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271 collocations for  smashing

271 collocations for smashing

I threw away something less than a ton of coal; and on two occasions came near being taken to the watch-house for smashing a window in the opposite block.

But I don't want to smash the thing to pieces" "I should say not!

More than one deer was slaughtered, if the truth must be told, for no better reason than that given by an Irishman for smashing a bald head he chanced to see at a window: it presented a mark too tempting to be resisted the lake from our camping ground.

"I smashed the glass with a hammer, because I lost a ball and had to climb over and get it, one day last holidays.

It struck the glass (smashing a pane), and passed between two of the bars, out into the garden, scattering burning oil as it went.

How many a time an energetic man, society-bound, must long to kick over a few afternoon tea-tables, and smash his way out through bric-ร -brac and chit-chat to freedom and power!

It put out a massive arm to the left, licked down five hundred trees at a gulp, and then, smashing its fist into a hillside, flung back into the valley floor, tossing the great trees in its top and poured straight at him.

"Now we will kick his wife out of Paris and smash his furniture.

Infantry and artillerists smashed the doors and windows; no mercy was shown to anyone, and the houses were set alight.

"Or here, give it to meI'll go down and smash his face with it.

I laugh aloud when, in the scrimmage wild, I smash the thigh bone of some lusty boy, And see him borne off, helpless as a child That, that is joy.

Well, it would be just as ridiculous and absurd to punish my client for smashing his own furniture, which he purchased with his own hard earned money, as to punish me for smashing this watch if I should feel like doing so.

If the rowers did not smash his skull in with their oars as he came to the surface, he would be taken to the shed and revived.

Andy whispered to himself, as he took notice of the fact that there was quite a procession of fellows changing base from the road to the field: "Percy and Sandy thought they might need help in their little game of smashing our machine, or carrying it off somewhere, so as to give us a bad scare; and I reckon they've picked up a couple more of the same kind as themselves.

Seven times the bearers entered the hospital door, and each time as they reappeared, bringing one of the narrow, gaudy, yellow boxes, the officers lined up at the door would salute and the soldiers in double lines at the opposite side of the road would present arms, and then, as the box was lifted upon the wagon waiting to receive it, would smash their guns down on the bouldered road with a crash.

" "Did he send you to smash our whiskey-barrels?" "Angus McRae never hides behind a woman," she said, her chin up.

CAMPBELL, KATHERINE R. Why smash atoms?

The thing one cannot escape, however, in Germany, whether one likes its manifestations or not, is the vitality, the moral and intellectual force, everywhere apparent, whether it be applied to smashing forts or staging a play.

A third blow smashed the flimsy lock.

Don't go and smash up all the rest of your life over this cursed business.

Therefore, if Germany wanted to strike a quick, smashing blow at France and get her armies back six weeks later to meet the slow-moving Russians, it was plain that she must seek some other approach than that through the Vosges Mountains.

Patrick grapples with St. Michael, who smashes his pewter beer-pot down upon the shamrock.

A spearhead grazed his scalp, and smashed a tile behind him.

The locomotive of the express had cut into the last freight car a distance of several feet, smashing a number of boxes and barrels and likewise the headlight of the engine.

Then I told how we had drunk to their health, and how her father had smashed his mug for a fancy.

I say the great and the reasonable revolution will be when mankind rises in revolt, and smashes the machinery and restores the handicrafts.

We have held a council of war, we have excavated the hatchet, we have smashed the pipe of peace to flinders, or something of the sort, and have struck out upon the war trail.

Andy had made a famous success of the experiment, but with the direful result of smashing a desk, and subsequent expulsion.

Aft it was clearer, the top-hamper of the after mast having fallen overboard, smashing a small boat as it fell, but leaving the deck space free.

His fifth voyage was interrupted by rocs, whose egg the sailors had smashed open to see the interior of what they took to be a dome.

I'd smash the fellow in the face that calls me coward, I will.

Snodgrass was fooled into striking out, but Murray smashed the ball to center field for a single, and sent two men over the rubber, Murray was caught at second trying to get around the bases while Doyle was going home.

