271 collocations for smashing

I threw away something less than a ton of coal; and on two occasions came near being taken to the watch-house for smashing a window in the opposite block.

But I don't want to smash the thing to pieces" "I should say not!

More than one deer was slaughtered, if the truth must be told, for no better reason than that given by an Irishman for smashing a bald head he chanced to see at a window: it presented a mark too tempting to be resisted the lake from our camping ground.

"I smashed the glass with a hammer, because I lost a ball and had to climb over and get it, one day last holidays.

It struck the glass (smashing a pane), and passed between two of the bars, out into the garden, scattering burning oil as it went.

How many a time an energetic man, society-bound, must long to kick over a few afternoon tea-tables, and smash his way out through bric-à-brac and chit-chat to freedom and power!

It put out a massive arm to the left, licked down five hundred trees at a gulp, and then, smashing its fist into a hillside, flung back into the valley floor, tossing the great trees in its top and poured straight at him.

"Now we will kick his wife out of Paris and smash his furniture.

Infantry and artillerists smashed the doors and windows; no mercy was shown to anyone, and the houses were set alight.

"Or here, give it to meI'll go down and smash his face with it.

I laugh aloud when, in the scrimmage wild, I smash the thigh bone of some lusty boy, And see him borne off, helpless as a child That, that is joy.

Well, it would be just as ridiculous and absurd to punish my client for smashing his own furniture, which he purchased with his own hard earned money, as to punish me for smashing this watch if I should feel like doing so.

If the rowers did not smash his skull in with their oars as he came to the surface, he would be taken to the shed and revived.

Andy whispered to himself, as he took notice of the fact that there was quite a procession of fellows changing base from the road to the field: "Percy and Sandy thought they might need help in their little game of smashing our machine, or carrying it off somewhere, so as to give us a bad scare; and I reckon they've picked up a couple more of the same kind as themselves.

Seven times the bearers entered the hospital door, and each time as they reappeared, bringing one of the narrow, gaudy, yellow boxes, the officers lined up at the door would salute and the soldiers in double lines at the opposite side of the road would present arms, and then, as the box was lifted upon the wagon waiting to receive it, would smash their guns down on the bouldered road with a crash.

" "Did he send you to smash our whiskey-barrels?" "Angus McRae never hides behind a woman," she said, her chin up.

CAMPBELL, KATHERINE R. Why smash atoms?

The thing one cannot escape, however, in Germany, whether one likes its manifestations or not, is the vitality, the moral and intellectual force, everywhere apparent, whether it be applied to smashing forts or staging a play.

A third blow smashed the flimsy lock.

Don't go and smash up all the rest of your life over this cursed business.

Therefore, if Germany wanted to strike a quick, smashing blow at France and get her armies back six weeks later to meet the slow-moving Russians, it was plain that she must seek some other approach than that through the Vosges Mountains.

Patrick grapples with St. Michael, who smashes his pewter beer-pot down upon the shamrock.

A spearhead grazed his scalp, and smashed a tile behind him.

The locomotive of the express had cut into the last freight car a distance of several feet, smashing a number of boxes and barrels and likewise the headlight of the engine.

Then I told how we had drunk to their health, and how her father had smashed his mug for a fancy.

271 collocations for  smashing