471 collocations for sighs

" "Alas!" sighed Beltane, "that one so fair should be a thing so evil!"

Mrs. Trenton sighed, a long sigh that undulated the black lace on her capacious bosom.

I have a son," he said, then sighed a little, but smiled again, "who is there.

"Ai-yah!" sighed the man, and puffed at his bamboo.

"Breachy Mr. BLODGETT!" sighs the lady, to herself.

"Too late!" sighed the dying woman; then she cried, "Marguerite!"

" "I thought you'd say that," sighed Ozma.

"I'm afraid she's indolent," sighed her mother; "there's Linnet now, she's as spry as a cricket"

" "Ah!" sighed the Duchess, her brows knit thoughtfully, "and what said Duke Ivo to this, Godric?" "Smiled, lady, and begged instant speech with thee; and, when thou wert not to be found, then Duke Ivo smiled upon thy trembling counsellors.

Or possibly, even on a recent date, you sighed your soul into an essay or a sonnet, and you now have manuscript which you would like to sell.

" "Very well," sighed Mary, "I will go to Duke Town.

" "That's good," sighed Grace, with a glance at her small and daintily shod feet.

" "If you know everything," sighed the girl, "then you must know that in four days I am to take my seat beside Cloudy Sky in his wigwam.

"We'll soon be all right," sighed Dave contentedly, as soon as he could speak.

So Roger gave him the belt, wherefrom Giles forthwith cut the last notch, which done, they together, like mischievous lads, turned to look where their lord rode far ahead; and beholding him all unconscious and lost in thought, they sighed their relief and mounting, went on together.

And the gray sky broods o'er the leaden tide, And the shrill wind sighs a straining.' "'What sawest thou there, my daughter?

"When she can sing like that, shouldn't you think she would be perfectly happy?" sighed Betty.

"Who's going to look in, if all their bones are shaking?" "Ah, Marcus Ivanovitch, Marcus Ivanovitch!" sighed the inspector, looking at the window, "I told you you would come to a bad end!

" "As I suspected," sighed Psmith, as one mourning over the frailty of human nature.

"Ah!" sighed the father, "I understand.

" "He's got a faithful 'eart," sighed Mrs. Silk.

"And me a thief, master?" sighed Roger, "I that am thy man, that would but have borrowed" "Peace!" cried Beltane, "hencebegone, and leave me to my thoughts!" Hereupon Walkyn turned and strode away, twirling his axe, but Roger went slow-footed and with head a-droop what time Beltane frowned into the fire, his scowl blacker than ever.

" "Heigho!" sighed Sir Benedict, "thou'rt a fair sized babe to bear within a cloak, and thou hast been baptized in blood ere

"But this is where we have to live," sighed Maria.

and now they are both gone," sighed Rosa.

471 collocations for  sighs