635 collocations for smiling

"What's wrong?" The Colonel smiled a queer little one-sided smile.

'I mean what I told youhow my cousin, Cissie Cavanack,' he smiled a little as he invented this name, 'came up to town, chose the wrong hat, didn't know what to do with itand, you know!'

He had never been in Rome, and I was delighted at the prospect of seeing that lovely land again, all blue sky and bright sun and smiling faces.

The last half of the journey would seem shorter, and, at the end, there would be Blossy smiling a welcome, for he never doubted but that Blossy would be glad to see him.

Beneath the dome of the wooden stud, Mrs. Shila Coblenz, of not too fulsome but the hour-glass proportions of two decades ago, smiled, her black eyes, ever so quick to dart, receding slightly as the cheeks lifted.

"Go ahead, my dears," said Uncle John, smiling approval.

"You see," smiled Dave, "the doubt hits you just as hard as it does me!"

"And an agnostic," smiled the older man.

You're coming on Wednesday to hear Paul La France sing, dear Mrs Ottley?' Edith smiled and nodded assent, trying to stop the incessant trickle of Lady Everard's leaking conversation.

"I'd opened the door and held it wide for you," smiled Frank.

And Avery, still with her umbrella poised against the blast, smiled her thanks and passed in.

" "It's already done," smiled the Doctor.

" Miss Lavinia having, by a solemn movement of the head, indicated her willingness to languish without her hostess' society for a short period, Miss Sallianna rose, and made her exit from the apartment, with upraised eyes and gently smiling lips.

They heard the genet browsing and stamping as he fed, And smiling Love his pinions over the lovers spread.

The major coloured a little, and then he looked at Beulah and smiled good-naturedly.

At the first farmhouse where we alighted the people were busy at their out-door work, which, however, on hearing of the arrival of strangers, they soon left, and came to welcome the travellers with outstretched hand and smiling countenances.

His portrait, which hangs to-day to the left of the fireplace in the great hall, shows him a white-haired, red-faced, choleric gentleman, with gray eyes and proudly smiling mouth.

"Long enough," smiled Racey.

Beside him rode a lady of a wondrous dark beauty, sleepy eyed and languid; yet her glance was quick to meet the Duke's bold look, and, 'neath her mantle, her fingers met, once in a while, and clung with his, what time his red lips would smile; but, for the most part, his brow was gloomy and he fingered his chin as one in thought.

"Did it have trunks in it, Motherand cobwebs?" "Trunks, yes, but not cobwebs," smiled her mother, "for Aunt Beatrice was an excellent housekeeperwhen she was at home.

He looked pretty tough, but one thing, anyway, he smiled an awful nice kind of a smile and hit me a whack on the shoulder and said: "Don't get excited, Skeezeks; you're all right and I won't hurt you.

The office had never seemed desirable until Gus Morris ran for it and smiled his way to a triumphant election.

She forced herself to smile in answer, and she knew that she succeeded; but it was one of the greatest efforts of her life.

"I couldn't leave my dog, could I?" smiled Coquenil.

"Oh, I guess not," smiled Dave Darrin quietly, adding to himself, under his breath: "I carry my own good cheer with me, now.

635 collocations for  smiling