113 collocations for shouldered

Well, God help us!" Palmer stepped down from the pulpit; but the old man, seeing him coming, turned and shouldered his way out of the crowd, his haggard face blood-red.

He swallowed his coffee scalding hot, rolled up some food and stuff for trading, in a light reindeer skin blanket, lashed it packwise on his back, shouldered his gun, and made off before the Trio came in to breakfast.

He was glad to see us, inquired the news from the outer world, talked about York State, Vermont, the Bay State, and then, after an hour's converse, as if his social instincts and sympathies had been satisfied, he shouldered his rifle and started off across the plain, towards a belt of timber lying dim and shadowy, like a low cloud, upon the distant horizon.

Therefore the next morning (September 7) we shouldered our packs and went over the hills to our main camp.

Hum, his Majesty!come, haste, Francis, I'll away, and call Ralph, and the Footmen, and bid 'em arm; each Man shoulder his Musket, and advance his Pikeand bring my Artillery Implements quickand let's away: Pupseyb'u'y, Pupsey, I'll bring it a fine thing yet before Morning, it may belet's away: I shall grow fond, and forget the business of the NationCome, follow me, Francis.

They shoulder the burdens of the whole family and a few outside the family.

The following morning, shouldering my knapsack, which now contained an extra supply of army rations, and carefully stuffing my different sets of credentials in different pockets (one for Belgian, one for German, and one for English consumption), I crossed the River Scheldt and made a slow and tortuous railway journey to Ghent.

At last, when full four years were past and gone since Tom started for South America, he descended from the box of the day-mail, with a serene and healthful countenance; and with no more look of interest in his face than if he had been away on a two days' visit, shouldered his carpet-bag, and started for his father's house.

They shoulder responsibility; they do not flirt; they sort out cranks; they flee from simpers; they put down presumption.

," said Walkyn, shouldering his axe.

But that he will never know: For his mouth the red earth smothers As they shoulder their spades and go.

Pickin' up a hoss-whip, I "shouldered arms," and entered the kitchen as bold as the brave FISK of the bully 9th.

Cut two poles, hang your strings half way, shoulder the poles, and take turns carrying.

We shoulder a load we needn't carry and hit the pace up hot.

The chaplain shouldered the man and carried him back to a dressing station, saving his life.

In the many summer evenings which followed, I played the part of that broken soldier, who, as Mr. Goldsmith tells us so delightfully, "talked the night away, Wept o'er his wounds, or, tales of sorrow done, Shouldered his crutch and showed how fields were won.

Instead of their guns, each shouldered an ax.

And shouldering his stick, and scowling round at the company of scared bacchanalians, the indignant gentleman stalked away, his boy after him.

" Max reluctantly submitted, turned up his trousers widely, shouldered an umbrella, and the two set out.

And so these men, Mr. Fuller and Capt. Somers, shouldered their tools, and pursued their way by the spotted trees, to the far off settlement, leaving their families in the bosom of the forest, unprotected and alone.

Oh, when I have hung Above the raven's nest, by knots of grass And half-inch fissures in the slippery rock But ill-sustained, and almost (so it seemed) Suspended by the blast that blew amain, Shouldering the naked crag,oh, at that time, While on the perilous ridge I hung alone, With what strange utterance did the loud dry wind Blow through my ear!

It isn't fair you should shoulder the blame for a woman who was nothing to you.

" Marston had longed for a rifle ever since he could walk; but his prospects of obtaining one were very poor indeed at that time, and it is a question whether he did not at that moment experience as much joy in handling the old piece as his friend felt in shouldering the prize.

"An' I dot a gun to shoot bad bears," went on Paul, shouldering a wooden article, that, by a wide stretch of the imagination could be seen to somewhat resemble a musket.

Thence we headed for The Hague, Holland, the neutral gateway of northern Europe, where we found the American Minister, Dr. Henry van Dyke, and his first secretary, Marshall Langhorne, shouldering the work of the American Legation in its chameleonesque capacity as bank, post-office, detective bureau, bureau of information, charity organization, and one might even say temporary home for the stranded travelers of every rank and nation.

113 collocations for  shouldered