114 collocations for shell

She felt how she must have colored, and was glad that her father called her, at that moment, to help him shell corn for the chickens.

Miss Diana Chillingworth was sitting in the old-fashioned porch of her old-fashioned house which opened into an old-fashioned garden in one of the suburbs of Marlborough, shelling peas.

What a wicked thing of the Englander to shell an "undefended" town!

The Turks had registered well and severely shelled our position before making an assault, and they covered the advance with machine guns.

Several times, during our first week in this position, the Austrians shelled a British Battery at Rupa about a mile in rear of us and an Italian Battery alongside it.

After shelling the beans, put them into boiling water, salted in the above proportion, and let them boil rapidly until tender.

They shelled the road a little as we went along, but not too much.

Each morning, with hardly ever a miss, they shelled our trenches, but almost invariably in the same place: the left-hand end.

The only difficulty was that for the moment the Germans were shelling the place, and it was too dangerous to go near even for coal; so the expedition had to be postponed until they desisted.


Paddy pays less duty than shelled rice.

Why, I kept asking myself, didn't the fools shell Pec village, where a crowd of men and guns were waiting for transport?

X green shelled 12.7 21.7 57.7 X 1.9 X Beans, field 13.5 25.

For many nights after August 26 our right pickets were constantly harassed by the rebels, who also shelled Hindoo Rao's house from the city and Kishenganj batteries.

The gun-boats had shelled the woods during the night, and prevented the Rebels from reaching the river on our left.

"They are shelling X again," or, "They have been leaving Z alone for a long time," is a part of the gossip up and down the line.

We knew they were shelling the chateau.

Even in Italy, of course, the privilege was extended somewhat more freely to junior regimental officers and much more freely to Staff officers and Lieutenant-Colonels, in view of the danger of brain fag and nervous strain following upon their greater mental exertions and their abnormal exposure to shell fire and the weather.

Just before we reached the entrance to the citadel the enemy began to shell the city and one of the shells exploded within two hundred feet of the car.

The enemy brought out some guns by the Kashmir Gate and shelled the Metcalfe pickets, their skirmishers advancing close to our defences with shouts, and harassing the men day and night, though with small loss on our side.

The enemy shelled the station during the morning, trying in vain to damage his lost rolling stock.

This hole is eccentric to the outside surface of the hub D, as well as to the shell C, and concentric with the hub D' and shell C', and with the governor rod (r).

There is a risk of shelling our own men now.

The Austrian gunners shelled the fort until the German infantry had been massed in a forest to the northward.

And pale on those same slopes, a boy A stormer, bled in noon-day glare; No aid the Blue-coats then could bring, He cried to them who nearest were, And out there came 'mid howling shot and shell A daring foe who him befriended well.

114 collocations for  shell
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