" "Of course," Tom replied, "we'll be taking the risk of smashing the nose of our craft when we strike, unless luck favors us.

How Montgomery smashed Rommel.

Aside from the mere matter of revenge I overheard one of them telling his friends to smash the press and keep the paper from coming out, and Mr. Boglin would pay them well for the job.

"Frolicked with G., rushed up stairs with a glass-lamp in my hand, went full tilt against the door, smashed the lamp, got the oil on my dress, on two carpets, besides spattering the wall.

At close quarters, musket-balls, grape, and shells can be accurately thrown into ordinary port-holes, which removes the necessity of smashing any other holes in the armor.

Then the German forces in Flanders were heavily reinforced until it was estimated that they numbered not less than half a million men, gathered for the purpose of smashing the line of the Allies at the strategic point where the British and the Belgian troops were in touch with one another.

I know of smashing attacks the thought of which takes one's breath away.

and even slip past the revolutionary army, after being bombarded by their old cannon, here even our own men want to smash our precious aeroplane, under the belief that it's an evil bird, come to bring bad luck to the people.

At last one day he broke his halter, and frisking into the house just as his master sat down to dinner, he pranced and capered about, mimicking the frolics of the little favourite, upsetting the table and smashing the crockery with his clumsy efforts.

I'll tell you privately, I think he's a fool, because so often he gets into a blind rage and wants to smash the very tools that earn his bite and sup.

The G-men smash the Professor's gang.

The German, who had no sense of humour, promptly smashed the camera with his sword.

" "Oh, I have thought of all that," said Ralph, "and I am now going to run ahead and smash the lantern.

The shoe flew off sideways and smashed a mirror.

"You're a nitchie, and you smashed our kegs.

"What's up, man?" said I. "You've smashed the electrometer!" "Bellows again!" said he.

Deletete staying at her post in the telegraph office in Houplines in spite of German bombardments, and calmly facing tormentors, when they smashed her instruments and threatened her with death.

I'm going to get that paper away from him, and I'm going to smash his heart with my heel.

"With the sole command of an explosive as powerful as mine, Germany would be in a position to smash England in about six weeks.

" He drew back a little, raised his right leg, and smashed the heavy cowhide boot against the door.

The pirates were smashing the chests that held the gold, and to us in our prison the noise of their work was ominousas if they were building a gallows and we were condemned men.


Had to cover and batten gratings, and then a boat fetched adrift and smashed the engine skylights." "What's your rating?"

But, above it all, was a deep, ominous notea grinding, crushing noise, as of giant rocks piling one on top of the other, smashing to powder between them the lighter stones.

I topple the king from his golden throne, I smash old idols of brass and stone, I am not hampered by yesterday.

5 It is almost a national boast that we "muddle through" our troubles, and I suppose it is true and to our credit that by virtue of a certain kindliness of temper, a humorous willingness to make the best of things, and an entirely amiable forgetfulness, we do come out of pressures and extremities that would smash a harder, more brittle people only a little chipped and damaged.


He invested all his money in a basket of glassware, on which he was to gain so much, and then to invest again and again, till he grew so rich that he would marry the vizier's daughter and live in grandeur; but being angry with his supposed wife, he gave a kick with his foot and smashed all the ware which had given birth to his dream of wealth.

Fired at the distance of only 180 yards, the guns had smashed the walls and ramparts to pieces, huge fragments had rolled down into the ditch, and the cannon in the battery were completely dismounted from the carriages, lying in confusion one on top of the other.

Terrier rolled and quivered when her bows smashed a sea, and showers of spray beat like hail against the screens on the bridge.

It nearly broke up my 'omeshe did smash one kitchen- chair and a vase off the parlour mantelpiecebut I wouldn't tell 'er, and then, led away by some men on strike at Smith's wharf, Ted went on strike for a bob a night.

I'm sorry we've smashed those plates.

No use smashing the wagon.

For a second of time the Ramblin' Kid crouched, then shot through the air like a wire spring drawn far back and suddenly released, and with an his hundred and forty pounds of nerve and sinew behind it his right fist smashed the big Greek squarely on the half-open mouth, splitting the thick lip wide and causing a red stream to spurt from the gash.

