204 collocations for sighted

"All we want is to sight land," the Lieutenant remarked.

We were fifty-three days at sea, driven once so far to the southward by a severe storm, which struck us the second day out, as to sight the north coast of Africa before we were able to resume our westward course.

Open the engagement immediately you sight the enemy.

Thereafter progress became rapid, as the following figures show: In June, 1917, aeroplanes and seaplanes patrolling for anti-submarine operations covered 75,000 miles, sighted 17 submarines, and were able to attack 7 of them.

At daylight sighted Legendre Island to the south-east, distant ten miles.

As the enemy would naturally make the northward passage by night we could hardly expect to sight his ships on the outward trip.

In the afternoon we made for a place which our hunters declared was a sure find for bear; but unlike most "sure places," we sighted our game even before we reached the ground.

They came back empty-handed after a two-day chase, but less than a mile from camp they sighted a half-grown polar bear and dropped it before the animal had a chance to move.

"We're early," said Beth, as they came to the edge of the woods and sighted the farm house; "but that is better than being late.

This is not a mere theorist or dreamer talking, says Burton Roscoe in commenting on Admiral Scott's statements; it is the one man in England most supremely versed in naval tactics, the man to whom all nations owe the present effectiveness of the broadside of eight, twelve and fourteen inch guns and the perfection in sighting long range guns.

The pilots continued to sail more free, spreading all the sails; and, running in this manner, one morning they sighted some mountain peaks which seemed to touch the clouds; at which their pleasure was so great that all wept with joy, and all devoutly on their knees said the Salve.

They sighted the men and veered swiftly to the left.

"When the last long trick is done There'll some come back to the old 'ome port'ere's 'opin' I'll be one; But some 'ave made a new landfall, an' sighted another shore, An' it ain't no use to watch for them, for they won't come 'ome no more.

This was Grantham's opportunity, and, sighting his rifle, he fired.

It was plainly evident now that the Germans had sighted the approaching British fleet, but at that distance they were unable to make out its strength.

As to your doubting that there are any other people up in this section, you seem to forget, Bandy-legs, that around noon today we sighted a plain smoke some miles away, which we opined must have been made by some advance hunters, waiting for the law to be off deer.

"Sometime during the morning I climbed one of those bum mounds they call couronnes to see if I could sight any place to get food and drink, preferably drink.

Both of these had sighted the fast travelling band, but each had seen it pass an hour or two before Calder and Dan arrived.

At last, when it seemed that human endurance could win no further, they sighted the squared chestnut walls of Fort le Boeuf.

But the current carried him far to the westward, and on August 19th he sighted the coast fifty leagues to leeward of the new capital.

"We ought to be able to sight your squadron before long.

Sometimes we can first sight the headland On the distant horizon's rim; We enter the dangerous waters With our vessels taut and trim; But often the cape in its grimness Will before us suddenly rise, Because of the clouds that have hid it Or the blinding sun in our eyes.

After rather a trying experience they finally sighted a column of smoke, and, calling Toby's attention to this, Frank said: "That's as far as we go this time, Toby.

" "Frank, they've just sighted the open spot!"

Sturt's thoughts now turned towards the junction of the Darling, and at last he sighted a deserted camp on which the huts resembled those he had seen on that river.

204 collocations for  sighted