, written in letters of gold, demanded clean work in the future and a record which should not shame the aura surrounding that pure name.

"God strike me dead if I do not!" shouted Otho; "if it were only to shame you cowards.

In this spirit we may be content to bide our turn, hoping that when we, too, are called away our record may not shame the bright example of those who have gone before us.

"Is the French republic to permit here in its colony the whites who enjoy its hospitality to shame the nation before the Tahitians by their nakedness?

For from afar hath overtaken me the time that was then yet to come, and hath shamed my deep debt.

And a flush, of which they little thought her weakened heart capable, spread over her features, hiding the scar and shaming her white lips.

The place was inundated with artificial light that shamed the newborn day.

The opposite school was too self-complacent, too comfortable, too secure in its social and political alliances; and he was bent on shaming people into severer notions.

He there contracted an intimacy with Boileau, "Whose rash envy would allow No strain that shamed his country's creaking lyre, That whetstone of the teeth, monotony in wire.

Therefore those whose profligacy is notorious, who welcome into their society the Blandfords, Aylesburys, and St. Leonards, rave against a man as a "destroyer of marriage" whose life is pure, and whose theories on this, as it happens, are "orthodox", merely because his honest Atheism shames their hypocritical professions, and his sturdy Republicanism menaces their corrupt and rotting society.

But his eyes were shining with a high purpose, that shamed her momentary indecision.

In workmanship as in design, how utterly do they put to shame the contents of the ordinary "luxuriously furnished apartments" of the present day!

Deep deep Love, within thine own abyss abiding, Pour Thyself abroad, O Lord, on earth and air and sea; Worn weary hearts within Thy holy temple hiding, Shield from sorrow, sin, and shame my helpless babe and me.

Proud thoughts that Image overawes, Before it humbly let us pause, And ask of Nature, from what cause And by what rules 40 She trained her Burns to win applause That shames the Schools.

The cowherd had shamed the Brahmans of Mathura and discredited ceremonies and festivals.

Their massive chests and powerful limbs put to shame our dwindled proportions.

It is a little book; but it is a very precious one: and I think it is a great mercy of God that, while so many famous old books have been lost, this little book should have been preserved: for this Roman gentleman had travelled among our forefathers; and when he returned he wrote this book to shame his countrymen at Rome.

His person was tall, his bones very large, his hair like snow, a venerable aspect, and a complexion, which might shame the bloom of fifteen.

There is a freshness and a depth of feeling in the best Madonnas of the late Spanish school, which puts to shame the mannerism of the Italians, and the naturalism of the Flemish painters of the same period: and this because the Spaniards were intense and enthusiastic believers, not mere thinkers, in art as in religion.

Before the great audience hall let the bare garden-court again glow with a million blooms; there let the peacocks sun themselves, their living jewels putting to shame the gems that burn back from aigrette and from sword-hilt; see and hear the cool waters sparkling once again from their long-dried founts, flashing in the white sunlight, and flowing over ducts cunningly inlaid with zigzag bands to imitate the ripple of the mountain stream.

She had "beauty to shame young love's most fervent dream, virtue to form a saint, with just enough of earth to keep her woman."

"It shames humanity.

He shamed the government, he checked the all-powerful Walpole, and he roused the manhood of Ireland towards independence in legislation.

Or is it expected to reconcile her to obscurity, to the dimming of her personality, and to the endless petty sacrifices that ought to shame herand don'tthose immoral sacrifices about which she has contrived to throw so many deceiving, iridescent mists of religion?

She herself feeling as full of ambition and work as if she also were prosecuting attorney, with a perennial spring of eloquence bubbling in her brain, turned to her domestic duties, and, without going into the detail of them, it suffices to say that, according to the grandmother's estimation, one morning's list of duties for a healthy young bride of that period would shame the week's work of a syndicate of them to-day.

Ye nymphs, whose bosoms beat at Milton's name, Whose generous zeal, unbought by flattering rhymes, Shames the mean pensions of Augustan times!

The bounty overruns our due, The fulness shames our discontent.

And how much further is it necessary that they should progress in this manner, before an open war-cry of persecution from the masses, against those whose simple adherence to the Bible shall put to shame their man-made theology, and whose godly lives shall condemn their wicked practices, would seem in nowise startling or incongruous?

