12 collocations for shepherd

Here were a group of Capuchin monks abandoning their monastery; there a little party of white-faced nuns shepherding the flock of childrenmany of them fatherlesswho had been entrusted to their care.

Few things are more disagreeable than having to disqualify a candidate, who turns up without a Rucksack, or more miserable than having to shepherd down beginners who are worn out by a run for which they are quite out of training.

The old chemist gazed around apologetically, closed the volume, replaced it, and shepherded the children forth.

The PIPER shepherds the Children, but with watchful eyes and ears toward the entrance always.

Excluding our host I do not believe there was a man present who had passed fifty years of age; but the General was nearer eighty than fifty, being one of the veterans of the Franco-Prussian War, whom their Emperor had ordered out of desk jobs in the first days of August to shepherd his forces in the field.

In practice, an accurate distinction must be made between the conservative bourgeois state, the temporary transitional state and the universal socialist-communist state that will shepherd humanity along the difficult and dangerous path of the political life pattern beyond civilization.

" After the three other women had all gone upstairs, Blanche Farrow lingered a moment at the bottom of the staircase; and Varick, having shepherded Sir Lyon, young Donnington, and James Tapster into the hall, joined her for a few moments.

Sometimes he ran a few steps, but for the most part he walked with long, steady strides, shepherding his men.

People who reside in the cities and carefully shepherded visiting neutrals, who do not go into the country, have little notion of the terrific effort being put forward to make the fruits of Mother Earth defeat the blockade, and above all to extract any kind of oil from anything that grows.

The surveying canoes, as usual, went first, while I shepherded the two pairs of lashed cargo canoes.

And another dog with lolling tongue and wagging tail wove in and out, shepherding the little beasts.

As she shepherded her little party across the staircase lobby, she managed to mutter into her niece's ear: "I want you to take on Miss Burnaby for me, BubblesI'm anxious to make friends with Helen Brabazon.

12 collocations for  shepherd