1382 collocations for sold

I was a leper, unfit for gentlefolks' company, because, forsooth, I had sold goods, which every one of them did also, and had tried to sell them fair.

" "You know as well as I do," said Dr. Webb, "that the company expects to make money by selling lands and town lots; and as you are not disposed to give the company a show, or share with me, I shall probably have to start another town near you.

When we arrived at Cadiz we sold many slaves, finding two hundred remaining to us; the others, completing the number of two hundred thirty-two, having died at sea.

Believing that I could make more money out West on the frontier than I could at Salt Creek Valley, I sold out the Golden Rule House, and started alone for Saline, Kansas, which was then the end of the track of the Kansas Pacific railway, which was at that time being built across the plains.

The elder man began to say to himself that he would sell his life dearly.

Their expectations were raised by exaggerated reports of his having married money; and by a curious pertinacity of pride he still declined, even when he had to sell his books, to accept advances from his publisher.

Would that were all they will destroy!" THE DEMON POPE "So you won't sell me your soul?" said the devil.

But the millwright, after the dam was completed, having artfully obtained his permission to use the waste water, and fraudulently erected there a common water-mill, which soon obtained all the neighbouring custom, he had sold out that property, and resorted to the agency of gunpowder, which is quite as philosophical a process as that of congelation, and much less expensive.

He would see about selling the stock and making re-investments to-morrow.

Let's sell our things here and move to Dundee.

One day as we were proceeding on our way, we were met by a horseman who wanted to sell his horse, or trade-him for another.

"It's not your religion to sell Mussulman; you sell the children of your own slaves, born in your houses, and who are Mussulmen?"

" "Can't the Widder Clark sell the new paper, then?" asked the blacksmith.

He hated his heir presumptive, sold the estate of Rochdale,a proceeding afterwards challengedand cut down the trees of Newstead, to spite him; but he survived his three sons, his brother, and his only grandson, who was killed in Corsica in 1794.

He wants to sell the farm and buy the hotel at Millford.

For a pair of mitts he sells his daughter to that ruffian.

Bethersden is connected with the Lovelaces for they owned it, Richard Lovelace, the poet, having sold Lovelace Place to Richard Hulse, soon after the death of Charles I. Three members of the Lovelace family lie in the church, their tombs marked by brasses; William Lovelace (1459) another William Lovelace, gentleman (1459), and Thomas Lovelace (1591).

" "She wanted to sell her shares to me; I knew she had some plan when she crossed the floor.

Games of skill, very thorough shopping or keeping a bankbook, or selling tickets for tram or train, represent the kind of everyday problem that should be the centre of the arithmetic work at this transition stage; and out of the necessities of these problems the abstract and semi-abstract work should come, but it should never precede the real work.

The auction I'm ready to start: I'm instructed to sell all these valuable lots, And the bidding I hope will be smart.

Bartlett has sold sixty acres of his farm to Dr. Adam Matthews, for many years a prominent physician of Boston, who is going to build a good house on the land and become a citizen of Millville.

Among other occupations he had at one time adopted that of a book-agent, and by dint of persistent energy had sold numerous copies of "Radford's Lives of the Saints" to the surrounding farmers.

Also it was said that she had sold his wife away from him, and might try to sell Clem himself if ever she got "hard up," though it was felt that she would be wise not to go too far in that matter.

"Gentlemen," said Smith to the Doctor and Spalding, as we sat after our meal, enjoying our pipes, "what say you to selling out your interest in that bear?

The church has sold its birthright for the privilege of exploiting the credulity and the fears of the people.

1382 collocations for  sold
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