373 collocations for shifted

Then he would shift his position and cut a corresponding notch further round, so making painful circuit of the bole.

But though I was thus shown up for what I was, in a manner most public and undesirable, neither the rulings of the court, nor the attitude of the jury betrayed any loss of confidence in me as a credible witness, and seeing this, the wily lawyer shifted his ground and confined himself to an endeavour to shake me on certain definite and important points.

" Mrs. Coblenz shifted her weight from one slipper to the other, her maroon-net skirts lying in a swirl around them.

But on any mishap befalling him, Muley Abd Errahman, whenever he can, always shifts the responsibility upon his ministers, and if one of them gives his advice, and the course taken therein does not succeed, woe be to the unhappy functionary!

He shifted his feet thoughtfully; a thin lock of dark hair drooped more uncertainly over his brow; he got up.

The boat had for some time lain half-buried in shifting sands at the mouth of an African river.

But if the reader still finds the picture unconvincing, let us shift the scene from domestic economy to commerce, and substitute for the careful housewife an enterprising business man.

"They're the ones who ought to check it, and if they are incompetent, and can't do their duty, it's no excuse for their trying to shift the blame on to fellows who are innocent, but who happen to stand in their bad books.

When we sat hid in the belly of the wooden horse, in the ambush which deceived the Trojans to their destruction, I, who had the management of that stratagem, still shifted my place from side to side to note the behaviour of our men.

If he ate honeysuckle instead of hard-tack would he be squeezed for his scents to fill ladies' smelling-bottles?" "I don't know that sense is always a recommendation to women," Jack shifts his burden to say tentatively, as Barney, involved in a more than commonly obstinate brier, loses the thread of this joco

The carriers were the Hours; twelve little, merry, whirligig foot-pages, as you should desire to see, that went all round, and found out the persons invited well enough, with the exception of Easter Day, Shrove Tuesday, and a few such Moveables, who had lately shifted their quarters.

Whilst shifting her berth to a more convenient spot, the Endeavour was fired on by one of the forts owing to some misunderstanding, but satisfactory apologies and explanations were made, and it was thought so little of that neither Cook nor Banks mention it in their Journals.

Of the storeships which followed, laden with provisions, a very few fell into the hands of the enemy; the rest, shifting their sails from one side to another with the changing winds, escaped into the open sea.

We'll be shifting camp in less than half-an-hour.

McCready shifted his gaze, and instantly her hand fell on Kazan's head.

As she shifted her seat at the expiration of something like this period, she perceived that she had been sitting on a goatskin, and with a natural association of ideas "I will ask Pan," she exclaimed.

The flukey morning breeze shifted several points.

He shifted his quid and began to hum: "The bos'n laid aloft, aloft laid he, Blow high, blow low!

Only he shifted his eyes from face to face and his grin broadened.

Ain't he a funny looking little cuss?" Muskwa shifted his head, the only part of him that was not as stiffly immovable as a mummy, and scrutinized Bruce.

He seemed to realise this, and shifted his attack to a point more vulnerable.

But the objection, even if valid, merely shifts the pressure of the difficulty to another point.

" By voting for this resolution, the south by a simultaneous movement, shifted its mode of defence, not so much by taking a position entirely new, as by attempting to refortify an old onenever much trusted in, and abandoned mainly long ago, as being unable to hold out against assault however unskilfully directed.

Taking therefore our departure, we sailed twenty days to the eastwards, without seeing any land; on which we shifted our course to the south-east, and after five days, we came in sight of the island of Neome, so that we passed Iceland without seeing it.

" Sinclair shifted his gun to his left hand and turned to look at the window which Cartwright had been watching with such intense interest.

373 collocations for  shifted
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