Consider whether shame my trembling pale Did now convert into Vermillion: up I cast my eyes to Heav'n, and with lowd cryes Implor'd

But it is not to pure chemistry alone that we are indebted for the elegant dosing of the present day; progressive pharmacy, with its tablets, its coated pills, and its capsules, has put to shame the old-time purveyor of galenicals.

"Welcome, O great conqueror, who in your hour of triumph can find no nobler recreation than to shame a maid with her past folly!

The color ranges from the purest white to a perfect rose-pink, and there is an inexhaustible vegetable vigor about the whole thing, which puts to shame those tenderer shrubs that shrink before the progress of cultivation.

The self-denial which they display is a rebuke to our ever-growing luxury; their generosity contrasts favourably with the increasing bitterness of our cynicism; their contented acquiescence in God's will rebukes our incessant restlessness; above all, their constant elevation shames that multitude of little vices, and little meannesses, which lie like a scurf over the conventionality of modern life.

Nor would it mighty ills produce, Could I shame bribery out of use, I know 'twould cramp most politicians, Were they tied down to these conditions.

(1) Why to defame, reproch, and shame poor innocents thus dragge yee? (2) With[106] your offens there's no dispence: away then!

And with blooms of hill and wild-wood, That shame the toil of art, Mingled the gorgeous blossoms Of the garden's tropic heart.

Here was this atom in full breath Hurling defiance at vast death, This scrap of valor just for play Fronts the north-wind in waistcoat gray, As if to shame my weak behavior.

Whose sober morning actions Shame not his o'ernight's promises; Talks little, flatters less, and makes no promises; Why this is he, whom the dark-wisdom'd fate Might trust her counsels of predestination with, And the world be no loser.

An' you, John, should think shame o' yersel'.

Between two flower-laden branches I descried another "poem," in identical handwriting: "A birdie with a yellow bill Hopped upon the window-sill, Cocked his shining eye and said 'Ain't you 'shamed, you sleepy-head!'

But the blind terror of her horse, who swerved at every sweep of the surge, shamed her own half superstitious fears, and with the effort to control his alarm she regained her own self-possession, albeit with eyelashes wet not altogether with the salt spray from the sea.

Oh I should shame your physsycke, though indeede Tys the kyngs evyll I am trobled with, But such a rare kyngs evyll that I feare My chyldrens chyldren wilbe taynted with't.

In a few moments he dashed past the window in hot pursuit of a fowl of venerable appearance, but of a style of going that would have put to shame any ostrich that Dr. LIVINGSTONE ever saw.

And thence those heroic women came forth again, when religious war threatened to take the place of civil: again they put to shame their more timid male companions, and by their labors Jesuit and Jansenist found peace.

If nothing can slake thy wild thirst of desire, Let thy knights put to shame the exploit of the squire!" The king seized the goblethe swung it on high, And whirling, it fell in the roar of the tide: "But bring back that goblet again to my eye,

The commonest serving-maid who walks the streets of Cadiz would put to shame a whole score of our mincing and wriggling belles.

One polish'd mirror can declare That eye so bright, that face so fair, That cheek which shames the rose; But how thy mantle waves behind, How float thy tresses on the wind, Another only shows.

This effort to give his praise of the artist's work the appearance of substantial reality cost the wretched product of lust and luxury a fit of coughing that racked his burnt-out body almost to its last feeble hold upon the world of flesh and, with a force that shamed the strength of his words, drove home the truth that neither his praise nor his scorn could long endure.

At the end of every change, we gave a war-whoop, some of the girls joining in, that would have put to shame any son of the Cheyennes.

" Nevertheless, and despite the facts that Livy means to be honest and that he questions much on grounds that would not shame the repute of many of his modern critics, the charge is doubtless true that his writings are not free from prejudice in favour of his country.

Has she not shamed a brave warrior?

Their strict observance is greatly more imperative, because of her finer organization; yet they are not thought of; and if the farm-yard fail to shame the nursery, if the mother bear beautiful and well-organized children, Heaven be thanked for a merciful interference with the operation of its own laws!

Here's sanctityto shame your cousin and me Spurn rank and proper pride, and decency; If God has made you noble, use your rank, If you but know how.

The hall in which the city council met, now the place of the provost-marshal's court, is furnished in a style that puts to shame the frugality displayed in the council chambers of our expensively governed American cities, where men of power pose as municipal economists.

