200 collocations for shielding

She only tries to shield her eyes.

We had to shield our faces against the heat, and the wooden railing under our hands was growing warm.

Death had found and left her in an attitude of fear, shielding her bowed head from a blow with her upraised hands.

" "Now God shield thee, brave Roger!" sighed Beltane.

No, George must have had some other reason for perjuring his unpleasant soul, and the only one I could think of was that he had purposely turned the case against me in order to shield the real murderer.

And when it was done she knelt also, and taking his hand pressed it to her throbbing heart, and holding him thus fell to prayer: "O God of mercy, have in care those that fight in our defence this night, in especial guard and shield this man of mine that I do love beyond all menO God of mercy, hear us!"

To him Tahmineh gave her only joy, And bade him shield the bold adventurous boy: "But, in the dreadful strife, should danger rise, Present my child before his father's eyes!

Love your father, but shield your sister and your brothers.

But, there is no law to shield the slave from wrongs.

He paused, struck a match, and in an empty glass, shielding the flame against the breeze of the punkah, lighted a cigarette.

She knew she would shield her children.

The draughtsman had been obstinate with Dawson, seeking loyally to shield his wretched brother-in-law, but when he found that I had the missing thread in my hands, he gave in at once.

And the goblins will not get ye, I will shield ye, I will pet ye Moolachie, mine own.

The broad leaves of the vine made a refreshing shade to it, and thereby shielded the warm sun from persons under it.

But an honest man like you doesn't want to shield a criminal from justiceleast of all a cold-blooded murderer.

Her arms were folded in front of her, shielding her breasts.

Thus, up to the present hour, the blood of those murdered men rests on that whole city; and it will continue to be a CITY OF MURDERERS so long as its citizens agree together to shield those felons from punishment.

Who's got a match?" Barnes produced a box and struck one, and Meagle, shielding the candle with his hand, led the way forward to the foot of the stairs.

Then did this saintly lady Abbess set her white hand on this my hateful head and prayed the sweet Christ to shield this my monstrous body, and I thereafter being bedight in right good mail (as thou seest) issued suddenly out of the tower whiles our foemen sat at meat, and ran among them roaring dreadfully and smote amain full many until my axe brake

To us it looked as imperative a duty to shield a sane mother, who had been torn from a family of little children and doomed to the companionship of lunatics, and to aid her in fleeing to a place of safety, as to help a fugitive from slavery to Canada.

In a subsequent number of the "Annales," he gives the following three examples of this fact: In the year 1331, the Chatelan of Villaines, in Duemois, bought a considerable quantity of gloves, to be given to the workmen, in order, as it is said, "to shield their hands from the stone and lime.

Long tables, under gay awnings, to shield the company from the burning rays of the sun, which at the time were intense, groaned with every luxury the climate afforded; but the banquet was not furnished by this alone, for Cuba and some of the neighbouring islands, it was stated, had been ransacked for delicacies.

There, while the Muses wanton unconfined, And wreaths resplendent round their temples bind, 'Tis yours to strew their steps with votive flowers; To watch them slumbering 'midst the blissful bowers; To guard the shades that hide their sacred charms; And shield their beauties from unhallow'd arms!

A table shielded the figure from Racey.

Think of one who, not being the thief himself, would, nevertheless, have the strongest of all motives to shield the thief from the consequences of her own misdeed: aye!

200 collocations for  shielding
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