14 collocations for spark

Gie me ae spark o' Nature's fire, That's a' the learning I desire; Then, tho' I drudge thro' dub an' mire At pleugh or cart, My Muse, tho' hamely in attire, May touch the heart.

The Eleventh sparks book.

Still happier were they, when, at night, with his sons and nephew, they were allowed to huddle on the forge, sitting on the bottoms of old buckets or boxes, and watching the fire, from the paly blue border of flame in the edge of the damp charcoal, to the reddening, glowing column that shot with an arrowy stream of sparks up the wide-throated chimney.

Of fighting sparks Fame may her pleasure say, But 'tis a bolder thing to run away.

Gallus was of quality, but her spark a poor inferior fellow.

The holes are then stuffed with tow steeped in resin and oil; a rope is looped round the pole, and two young men, who must be brothers or must have the same baptismal name, and must be of the same age, pull the ends of the rope backwards and forwards so as to make the pole revolve rapidly, till smoke and sparks issue from the two holes in the door-posts.

The awful black giant, towering high in air, before the gates of that blue abyss of flame: but a black crown of cloud has settled upon his head; and out of it the lightning sparks leap to and fro, ringing his brows with a coronet of fire.


Aaron Grigsby is sparking Sally Lincoln; I saw him kiss her!'

A few characters of consequence, he said, by opposing or even refusing to sign the Constitution, might do infinite mischief by kindling the latent sparks that lurk under an enthusiasm in favour of the Convention which may soon subside.

It might have been the lighthouse spark Some sailor, rowing in the dark, Had importuned to see!

The drink he had had at Wenzel's on the way home sparked his speech.

One spark made a single dot, a stream of sparks the dash of the Morse telegraphic code.

It was not the hard work that had left her at the end of many a long dayjust a worn bundle of sparking nerve-ends.

14 collocations for  spark