453 collocations for sink

Sir Richard, finding himself in this condition after fifteen hours' hard fighting, and having received about eight hundred shots from great guns, besides various assaults from the enemy, and seeing, moreover, no way by which he might prevent his ship falling into the hands of the Spanish, commanded the master gunner, whom he knew was a most resolute man, to split and sink the ship.

oh-oh!'" Then, sinking his voice, dancing slowly, and glancing anxiously under the table: "'Wen de ole black cat widdee yalla eyes Slink round like she atterah mouse, Den yo' bettah take keer yo'self en frien's, Kase deys sholy a witch en de house.'

Also they had managed to sink several enemy vessels there.

" Lower and lower sank the Judge's head, until at last it rested upon the desk with a groan.

He was young and had not yet sunk the man entirely in the detective.

The soldiers, the drums, the trumpets, with the shouting and dancing of the people, is enough to sink the heart of the reflecting Christian beyond hope, had he not a refuge in retirement before the Lord.

Their extraordinary richness may be inferred from the fact that many claims were profitably worked in them by sinking shafts to a depth of 200 feet or more, and hoisting the dirt by a windlass.

If they sank any boat, well: if not, they would back water before a close engagement could be begun, and would either ram the same vessels suddenly again, or would let some go and turn their attention to others; and having damaged them slightly, to whatever degree the limited time would allow, they would proceed against others and then still others, in order that their assault upon any vessel might be so far as possible unexpected.

The Jews have sunk artesian wells, built dams for water storage, fought down malaria by drainage and eucalyptus planting, and laid out many miles of roads.

"We are well to time," quoth Beltane, glancing from sinking sun to lengthening shadow, "we have yet an hour to sunset, but in this hour much have we to do!

His eyes closed, his limbs relaxed, and without a cry he sank senseless on the sward.

When he went out his heart began to sink a little already, but he fought it off; there would be a glimpse of an English face flashing past in a carriagehe thought of Edith, but he put it aside.

There was not much written on it, only two lines of a hymn: 'On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand, All other ground is sinking sand.

Now that he had sunk his teeth into the flesh of his enemies his blood was filled with a frenzied desire to kill.

Whole fields of it gave way and sunk a foot under any adventurous shoe.

You have, my Lord, a Judgment so piercing and solid, a Wisdom so quick and clear, and a Fortitude so truly Noble, that those Fatigues of State, that wou'd even sink a Spirit of less Magnitude, is by yours accomplish't without Toil, or any Appearance of that harsh and crabbed Austerity, that is usually put on by the buisy Great.

As he toiled over the loose sand, sometimes sinking ankle-deep in it, the curious deep murmuring sound he had heard for so long grew louder and louder, until it was like the sound of a mighty wind in a wood, but deeper and hoarser, rising and falling, and at intervals broken by great throbs, as of thunder echoed and re-echoed among the distant hills.

[Slang], fork over; bleed; make up a sum, invest, sink money. run up debts, run up bills (debt) 806. fee &c (reward) 973; pay one's way &c (pay) 807; subscribe &c (give) 784; subsidize.

he shrieked, with enough oaths to sink his soul.

They carried square bucklers, the first Columbus had seen in the New World; and bows and arrows, with which they made feeble efforts to drive off the Spaniards who landed at Punta Arenal, near Icacque, and who, finding no streams, sank holes in the sand, and so filled their casks with fresh water, as may be done, it is said, at the same spot even now.

As I turned away a moment from the loophole, I saw that Pomp had sunk down to the floor, his hands to his head.

that sinks the general government on its own territory into a mere colony, with Virginia and Maryland for its "mother country!"

The embargo and non-intercourse act, prostrated at a stroke, a forest of shipping, and sank millions of capital.

"He'd never 'a' been pulled out of the calaboose so easy," said Kansas, as he led Dolan and Racey up the street to the rear of the Dolan warehouse, "but yore foundation logs ain't sunk more'n six inches, and diggin' under and in was a cinch.

Presently a quick step was heard in the hall, the door was thrown open, and the Major, rushing in, sank breathless into a chair.

453 collocations for  sink
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