117 collocations for sipped

He stared past George, and behold, the man in the dressing gown still sat in quiet and sipped his coffee.

It was rather amusing to see some of the deputies who didn't exactly like to refuse a cup of tea offered to them by the minister's wife, holding the cup and saucer most carefully in their hands, making a pretence of sipping the tea and replacing it hastily on the table as soon as it was possible.

Dropping her eyes from the women, who saw nothing and continued to sip their wine in happy ignorance of the soul-tragedy going on within ten feet of them, she looked down at her dress, then up at the walls about her; and then slowly, anxiously, and with unmistakable terror, at the woman in whose arms she felt herself supported.

"Just as you please," said Donnegan, sipping his glass.

" Little by little, each day it grew; Little by little, it sipped the dew; Downward it sent out a thread-like root; Up in the air sprung a tiny shoot.

She was gaily sipping a cup of herbal tea and having a lively conversation with the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl.

" He sat down, raised his glass, and sipped the drink.

After the ladies retired, Lancelot, in his sulky way, made up his mind that the conversation was going to be ineffably stupid; and set to to dream, sip claret, and count the minutes till he found himself in the drawing-room with Argemone.

The townspeople will sit about at small, white tables and listen to the music while they sip their beer or drink their coffee.

I would sip thy waters holy, Tober Mhuire.

"Whew!" He sipped his champagne.

With love the finest particle is rife, And deftly woven in the woof of life, In throbbing dust or clasping grains of sand, In globes of glistening dew that shining stand On each pure petal, Love's own legacies Of flowering verdure, Earth's sweet panoplies; By love those atoms sip their sweets and pass To other atoms, join and keep the mass With mighty forces moving through all space, Tis thus on earth all life has found its place.

As they sipped the chocolate they talked; J.W., as usual, saying whatever he happened to think of.

"And don't you ever try and deceive me again, Sam," she said, as she sipped the comforting beverage.

He came with the rest to sip a little of the blood at that uncomfortable banquet.

" Lanyard paused to sip his brandy and soda, and, under cover of that, summon ingenuity to the fore; here a little hand-made fabrication was indicated.

" The very thought of it seemed to give him pause for pleased, though thoughtful contemplation, for he sipped his rum in silence until the tumbler was half empty.

Besides these, a tall slim man stood leaning against the bar, at the far end of it, talking to Bill Smithers, the landlord, and sipping whisky-and-soda between pulls at his cigar.

Mouth of all sweets, whose sweetness sips Its tribute honey from all hives, The sweetest of the sweetest lives, Soft flowers and little children's lips; Yet rather learnt its heavenly smile From sorrow, God's divinest art, Sorrow that breaks and breaks the heart, Yet makes a music all the while.

Ware replied, sipping his cocktail.

how boldly dost thou try To steal the lustre from her sparkling eye; And in thy circling movements hover near, To murmur tender secrets in her ear; Or, as she coyly waves her hand, to sip Voluptuous nectar from her lower lip!

Again he went away and the prisoner sat thoughtfully sipping the milk.

"Leave her alone," he declared, as he sipped his whiskey and soda"people like that hang themselves if they get enough rope.

Slowly and luxuriously I sipped my sherry and bitters.

And the next night, and night after night, until that particular flower faded away, he would return to it, and bring his friends in ever-increasing troops to it, and sit and play the guitar or lute before it, and they would all together pray there, and after prayer still sit before it sipping sherbet, and talking the most hilarious and shocking scandal, late into the moonlight; and so again and again every evening until the flower died.

117 collocations for  sipped