177 collocations for slides

" "Good-night, Milt," said Mrs. Coblenz, a coating of husk over her own voice and sliding her hand out from beneath, to top his.

Slowly the stranger slid his foot from the doorsill to the doorstep; slowly, very slowly, his keenly twinkling black gaze travelled over the girl from her face to her feet and up again to finally fasten upon and hold as with a tangible grip her angry blue eyes.

" With the lantern held before me, its faint light barely piercing the intense darkness, I stood on the first step leading down into the cabin, and slid the door back into place behind me.

" He slid his arm, all for ingratiating, back into hers.

His narrowed, covetous eyes held her while one hand behind his back slid the bolt into place.

The train left an hour later and, as we lunched, we passed through the Mont Cenis tunnel and slid rapidly downwards through Alpine valleys, charming enough but less beautiful than those on the French side of the frontier.

" The Colonel slid in place the heavy wooden bar that had never before been requisitioned to secure the door, and he came and stood in the middle of the cabin, where he could let out all his inches.

These valves can be shown by letting the forearm hang down, and sliding the finger upwards over the veins (Fig. 73).

As the avalanche slides Down Alpine slopes, precipitous, cold and dark, Unpitying and unwrathful, grinds and crushes

He pushed the corners, tried sliding the panel in every direction, bounced the square with his fingers, all with no result.

If you like to slide down-hill you've got to pull up your sled.

© 26Oct45; AA496672. Carl Fischer, Inc. (PWH); 12Jan73; R542982. Modern universal method for the baritone and slide trombone.

Upstairs I tumbled, resolved to get upon the roof and slide down the lightning-rod, or else jump from a window.

" He slid out his watch, pushing back.

" It required my utmost effort to accomplish this, yet I succeeded in sliding the heavy covering back inch by inch, until it fell finally into place.

Miss Lydia slid the letter beneath a fold of her dress.

"The escaping person," Henshaw said, "must have slid down the doubled rope which had been passed through the staple of the window, and then when the ground was reached have pulled it away, coiled it up, carried it to the lake, and thrown it in.

He used to climb to the top of the tank and slide down the slippery glass as though it were a montagne russe.

As yet the mass of slipping and sliding earth was falling into the waters of the Canal some distance from the moored tug.

For before his fading and terrified vision there slid, as in a dream of light,yet without apparent rhyme or reasonwholly unbidden and unexplained,the face of that other man at the supper table of the railway inn.

But this plan, as told by Herrick, was unsuccessful: "Up she got upon a wall, Attempted down to slide withal; But the silken twist untied, She fell, and, bruised, she died.

Go for it, he told himself, and slid the card into the lock.

That worthy grinned back, and, knowing Mr. Dawson, slid the bottle along the bar.

We know a man when we see himand the fastest gunman that ever slid a gun out of leather ain't the sort of a man that me and the rest of the boys pass over lightly.

The mountain was quite wet and covered with loose stones, which, dislodged by our feet, went rattling down the side, oftentimes to the danger of the foremost ones; and when we had run or rather slid down the three miles, to the bottom, our knees trembled so as scarcely to support us.

177 collocations for  slides