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204 collocations for  sighted

204 collocations for sighted

"All we want is to sight land," the Lieutenant remarked.

We were fifty-three days at sea, driven once so far to the southward by a severe storm, which struck us the second day out, as to sight the north coast of Africa before we were able to resume our westward course.

Open the engagement immediately you sight the enemy.

Thereafter progress became rapid, as the following figures show: In June, 1917, aeroplanes and seaplanes patrolling for anti-submarine operations covered 75,000 miles, sighted 17 submarines, and were able to attack 7 of them.

At daylight sighted Legendre Island to the south-east, distant ten miles.

As the enemy would naturally make the northward passage by night we could hardly expect to sight his ships on the outward trip.

In the afternoon we made for a place which our hunters declared was a sure find for bear; but unlike most "sure places," we sighted our game even before we reached the ground.

They came back empty-handed after a two-day chase, but less than a mile from camp they sighted a half-grown polar bear and dropped it before the animal had a chance to move.

"We're early," said Beth, as they came to the edge of the woods and sighted the farm house; "but that is better than being late.

This is not a mere theorist or dreamer talking, says Burton Roscoe in commenting on Admiral Scott's statements; it is the one man in England most supremely versed in naval tactics, the man to whom all nations owe the present effectiveness of the broadside of eight, twelve and fourteen inch guns and the perfection in sighting long range guns.

The pilots continued to sail more free, spreading all the sails; and, running in this manner, one morning they sighted some mountain peaks which seemed to touch the clouds; at which their pleasure was so great that all wept with joy, and all devoutly on their knees said the Salve.

They sighted the men and veered swiftly to the left.

"When the last long trick is done There'll some come back to the old 'ome port'ere's 'opin' I'll be one; But some 'ave made a new landfall, an' sighted another shore, An' it ain't no use to watch for them, for they won't come 'ome no more.

This was Grantham's opportunity, and, sighting his rifle, he fired.

It was plainly evident now that the Germans had sighted the approaching British fleet, but at that distance they were unable to make out its strength.

As to your doubting that there are any other people up in this section, you seem to forget, Bandy-legs, that around noon today we sighted a plain smoke some miles away, which we opined must have been made by some advance hunters, waiting for the law to be off deer.

"Sometime during the morning I climbed one of those bum mounds they call couronnes to see if I could sight any place to get food and drink, preferably drink.

Both of these had sighted the fast travelling band, but each had seen it pass an hour or two before Calder and Dan arrived.

At last, when it seemed that human endurance could win no further, they sighted the squared chestnut walls of Fort le Boeuf.

But the current carried him far to the westward, and on August 19th he sighted the coast fifty leagues to leeward of the new capital.

"We ought to be able to sight your squadron before long.

Sometimes we can first sight the headland On the distant horizon's rim; We enter the dangerous waters With our vessels taut and trim; But often the cape in its grimness Will before us suddenly rise, Because of the clouds that have hid it Or the blinding sun in our eyes.

After rather a trying experience they finally sighted a column of smoke, and, calling Toby's attention to this, Frank said: "That's as far as we go this time, Toby.

" "Frank, they've just sighted the open spot!"

Sturt's thoughts now turned towards the junction of the Darling, and at last he sighted a deserted camp on which the huts resembled those he had seen on that river.

Late in the afternoon we paused for a brief rest and a smoke, and here Hunter sighted two lone rams in a gulch at the top of the mountain above us.

7.37 W., armed with one 4-inch and four 12-pounder guns and two torpedo tubes, commanded by Captain Gordon Campbell, V.C., R.N., sighted a submarine on the surface some distance off.

Over all that great expanse of the North Sea, where, in its most populous days of trade, the sailor might perhaps sight a sail or two, I had now at every moment at least ten or twelve within scope of the glass, oftentimes as many as forty, forty-five.

I wander tired, and know not whither: I fear to sight my goal, the years gone by Point it too plain; nor will closed eyes avail.

With a feeling of relief I sighted the dirty, dilapidated city, with its mud huts and tawdry pink and green banners surmounting the palace and fort.

On 10th July Nicholas Young, who had sighted New Zealand, sighted the Land's End, and the Lizard was seen the next day.

Ever since we sighted Ireland he has been quite gay and happy, only he would go off at times when he was most merry, saying, 'I wish my dearest Georgie could enjoy this here sight along with me,' and when you mentioned t'other's name, you see, he couldn't stand it."

Hucks being at the time busy in the barn, the two men sauntered into the berry patch without being observed, and then walked briskly along the winding paths until they sighted the building.

Occasionally as the river had made some big bend we had been able to sight the mountains which were to be our shooting grounds.

