68 collocations for shirk

What social recognition can be given to servants who lie, steal, who shirk every duty that can be shirked, and who are both incompetent and unfaithful?

Yet, I would not shirk the work.

" "Yet my idea of what is safest may seem to the rest of you like veriest folly," he replied, as if he would shirk the responsibility, and Master Sitz said, eagerly: "It all seems to me like a piece of folly, Sergeant Corney, even though because of it are we brought out from the power of our enemies.

But in general men shirk this labour, partly because it is irksome, and partly because they have no distinct conception of the rules which would make the labour light.

We tremble at our own greatness, and shirk the sacrifices it demands from us.

Your answer is that the war and other happenings have shown you that age is not necessarily another name for sapience; that our avoidance of frankness in life and in the arts is often, but not so often as you think, a cowardly way of shirking unpalatable truths, and that you have taken us off our pedestals because we look more natural on the ground.

Nor did he shirk his task.

He drew a long breath that was like a sobbing sigh; only too well did he understand what he had done, but he had counted the cost, and was not going to shirk the consequences.

The environs of London are undeniably pretty, prettier than those of any other capital in Europe, but there is no shirking the fact that the Northern suburbs of our great metropolis are somewhat grim and soul-depressing.

You may call me an old fogy, but I would rather live cheap and dress plain than shirk my burdens because I had wasted when they had saved.

The plants flourish without any care or attention, the only trouble being to collect the fiber; and, the bounteousness of Nature having provided them against want, the natives shirk even this trouble when the market price is not very enticing.

My father has never shirked his share of the work, and he has only one thought now, and that is to do well for us.

But the imbecile commander-in-chief was enjoying himself and shirking care in the mountains; and Lord Canning and his advisers at Calcutta seem to have preferred to allow to take the initiative in their own way.

"Of course you can't understand," he said, with a cowardly resolve to shirk the issue.

People talk of modern women "shirking" motherhood, but it would be a silly sort of universe in which a large proportion of women had any natural and instinctive desire to shirk motherhood, and, I believe, a huge proportion of modern women are as passionately predisposed towards motherhood as ever women were.

He was a Holiday and no Holiday ever shirked obligations he himself had incurred.

Macaulay shirked no labor in preparing himself to write the History.

And then they shirk the job from dawn to dark.

Mike himself, to whom cricket was the great and serious interest in life, had shirked early-morning fielding practice in his first term at Wrykyn.

" CHAPTER XVI THEOPHIL ALL THIS TIME Have I seemed to shirk the subject of Theophil's feelings all this time?

Azuma-zi, however, shirked the discussion of his gods, even though he was kicked for it.

That very day he found Arthur unconsciously and even patronizingly shirking the tending of a planer so that his teacher, Bud Rollins, had to do double work.

Cumbrous though his body might be, when he was in the woods he never shirked any hardship to secure a specially fine bale of furs.

" CHAPTER XXXIII THE LITTLE GODS RETURN WITH A LADY Grizel's clear, searching eyes, that were always asking for the truth, came back to her, and I seem to see them on me now, watching lest I shirk the end.

Any one shirking the chorus will have no share of the next round of grog, and any one who does not sing when called upon, or who attempts to make any base explanations or excuses, will have to drink his tin full of salt and water.

68 collocations for  shirk