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270 collocations for shaping

Determined to execute this resolution on the instant, Carl hastily collected such parts of his slender property as were portable; and having completed his arrangements, prepared to cross the Brocken, and shaped his course towards the Rammelsburg.

Catrina Lanovitch, who had never been ruled by those about her, shaped her whole life unquestioningly upon an opinion.

He was born in Providence, (R.I.); he believes in Providence; his portrait is the special pride of Providence; and there is a "Providence that shapes his ends."

British protection was granted, and for over thirty years Richard Wood, virtually single-handed, shaped the destiny of Syria.

These stupendous changes are the results of human energy, and they reach, in their moral prestige, their progressive influence, through every vein and artery of governmental and social compacts, affecting political institutions, shaping national policy, and forcing, by their resistless demonstrations, change and mutations of opinions upon all men.

The views of life, the sentiments of the people about him, are clearly noted, and he desires to so shape his conduct as to be in harmony with them.

"Yes," her red lips shaped the word to the other's eyes, though no sound could make itself heard above that din except such eldritch shrieks as Mandy's.

We are shaping our way towards the real Democracy, with the attainment of which warsthough they will not cease from the worldwill certainly become much rarer.

The truth is, it was destined to play an important part in shaping their future.

We yield to none of them in reverence for the Past; it is there only that the imagination can find repose and seclusion; there dwells that silent majority whose experience guides our action and whose wisdom shapes our thought in spite of ourselves;but it is not length of days that can make evil reverend, nor persistence in inconsistency that can give it the power or the claim of orderly precedent.

And this to have been someways of foolishness; but yet human of our Nature, and an wholesome trouble to the spirit, if that this troubling be not allowed to shape our actions to any harmful weakness.

They have won their way into the book-stalls and stand upon our shelves, side by side with the other books which mould our life and shape our character.

Millions of dollars have been spent by German agents in a colossal endeavour to shape public opinion.

Our Authorized Version (1611), the one which is in most common use to-day, was made in the reign of James I. From this time became much easier to get a copy of the Scriptures, and their influence was now more potent than ever to shape the ideals of the Puritans.

If she could be sure that he was ulteriorly shaping events against Jackwas acquainted with his whereaboutsshe would have known exactly what to do.

It is now no longer mere life that tries to assert itself, and in the struggle shapes things to what they are; but it is the very highest kind of life, that is trying to come to the birth.

And as capital has had now, for more than one or even two generations, all the prizes of the law within its gift, this attitude of capital has had a profound effect upon shaping the American legal mind.

Thus did he impress his own mind and character upon them, and shape their institutions with matchless wisdom.

" Then, having at first feigned to be asleep and not to have heard her, I heaved a deep sigh, and, my face, at one time flushing, at another turning pale, I tossed about on the couch, seeking what answer I should make, though, indeed, in my agitation, my tongue could hardly shape a perfect sentence.

So now, for the first time, she began a certain logical line of thought, seeking to shape her own plans.

The worthless sectaries of Kalandarism, Háfiz says, shave off beard and tonsure, but the true or spiritual Kalandar shapes his path by a scrupulous estimate of duty.]

However it may be shaped, turned, coloredunder every modification and at all timeswickedness must be its proper character.

During the second period he was in England, helping to shape the famous Quebec Act.

Some blacksmiths will insist on a shoe, and then cutting and shaping the foot to it.

"We are as time moulds us, lacking wherewithal To shape out nobler fortunes or contend Against all-patient Fates, who may not mend The allotted pattern of things temporal Or alter it a jot or e'er let fall A single stitch thereof, until at last The web and its drear weavers be overcast And predetermined darkness swallow all.

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