"I think Kaipi must have sighted a star," muttered Holman.

Whenever we sighted an army we lashed the flags of its country to our headlights, and at sixty miles an hour bore down upon it.

Between them there was little in the pockets either of Captain Scarrow or of Morgan, the first mate, by the time they sighted the Lizard.

Upon the whole, since Man is so short-sighted a Creature, and the Accidents which may happen to him so various, I cannot but be of Dr. Tillotson's Opinion in another Case, that were there any Doubt of a Providence, yet it certainly would be very desirable there should be such a Being of infinite Wisdom and Goodness, on whose Direction we might rely in the Conduct of Human Life.

Before the beaters were one third over the ground, a buck and doe came out about halfway down the grove, sighted the horsemen, and turned back for shelter.

They had sighted the German outposts on the crest of a hill opposite us about three quarters of a mile away.

It may be worth while to spend a few pages in telling something of the history of this lovely island since the 31st of July 1499, when Columbus, on his third voyage, sighted the three hills in the south- eastern part.

The wind had gone down with the sun, and the Dazzler was making but little headway, when they sighted a sloop bearing down upon them on the dying wind.

Was it possible that an attempt had actually been made to cast away the yacht, and that it had been frustrated by the master of the felucca, who had sighted the vessel aground?

It was nearly noon of a spring day, and we had halted on sighting our destination,Comanche Ford on the Concho River.

We were certain within an hour after we sighted an aeroplane to get the howitzers among us.

Down this avenue, which produced a mysterious impression of Cyclopean cathedrals and odd sequesteredness, I had not passed a mile, when I sighted a black object at the end.

Besides this, there were special rewards given to the first man who should sight a prize, to the first man to board a ship, and to other men who were noticeably brave and successful.

A few centuries ago, perhaps about the time that the Mayflower sighted Plymouth Rock, this valley, now so indescribably beautiful, was almost in the state of nature.

While the surf boomed and the wind roared, the captain sighted the gunaided by Nos. 1 and 2 of the crewaiming for the outstretched arms of the yards of the wrecked vessel.

My plan was to sight a spire, and then walk to the root of it, so to speak.

On sighting the Babe, The O'Murphy went mad and careered round the table wriggling like an Oriental dancer, uttering shrill yelps of delight; presently he bounced out of the window, to enter some minutes later by the same route, and lay the offering of a freshly slain rat at his best beloved's feet.

That is no light task to undertake, and when we consider that since his deposition, now nine years ago, that policy has reaped results undreamed of perhaps by him, we can see how far-sighted his cunning was.

They sighted the United States revenue cutter which plies about the seal islands to keep off poachers, for no one is allowed to kill seals or to land on this government reservation except from government vessels.

"We sighted the Laughing Lass two days ago.

and so they sight a tree or a rock on the other shore and take the distance across by triangulation.

Looking into Port Praya in hopes to find the Discovery they crossed the line on 1st September in longitude 27 degrees 38 minutes West, and sighted the Cape of Good Hope on 17th October, anchoring in Table Bay the next day.

After twenty-two days' steaming from San FranciscoQueen's Hospital time not countedwe were directly south of China's Yellow Sea, and within a few hours of sighting the isle of Luzon.

'Well, any one that would let as little swimming water as that stop them must be a heap sight sorry outfit,' remarked one-eyed Jim Reed, as he rode out of the river, dismounting to set his saddle forward and tighten his cinches, not noticing that this foreman heard him.

The beautiful white vessel hove to outside the entrance to the little bay, a boat came ashore, and twenty minutes after they had first sighted our signal we were on the way to Wellington, New Zealand.

Let me see: you sighted the glow on the night of the 2d.

Twice he had made west to the Diego Ramirez Rocks, one of the times saved between two snow-squalls by sighting the gravestones of ships a quarter of a mile dead ahead.

He sighted the mark, and then slowly lowered his barrel until he had got to the base of the little trees as nearly as he could guess it among the tangle of bushes.

Not long after daybreak I sighted the Sparhawk, and immediately began to make such signals as I could.

At noon sighted Cape Cuvier, bearing east twenty miles; latitude 23 degrees 52 minutes; longitude 112 degrees 53 minutes east; current of nineteen miles south in twenty-four hours.

They were four hundred miles northwest of the last mile of track laid on the Hudson Bay Railroad, deep in a wilderness, over which they had traveled for hours without sighting a single sign of white man's habitation.

Then came his inevitable addendum, which was: "I hed a dam sight more tail 'an he did, thet 's sartin.

In huge letters were the words: "A large steamer, showing Spanish flag, sighted off Barnegat.