"Because his family is so ancient that it shames the ark itself.

It is hard to deal with the oddities of humor, however carefully, without casual slips that may offend or shame the reverential or the sensitive.

"You see what employs me when I am alone," he said; "I read letters that come to me from the lands of the East and the West, and answer them with my own hand; I deny myself all the pleasures of the world, and I seek only to protect your lives, multiply your children, shame your rivals, and daunt your enemies."

But, if the good God should bring thy father to thee, an' thy head to shame an' sorrow for his sin, forgive him, in the name o' Christ, forgive him.

Suddenly "Ever of thee I'm fondly dreaming" pealed the cornets, pumped the trombones, whipping it out, cracking it off, with a rigor of rhythm to shame all peace-time languishments "Thy gentle voice my spirit can cheer.

You have put me to shame many a time by your hoydenish tricks; but I bore with you, believing that your madcap follies were at least harmless.

Oh! 'tis a faithful groupand it might shame Painters of bold pretence, and greater name To see how nature triumphs, and how rare Such matchless proofs of Nature's triumphs are The smallest particle of sand may tell With what rich ore Pactolus' tide may swell: And Woodward!

This supposition was obstinately persevered in, at Scutari, till private charity had shamed the authorities into providing for the men's wants.

"That gifted man," said Garrison, in whose Life and Times a graphic description of this famous meeting is given, "effectually put to shame his assailants by his wit and eloquence.

Sure, yer shaming the Catholics this year, Jimmy, keeping Lent so well."

Toodle-oo!" "LAMBERT!" roared the troll in a voice that would have shamed the kingliest of lions.

The boasted discovery of phrenologists, that thought, feeling, and passion reside in this material brain and nerves of ours, has ages ago been anticipated by her simple faith in the letter of Scripture; a faith which puts to shame the irreverent vagueness and fantastic private interpretations of those who make an idol of that very letter which they dare not take literally, because it makes against their self-willed theories. . .

Sang Ysabeau: "Man's love hath many prompters, But a woman's love hath none; And he may woo a nimble wit Or hair that shames the sun, Whilst she must pick of all one man And ever brood thereon

Thy Triumphs then would shame the pride of antient Rome.

"We acknowledge with grief and shame our heavy share in this great sin.

The upper windows of the cottage behind it were draped with snowy muslin, and its walls, coated with recent whitewash, shamed its neighbours to right and left.

As in a great house there are vessels unto honor and also unto dishonor, so in the purlieus of the dry-goods trade there are gentlemen who would honor and adorn any society, and also men whose manners would shame Hottentots,

The vigour, heartiness, and sincerity of this political hatred put to shame the more tepid convictions of our degenerate days.

Away, And see our horses sadled, 'tis no time To talke, but doe: Eustace, you now are offer'd A spatious field, and in a pious war To exercise you[r] valour, here's a cause, And such a one, in which to fall is honourable, Your duty and reverence due to a fathers name Commanding it; but these unnatural jarres Arising betweene brothers (should you prosper) Would shame your victorie.

The following brief account of the retreat was written and printed by one who took every care to learn all the truth regarding the affair, and I set it down here that he who reads may know I have not exaggerated the story for the purpose of shaming the enemy: "The Indians, it is said, made merry at the precipitate flight of the whites, who threw away their arms and knapsacks, so that nothing should impede their progress.

My brothers, were these books nothing more to us than such ancient writings, the literature of so noble a race, a literature intrinsically fine, to which our civilization owes so much of mental and of moral influence, they should win our reverence, and should shame the wantonness of liberalism, falsely so called.

"First take this point," he said with nervous restlessness, once more taking up his bit of string, and forming with each point raised a series of knots which would have shamed a navigating instructor, "obviously it was impossible for Kershaw not to have been acquainted with Smethurst, since he was fully apprised of the latter's arrival in England by two letters.

Moreover, there is a terseness, strength, and grace about some of these little songs, which would put to shame many a volume of vague and windy verse, which the press sees yearly sent forth by men, who, instead of working at the loom, have been pampered from their childhood with all the means and appliances of good taste and classic cultivation.

A poor, smoke-dried, shrivelled cook shames her guid savoury dishes, intended to fatten mankind and make them jolly.