66 collocations for slash

He was a handsome man of about forty-three, with a romantic scar slashed down his left cheek, a startling scar that must have meant hideous agony to him, and yet, here in the end, had made his face beautiful, by the presence in it of a spiritual conquest.

Edwin Rosskam & Louise Rosskam (A); 19Dec75; R621576. R621577. Slash those taxes!

He slashed his horse across the flank with his whip, and for a moment I thought that I had missed him.

In using it they slash right and left with a quick downward stroke, drawing the blade quickly toward them as they strike.

The women here invariably perform the parts of chief mourners; a group of them, with the widow of the deceased at their head, kept up a most mournful cadence, and at every pause in their dismal song slashed their skins with a piece of shell, till their faces, necks, and arms were literally streaming down with blood.

" "What do you mean?" cried my father, and he sprang to his feet and slashed his boot savagely with his riding-whip.

Commas and points they set exactly right, And 'twere a sin to rob them of their mite; Yet ne'er one sprig of laurel graced these ribalds, From slashing Bentley down to piddling Tibbalds.

The same sword that had slashed the curtain now pricked his naked chest.

He broke into a jeweler's and was very badly beaten by the slaves, who slashed his face, which is heavily bandaged.

But now no one dare do so; all were afraid of the law,the law would never hurt any body who behaved well; but a master would slash a fellow, let him do his best.

Bayle St. John, in his "Louvre," relates that he heard an associate of the Royal Academy deliberately and energetically declare, that, if it were in his power, he would slash with his knife all the works of the old masters, and thus compel people to buy modern.

Chase gingerly slashed open the envelope with his fruit knife.

These corpulent warriors, who at Calais shortly before had run till overtaken by nervous prostration and general debility, now wore more millinery and breastpins and slashed velvet and satin facings and tinsel than the most successful and highly painted and decorated courtesans of that period.

You can make movies, audiobooks, translations, fan-fiction, slash fiction (God help us)

" The quirt slashed the flank of the piebald but it drew forth only a meek trot.

The body of the tree was carried across the splintered stump with crushing impact from the power of its flight, plus the power of the burst of the explosive charge which broke the shell-jacket into slashing fragments; and the towering column of limbs, branches, and foliage laid its length on the ground with a majestic dignity.

It's a shame my father's knife should ever slash a haggis for the like of him.

One man slashed his hand with his knife in the hope of staying behind.

No;I began to be doubtful; I was in black myself, and didn't know what mightn't happen; But a National Guard close by me, outside of the hubbub, Broke his sword with slashing a broad hat covered with dust,and Passing away from the place with Murray under my arm, and Stooping, I saw through the legs of the people the legs of a body.

'Frisco Kid slashed the lanyards.

Ronicky slashed off a convenient length of it and secured the hands and feet of his victim, before he turned the fellow on his face.

"Bravely he slashes Odin's red letters, Blood-runes of heroes, on arm and on breast.

I've seen that cock slash a man into ribbons for nothing at alljust to show he was bad.

Michaele was powerless to strike: his weapon might have slashed his master.

But the Colonel needs no prompting, straight rises to address them, And his eye now flames in fury, and now twinkles like a star; And he turned on Mr. PARNELL'S men, and didn't rightly bless them, This flashing, dashing, slashing militaire from North Armagh.

66 collocations for  slash
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