1016 collocations for shooting

About half an hour later the natives in the canoes, without the least warning, began shooting their arrows at the poor fellows in the boat, and ere it could be taken out of bowshot one of them was pierced with six arrows, and two of the others were also wounded.

The man shot a keen glance thither from beneath his brows.

Did the whole village shoot the young man?

I would have given much, to rush at it, fling it to, and shoot the bolts; for I have had it repaired and strengthened, so that, now, it is far stronger than ever it has been.

But Sir Horace was in Scotland, shooting the poor birds.

"H," said a friend of mine, as he stalked into my sanctum, a few days after my return, and seated himself at my elbow, as if for a private and confidential talk, "did Smith really shoot the bear, the skin of which he brought home, and which he exhibits with such triumph.

In the summer, the Rev. Mr. MURRAY leaves his sheep, to shoot deer by torchlight in the Adirondacks.

And thro' Elvira's gate, where spreads A prospect wide and free, He marked how Phoebus shot his rays Upon the Spanish sea; And bending to the land his eye To notice how the scene Of summer had its color changed To black from radiant green, He saw that, thro' the gate there passed A light that was not day's, Whose splendor, like a dazzling cloud, Eclipsed the solar rays.

This morning, early, I shot the dog, and buried it, away among the bushes.

We might have shot the game they were pursuing fifty times, but we had no design against its life.

" He shot her a look of constantly growing nervousness, his mouth pulled to an oblique, his glance constantly toward the door.

And they used to make piratical expeditions down to Lynn in eight oars, to attack bargemen, and fen girls, and shoot ducks, and sleep under turf-stacks, and come home when they had drank all the public-house taps dry.

Once or twice his guests suggested shooting pigeons at sundown, but he always had some excuse for opposing the proposal, and thus the party, unsuspecting the reason, were kept away from that particular lonely spot.

But this hunting of the moose merely for the satisfaction of killing him,not even for the sake of his hide,without making any extraordinary exertion or running any risk yourself, is too much like going out by night to some wood-side pasture and shooting your neighbor's horses.

Before any one of its pernicious effects is fully dilated a thousand others appear; the hydra still shoots out new heads, and every head vomits out new poison to infect society, and lay the nation desolate.

When Robin was a youth of eighteen, stout of sinew and bold of heart, the Sheriff of Nottingham proclaimed a shooting match and offered a prize of a butt of ale to whosoever should shoot the best shaft in Nottinghamshire.

Without volition, without effort, there shot into the memory of this bewildered, staggering, half-stupefied man the one thing which could have saved himthat blind eye of which the Master's son had spoken.

You would imagine they were going to hunt lions for months in the ravines of the Atlas, whereas it is only to shoot a stray partridge or a limping hare, or perchance they may meet with a boar.

His arrangements are to go to India and shoot tigers.

He then shot the three animals, and as they fell to the ground he cut their throats to stop their kicking.

They stayed in camp that day to "rest up," and the Boy shot a rabbit.

"Scott effendi shoot him your gun," said a voice.

and the bringer, who had carried the tree so that no little puff of snow or delicate crystal should fall off, having made a successful entrance and dazzled the child, gave way to the strong excitement that shot light out of his eyes and brought scarlet into his cheeks.

"Then" says my lord; but he had no time to say more, for the officer, drawing a pistol, snapped it at his lordship; and at the same moment Father Holt, drawing a pistol, shot the officer through the head.

But at last he came of a sudden upon an archer hiding behind an osier tree with intent to shoot the water-fowl that came to a pond that was therefor he had several such fowl hanging at his girdle.

1016 collocations for  shooting