At 11.0 sighted the Victoria River, about six miles below Kangaroo Point; but, on attempting to descend the range, was intercepted by a deep valley bounded by sandstone cliffs 50 to 100 feet high; following the valley to the east and north-east in search of a break by which we could descend, but without success.

He therefore stood for the western entrance of Magellan's Straits, sighting Cape Descada on 17th December, following the coast round to Christmas Sound, which they reached on the 20th, the country passed being described as "the most desolate and barren I ever saw."

When the two sighted the ruin they noticed a dim light within the walls.

" The secretary-general, the procureur-gรฉnรฉral, the first in command and the private secretary, sighted the carriage of the governor, who had not appeared until the Noa-Noa was out of the lagoon, and they went to tell him of the great affair.

It was the life vapor of the hinano, the tiare and the frangipani exhaled by those flowers of Tahiti, to be wafted to the sailor before he sights the scene itself, the breath of Lorelei that spelled the sense of the voyager.

He told the watch to keep a sharp lookout for a ship, and immediately on sighting the Loch Earn bore down upon her.

To find London almost as new and strange to me as New York once seemed when I first sighted her soaring morning towers, and yet to know her for an enchanted Ghost-Land; to be able to find my way through her streetsin spite of the new Kingsway and Aldwych!with closed eyes, and yet to see her, it almost seems, for the first time: surely it is a curious, almost uncanny, experience.

He looked down across the great two-mile turn beyond the Gap, and sighted the climbing car.

For real gin-an'-water it is, to sight an' taste.

Look now: After we started back here we sighted a dust comin' 'way up north.

Thirty thousand English (fleet and army) and ten thousand French ought to be a match for so far-sighted an enemy.

My boat, unguided, had drifted considerably farther out into the Bay than I had supposed, and it required a good half hour of steady toil at the oars before I sighted ahead of me the darker outlines of the shore.

It was very dim, and after yet an hour's search, I was returning weary and disgusted to the ship, when I saw some shadow like a bear sailing away on my left, and at the same time sighted a manI did not know whomrunning like a handicapped ghost some little distance to the right.

And it come about that a fortnight after my arm had jined, and I could haul shrouds agin, we sighted the Marquesas, and bein' near about out o' water, the cap'en laid his course for the nearest land, and by daybreak of the second day we lay to in a small harbor, on the south side of an island where ships wa'n't very prompt to go commonly.

"Boots it the veil to lift, and give To sight the frowning fates beneath?

On 10th July Nicholas Young, who had sighted New Zealand, sighted the Land's End, and the Lizard was seen the next day.

Doubtless he congratulated himself highly on receiving, at the age of twenty-five, an appointment worth ยฃ2,000 a year in the paradise of the world; but how short-sighted his satisfaction, since this very appointment left him some ten years later a pauper to begin life anew with an indelible stain on his character.

It was on Friday morning, December 17th, that we first sighted the New World; a rounded hill some fifteen hundred feet high, which was the end of Virgin Gorda.

It did him good to sight the big chimney, and still more to see the big Colonel putting on his snow-shoes near the bottom of the hill, where the cabin trail met the river trail.

THE PANTHER'S PAW Evening came and still they had not sighted the outlaws.

We sighted only one stream of importance, the Kara-kash, on which appeared a few drifting rafts, and files of horses and asses at the fords between the pebbly banks.

We cross the Potomac River, and near Washington, sight the Capitolor, as we should say in England, the Houses of Parliament.

Our reserves in the rear had apparently sighted the air craft too, for soon we heard a volley of rifle fire from that direction and simultaneously the aeroplane arose and disappeared in the clouds.

I had just poled away from the shore when I sighted some wild geese coming from the east, shrieking like mad.

For actual escort work airships were superior to heavier-than-air machines owing to their greater radius of action, whilst for offensive work against a submarine that had been sighted the high speed of the seaplane or aeroplane was of great value.

Then came his inevitable addendum, which was: "I hed a dam sight more tail 'an he did, thet 's sartin.

A few days afterwards, he sighted the Pacific at Princess Charlotte Bay.

After which unexampled dissipation, all went off to rest, promising to themselves and their partners that they would get up at sunrise to sight Sombrero.

A vessel had been sighted off Cantil Blanco, the first foreign ship seen since Vancouver's visit fourteen years before.

"That bull was like a cat gettin' to his feet, and he sights Shorty tarin' and lights out after him.

When we sighted the poachers we wanted to find out where the game was, so we circled up and down, peering through the trees.

They had sighted the German outposts on the crest of a hill opposite us about three quarters of a mile away.

" With this question of New Guinea and New Holland in view, he again made to the west, sighting the Barrier again on 15th August, and on the following morning, the wind having changed in the night, the breakers were heard very distinctly.