" "Just to encourage reckless old gentlemen to smash up my premises, I suppose," retorted John.

"Shut up or I'll smash your mouth so you can't yell," said one of his assailants as Lassiter was forced, still screaming for help, into the car.

After the major has sufficiently smashed the stock, Judge MacFarlane will come back, the hearing on the merits will be given, we shall doubtless make our point, and the road will revert to the stock-holders.

Casual shell-fire in the two engagements with the French that preceded the taking of Dinant had smashed some cornices and shattered some windows, but nothing worse befell.

During their journey to Hispaniola a tempest overtook them on the high seas, which wrecked one of the brigantines with all its crew; and the survivors relate that they distinctly saw, circling round the brigantine, a gigantic fish which smashed the rudder to pieces with a blow of its tail.

I'm glad I haven't got a kink for digging up relics and dodging about places that went to smash thousands of years ago.

"Bang, bang," both barrels, and his first bullet it seems went through the cask of sulphur, smashed out a stave from the further side, and filled the air with yellow dust.

"Th' Ramblin' Kid smashed Sabota and as he staggered back, picked up the ribbonthen he didn't quit till he thought the Greek was dead.

Do thou, therefore, smash this lustful wight even like an earthen pot dashed upon a stone.

'Oh, terrible, Janette!' cried Ady, on another day; 'master cut off head of Kartekeya's peacock, and smashed de tail of Garoora.'

And the generals were not the men to smash the enemy at all costs.

To me it seems 'tis your idea of Cricket To smash the wicket-keepernot the wicket.

There is young Smooch,he who smashed the Fly-Gallery in "The Mahlstick" newspaper, and was not for a moment taken in by the new Titian.

Crudely to smash features so like hers seemed a sort of mimic murder.

It is in the spirit of a reviewer who wants to smash a man.

Stella saw the spray leap like a cascade, saw the solid green curl deep over the forward deck and engine hatch and smash the low windshield.

The captain eased himself forward by advancing his left foot, and with his right fist he smashed Rucker somewhere about the face.

There was a black coat and vest hanging on the fence, and a professional-looking man in his shirt sleeves was smashing the meeting-house.

If only you'd smashed a few rules yourself.

"On with the beef, chummies! Smash every oar!

I smashed his ruler for him and bolted.

Then he instantly changed sides; and smashed his Blรผcher against the last egg left.

When the Germans, in their campaigning, smash up an automobileand traveling at the rate they do there must be many smashedthey capsize it at the roadside, strip it of its tires, draw off the precious gasoline, pour oil over it and touch a match to it.

" "Unfortunately for us the English heavy artillery, which would have smashed the beggars to bits, had not yet come up to help us, although we expected them with some anxiety, as the big business events began as soon as we drove the outposts back to their main lines.

When de war war ober he war smashed all ter pieces.

The core of that Thing made of wind smashed the Truxtona smash of air.

While the sea was not high, or dangerous, beyond the headland, the charging billows there broke in foam and were already playing havoc with the stranded vessel, smashing great spars, entangled amid canvas and cordage, about so as to render our approach extremely perilous.

As he jerked open the door a bullet smashed the wood above his head.

Men smashed their neighbors with clenched fistsnot knowing or caring how hard or whom they struckor that they themselves were being hit.

But she took it and deliberately smashed a panetwo panesall the six panes with their coloured transparencies of the Prodigal Son.

Doubtless she will go on and marry the other man in due season; but she will never forgive you if you smash her ideals.

Yes, the formidable scaly monster, with his square snout and terrible jaws, his ponderous body covered with armour, and his serrated tail, with which he could break the leg of a bullock, or smash an outrigger as easily as a whale could smash a jolly-boat.

There is the clear and beautiful dawn of new and balanced effort, easy, unresting, planned, assured, and there is also the blundering-up of a still half-somnolent man, irascible, clumsy, quarrelsome, who stubs his toe in his first walk across the room, smashes his too persistent alarum clock in a fit of nerves, and cuts his throat while shaving.

Stand back while I smash the boards.