76 collocations for shuddering

I believe I even shuddered a little.

One prayer was in his heartone hopethat Wesley had escaped; but with shuddering horror he hastened with Barney back to the scene of blood and death.

And, when she had folded, and sealed it, she tossed it aside, and laying her arms upon the table, hid her face, with a long, shuddering sigh.

" He drew a long, shuddering breath, his hand relaxed on Berkley's shoulder, and fell away.

He stood rooted for he knew not how long, staring down at the dead face with twitching fingers and shuddering limbs.

'We that of old were one, and shuddered heart to heart, with our young lips and our souls too made indivisible,'thus she is thinking, as I think'has life dealt candidly in leaving us to potter with half measures and to make nothing of severed lives that shrivel far apart?'

She quivered as before, but this was a long, shuddering thrill shot over her by that spoken affirmation.

The watcher saw that the girl was weeping, convulsed with long, dry, shuddering sobs.

"The reader is moved; so am I: my agitated hand refuses to trace the bloody picture, to recount how many times the piercing cry of pain has interrupted my silent occupations; how many times I have shuddered at the faces of those barbarous masters, where I saw inscribed the number of victims sacrificed to their ferocity.

" I gazed at this tiny head in its scarlet setting with shuddering fascination.

How reason shudders at thy frenzied air!

I shudder when I think of it, and increasingly feel that slavery is a curse since it leads to such cruelty.'" PUNISHMENTS.

But Mary, faithful to its lightest word, Kept in her heart the sayings she had heard, Till the dread morning rent the Temple's veil, And shuddering Earth confirmed the wondrous tale.

" Mr. Charteris caught his breath in shuddering fashion, and he paused before Patricia.

"But how can this be?" shuddered the marshmallow man.

Oh, shuddering silence of the throng, And fearful the words spoken from the judgment-seat!

"Oh, Dick," she had said with shuddering alarm, "what have you done?

There are serenades and suppers and much gallantry among the myrtles overhead; and meanwhile the foundation shudders underfoot, the bowels of the mountain growl, and at any moment living ruin may leap sky-high into the moonlight, and tumble man and his merry-making in the dust.

" "I think the mice would be a little too scared," shuddered Nibbles.

not so certainly neither the one nor the other, but simply dreary with an unutterable dreariness, from which the eyes of men avert themselves in shuddering dismay.

When John Adams heard James Otis basing his argument against the writs of assistance on the British constitution "founded in the laws of nature," he "shuddered at the doctrine taught and the consequences that might be derived from such premises.

" While he spoke the darkness of the sky thickened, and shuddering tremors ran through the earth, heaving convulsively like the breast of one who struggles with mighty grief.

She drank slowly, shuddering, her teeth chattering against the glass.

"Who goes first?" A dull reverberation shuddered the rock, the air.

What deeds, though oft narrated, still uplift with shuddering horror the narrator's soul, But those which, with improbable success, The valiant have attempted?

76 collocations for  shuddering