4393 collocations for shows

Now, however, I saw that it was not so; for the candles burned with a steady flame, and showed no signs of going out, as would have been the case had the change been due to fumes in the atmosphere.

She prayed that more missionaries would be sent out to show these poor people the way to Heaven.

You'll get your decree without having to show your face to the public.

"Winter beginning to show his teeth," said one man, with an effort at jocosity.

After Boccaccio had taken up a permanent residence in Florence, he showed a lively interest in her political affairs, and fulfilled all the duties of a good citizen.

No-one really likes to show a really lukewarm love letter.

He showed some disposition to maintain the popular notions of the Greeks and Romans, that the rivers and streams are endowed with reason and volition; and endeavoured to prove that some of their windings and deviations from a straight line, cannot be explained upon mechanical principles.

This is but one of many incidents showing his marvellous power in restraining his patients and raising them to a higher moral level.

Just as a man shows in himself traces of a long-dead ancestry, so words have the power to revive emotions of past generations and the experiences of former years.

I hadbut I took his card up, and Mr. Vantine said for him to wait; so I come downstairs again, and showed the man in here, and said Mr. Vantine would see him presently, and then Rogers and me went back to our lunch and we sat there eating till the bell rang, and I came in and found Mr. Vantine here.

Kipling's dun "with the mouth of a bell and the heart of Hell and the head of the gallows-tree," could hardly have shown more spirit.

W. said his funeral was a remarkable sightthousands of people followed the cortegeall Paris showing a last respect to the liberateur du territoire (though there were still clubs where he was spoken of as le sinistre vieillard).

She showed them the things she had and how useful they were.

One of these came forwards to meet me, and received me with a welcome, and showed me a vacant place at the table, on which were beautiful fruits piled up in baskets, and all the provisions for a meal.

Great chiefs show mercy and kindness to the weak.

A woman shows kindness and love.

" "And you will not tell me how I can show my gratitude?"

Oh, dear Wife, now or never show thy Love, make a damnable face upon the filthy Ravisher,glout thy Eyes thusand thrust out thy upper lip, thus.

" "Of course," assented the inspector, who was surprised at the information, but was too experienced an official to show his feelings.

Its heat, however, was not in proportion to its brightness; for we found that after we had ascended a few miles from the earth, it was becoming much colder, and the Brahmin had recourse to a chemical process for evolving heat, which soon made us comfortable: but after we were fairly in the great aerial void, the temperature of our machine showed no tendency to change.

'Yes! I'll drive you there and show you the pictures.

It shows the marks of the bottle.

Send no further embassy to Sparta, and bear your misfortunes without showing symptoms of distress.

It is not an alluring life, and, in my opinion, the jolly old world shows its sense in steering clear of it.

One of the causes which has permitted Bolshevism to last is, as I have said, the attitude of the Entente, which on many occasions has shown the greatest sympathy for the men of the old regime.

4393 collocations for  shows