43 collocations for solemn

Nor could it be a hardship upon a man liberally educated, to make one on so solemn an occasion, and to hear the harangue of a man of letters, (though far from being the principal part of the service, as it is too generally looked upon to be,) whose studies having taken a different turn from his own, he must always have something new to say.

At last divine Cecilia came, Inventress of the vocal frame; The sweet enthusiast, from her sacred store, Enlarged the former narrow bounds, And added length to solemn sounds, With nature's mother-wit, and arts unknown before.

If you will not pretend to tell us the Motives that bring such Triflers to solemn Assemblies, yet let me desire that you will give this Letter a Place in your Paper, and I shall remain, SIR, Your obliged humble Servant, J. S. May the 5th.

God only knows what this night will bring forth, and I may never have a moment as favourable as this, for discharging so solemn a duty.

The fields have faded, the groves look dead, The summer is gone, its beauty has fled, And there breathes a low and plaintive sound From each stream and solemn wood around.

It is melancholy to think that so solemn a subject should threaten to become a ground for bitter controversy; but that much animosity of feeling has already appeared is well known.

There are others who affect a very slow Time, and are, in my Opinion, much more tuneable than the former; the Cooper in particular swells his last Note in an hollow Voice, that is not without its Harmony; nor can I forbear being inspired with a most agreeable Melancholy, when I hear that sad and solemn Air with which the Public are very often asked, if they have any Chairs to mend?

They reach the holy place, fulfill the days To solemn feasting given, and grateful praise.

Sincerely do I desire, that it may not incur the responsibility of neglecting so solemn a charge.

I stepped into this perfectly silent room, of a very silent house, with a peculiar foreboding; and its darkness, and solemn clothing of books, for except where two narrow looking-glasses were set in the wall, they were everywhere, helped this somber feeling.

How lofty, how impressive, how solemn this code!

HENRY F. KEENAN "Heavy and solemn the cloudy column Over the green fields marching came, Measureless spread like a table bread For the cold grim dice of the iron game.

I'll be yours upon one solemn conditionthat from this hour till death parts us, you promise to give your faith where you give your love.

"After Mother read me that speech o' Mr. Lincoln's at Gettysburg, when all the people was jest dumb from their feelin's bein' so solemn an' deep; an' some o' his other speeches that was fine, I begun t' go t' town whenever there was t' be any good speakin', even when I had t' walk both ways.

After which solemn determination to be calm, and not display any further emotion on any account, the two young ladies, sinking into each other's arms, cried until their white handkerchiefs were completely wetted by their tears.

To listen to some people, it is almost as solemn a function as to be a trustee of the British Museum.

It seemed to be saucily tweaking the ear of that insufferably solemn Things-as-They-Are goddess.

No sound is uttered,but a deep And solemn harmony pervades The hollow vale from steep to steep, And penetrates the glades.

Another hypothesis of Jack's as to the cause of Wrath of God's melancholy was that solemn Covenanter's inability to get any nearer to the edge of the earth.

Next day she was consigned to the tomb, in so solemn a manner, that if man were not man, one would have had a difficulty in recognising in that gentle hand that held the head-cord, and dropped it so softly on the coffin, the same member which drove the innocent victim into the deep waters.

It was this Giustinian who had been carried in triumph on the shoulders of the people, before the Doge and the Signoriawho had been the hero when that solemn Mass, in honor of the victory, had been offered up in the ducal chapelwhen the Rialto and the Merceria, for the extravagant joy of Venice, were draped in blue and scarlet and gold, bound laurel wreaths and decorated with the art treasures of Titian and Giorgone.

The last lines especially, with their "passionate grief set to solemn music," make this poem one of the best, on the whole, that Arnold has written.

she anxiously asked"I was sworn on the Word of God, and by the sacred crosshad I foreseen any harm to thee, the power of England would not have made me take so solemn an oath, and then I might have been silent.

The closing sentences of his will show how he ever thought of others and not of himself, for he wrote: "My will and desire is, that I may have no public funeral, but that my corpse may be accompanied by a few of my nearest neighbors; that no liquors be given to make any of the company drunk,many instances of which I have seen, to the great scandal of the Christian religion and abuse of so solemn an ordinance.

She had met him a good many times at "rather solemn dinner-parties," and he had stayed at Minto.

43 collocations for  solemn