82 collocations for slower

Was it strange that Nash slowed up a little where there was no apparent need?

Running pell-mell down the alley the mob gave a shout of exaltation as Everest slowed his pace and turned to face them.

If each of Abraham's pupils under such a catechism did not become a very Aristides in justice, then an illustrious example, patriarchal dignity, and practical lessons, can make but slow headway against human perverseness!

Dan slowed his horse as he went farther down the street.

The gong signaled half-speed, and when he slowed his engines the roar of escaping steam pierced the turmoil of the surf.

And as soon as the signal was given that we were on the branch, all he had to do was to gain the foot-plate, kill the driver and stoker, slow the train and get off, leaving the steam on full to work up to full speed.

(Goes out to slow music.

Something slowed the feet of both.

We could see the detachment slowly cutting its way through the valley below, and I reflected gloomily that, at so slow a rate, the summer would be well-nigh gone before the army could reach its destination.

How painful each step and how slow the progress!

That sickening grip in the chest which is a real, physical pain, though the hurt be given to the soul of a man, slowed Dade's steps to a lagging advance towards the tableau the two made on the steps.

"Tell him it's easier to fly high than low!" shouted the leader, and she didn't slow up the least little bit, but raced on as before.

Or, at best, not a thing to expend wildly for gowns and gowns and shoes and stockings and limousines; to-night Gloria felt that she had had her fill of vanities like those, that she was done with them; that if, for every moan and agony and slow death and thought of envy Gus Ingle's gold had brought into the world, she could create a smile here and a hope fulfilled there and a glow yonder, she would ask nothing else of the yellow dirt.

Ah, meek Peruvia, still thy murmur'd sighs Thy stifled groans in fancy's ear arise; Sadd'ning she views thy desolated soul, As slow the circling years of bondage roll, 300 Redeem from tyranny's oppressive power With fond affection's force, one sacred hour; And consecrate its fleeting, precious space, The dear remembrance of the past to trace.

Who dare say? Fainter and fainter the heart rose and fell, slower and slower the moon floated from behind a cloud, until, when at last its full tide of white splendor swept over the cell, it seemed to wrap and fold into a deeper stillness the dead figure that never should move again.

Some of their branches restrain the movements of the heart, others convey impressions to the brain, which result in quickening or slowing the movements of breathing.

For all that, their impact slowed her speed.

ROBERTSON, ARCHIE. Slow train to yesterday; a last glance at the local.

"You are going to Coloma!" He slowed the car down that he might look at her keenly.

Cheer thee, my heart, though tired and slow An unknown grassy place Somewhere on earth is waiting now To rest thee from thy race.

Jack Weinman & Sadie Josephson Kinstler (E); 24Nov54; R139596. Slow torture.

In general, however, it may be said that where strength or ease of working is essential, woods of moderate to slow growth should be chosen.

"Slow an' certain, Bill; slow an' certain," he crooned.

From Bruno's forest screams the affrighted jay, And slow the insulted eagle wheels away.

When perforation of the sole is absent, and when serious alteration in the shape of the horny box has not occurred, then the most simple treatment is to put the animal straight away to slow work, with the feet protected by suitable shoes.

82 collocations for  slower