364 collocations for singeing

Each was expressing itself in its own way,singing its own song, and making its own peculiar gestures,manifesting a richness of variety to be found in no other forest I have yet seen.

They are singing LUTHER'S Hymn!"

"Sometimes I am so low-spirited," wrote the Saint, "by business and events, that I do not know where to turn nor at what end to begin: but during the Office nothing annoys me, I have not even distractions, I imagine that I am in heaven singing with the angels the praises of my Creator; and on leaving the choir I find often that the mighty problems which had given me trouble are cleared away and, solved in an Instant."

The colored troops, who had been bragging all the way that if they could only see some Indians "dey would blow 'em off de farm,"which was a favorite expression of theirs,were now singing a different tune.

Sunlight and shadow, snow and ice, gloomy ravines and dazzling mountain tops, mayflowers and singing birds and rustling winds filled all the earth with color and movement and melody.

And going away hastily from thence, they came into Judea, singing psalms and hymns as they went, and indulging such tokens of mirth as are usual in triumphs upon victory.

That bold girl singing a martial ballad to the storm and taking pleasure in the snellness of the air, was like a rousing summons or a cup of heady wine.

Between the third and fourth acts, the lights went out at a signal and to the general surprisefor the players had known nothing of what was to comea velvety voice rolled out in the darkness singing the words of "A Maid in a Garden Green," a song a great singer had made popular that season.

One or two townsfolk took the air, smoking their long pipes, and down by the water a negro girl was singing a wild melody.

Why this ill-concealed animus?" A sudden flame shot from her eyes, singeing my hair.

A band of young men in blouses passed before the regiment singing the "Marseillaise."

Ravenscroft, in The London Cuckolds (1682), Act iii, introduces a link-boy singing this verse as he passes down the street.

It was a clear, fresh young voice singing a plaintive ditty in a nonchalant, careless tone.

I then showed, that had she intended to steal it, she would have secreted it, which she did not, and that her attention was so absorbed by it, that she had not heard my inquiry; but one little boy was not satisfied; he said, "She kenned right weel it was nae her ain;" but after singing a simple and touching air, I was pleased to find his opinion changed.

Here they found an old man busily engaged in carving a walrus tooth, another sewing mukluks, while a girl was singing a quaint lullaby to a child of two in the corner.

This scene of revelry is not a little heightened by the profuse use of ardent spirits, which has so powerful an attraction, that drummers, flute-players, bards, and singing men come from great distances to partake of the libations; and as the savage uproar lasts often for a week, it leads to every kind of dissolute practice in both sexes.

All day our soldiers and the Germans were talking and singing half-way between the opposing trenches.

He told of the days when Aunt Dide talked, and he affirmed that he had found her one morning singing a romance of her youth.

After the battle there were many stories of ships sinking with a great explosion: of crews going down singing the national anthem; of merchant ships passing through a sea thick with floating bodies.

Well, I had been singing snatches of hymns to myself and especially 'Only for Thee,' and found this gave immense gratification in our little pension; so I thought God could as well give me French as English if He would, and I set to and wrote 'Seulement pour Toi!'

Some score of braves began a war dance, circling round me, waving their tomahawks, and singing their wild chants.

BOUNDLESS JOY; our 1934 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.

The Welsh singing Psalms were written by Archdeacon Price.

SEE Germane, Charles E. GESCHEIDT, ADELAIDE. Make singing a joy.

First they sway to the right, then to the left, over and over and over; then they bend their bodies forward and backward without bending their knees, then sway again, and bend to one side and then the other, singing all the time.

364 collocations for  singeing