125 collocations for  spits

125 collocations for spits

It was the thing that spat fire and thunder, and killed.

It's an amulet; only as it's used to stop the flow of blood from the wound of a captive seal, it is supposed to be the best of all charms for anyone who spits blood."

She spat the words and seized her husband's wrist.

It was spitting snow, but he had no difficulty in seeing where the trail led from hummock to hummock in the miry earth.

I spit your nose, and yet it is no violence.

He is [Greek] (the slanderer); Satan, the spiteful adversary; the old snake or dragon, hissing out lies, and spitting forth venom of calumnious accusation; the accuser of the brethren, a murderous, envious, malicious calumniator; the father of lies; the grand defamer of God to man, of man to God, of one man to another.

The coyote is your real lord of the mesa, and so he makes sure you are armed with no long black instrument to spit your teeth into his vitals at a thousand yards, is both bold and curious.

For a moment or two my "catch" lay where he was, blowing, gasping, grunting, and spitting out mouthfuls of dirty water.

The legendary singer also spits a verse over Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down instrumental.

The Boy choked, turned his back to spit out the throttling blast, and when he could catch his breath inquired: "This a good place for a village?" "Bully.

I pictured it crowned by defenses and lined by such of the Huns as had survived the artillery battering, spitting death and destruction from their machine guns.

The battle of the Azaleas started in 2012, when Banks called out XXL magazine for placing Iggy on its "Freshman" cover after she spit lyrics like "runway slave master" on one of her tracks.

Could one ever forget those grapes which he plucked in the first act, and slowly ate, spitting out the seeds, as if each one represented a worthy virtue to be put out of his mouth, as God, according to the evangelist, puts out the lukewarm virtues.

Then one of the fasting men takes from a basket a number of young green mangoes, cuts them in pieces, and places them with his own hands in the mouths of his fellows, the other fasting men, who chew the pieces small and turning round spit the morsels in the direction of the setting sun, in order that "the sun should carry the mango bits over the whole country and everyone should know."

Gramercy Lilly, she spits his kisses out, and now he offers to fumble, she falls off, (that's a good Wench) and cries fair play above board.

Envy, spit thy gall; Plot, work, contrive; create new fallacies; Team from thy womb each minute a black traitor, Whose blood and thoughts have twin conception: Study to act deeds yet unchronicled;

Being in a picture-gallery, he observed a stout sailor in towering disgust at one of the old masters, spit his tobacco-juice at it, and swear, with an expletive, that he could do better himself.

So they threw down two bits of food, and it was ordained that whoever ate the first piece, should marry the daughter of a Raja, and whoever ate the second piece, should spit gold; and it chanced that Sit ate the first piece, and Lakhan the second.

echoed the muskets, and the rifles spat flame into the deepening dusk and the dark woods rang with the war-yell of half a thousand Indians stripped for the last battles that the Long House should ever fight.

I only want you to spit a benediction into my mouth,' If he asks you, 'Who told you that?'

The next instant a dark object fell with a swoosh and thump in the bottom of the trench, rolled a little and lay still, spitting a jet of fizzing sparks and wreathing smoke.

I just spat out my tea.

When well scoured, it must be wiped quite dry with a clean cloth; and, in spitting the meat, the prime parts should be left untouched, so as to avoid any great escape of its juices.

Standing on a railway embankment, I was watching the withdrawal under heavy fire of the last Belgian troops, when an armoured car, the lean muzzle of its machine-gun peering from its turret, tore past me at fifty miles an hour, spitting a murderous spray of lead as it bore down on the advancing Germans.

Then, when I remembered how I had left him crouching against the wall, spitting out curses at me through his cut and bleeding lips, I knew that the idea was nonsense.

The adjutant snickered as he spat an oath.

And as a cobra's head spits venom, it spat forth a thin, steel-blue stream of lucent fire.

In our Return home, Sir ROGER told me, that old Moll had been often brought before him for making Children spit Pins, and giving Maids the Night-Mare; and that the Country People would be tossing her into a Pond and trying Experiments with her every Day, if it was not for him and his Chaplain.

A Tuesday editorial in the Global Times state newspaper called Pompeo, an evil man who speaks nonsense and is spitting poison when it accuses China of allowing the coronavirus to spread around the world.

a perfidious, unfeeling traitoress," observed Mr. Jinks, grimacing terribly; "and if thou makest a single step toward her, I will spit thee on my sword!"

It is not meant to just spit out information about, you know, who, who is going to be the next school shooter.

Because the Province of B.C. spits out a computer-generated form with the previous year's information.

Crusoe instantly spat out the glove and bounded towards the meatonce more to be disappointed.

Nevertheless, I had no more doubt of killing him than a cook has of spitting a headless fowl.

Weightings are applied accordingly and, at the other end the machine spits out a number that should accurately translate to a player's worth on the international stage.

However, since it was never explained, it was quite rattling when Park Ilpyo turned into a and spit out a sparkling gemstone.

How have we gotten to a point where this simple solution is immediately condemned by all authority and where the law, hand in glove with the State, moves swiftly to spit people back out onto the streets.

Twice his automatic sent a lightning-flash of fire where Culver Rann had sat; twice it spat threadlike ribbons of flame through the blackness where Quade had stood.

Nay, spit thy venome.

"Pretty lively," said Jones, spitting gravel as I walked up.

It was so pungent that he almost spat it out again, then merely hot and full-flavoured: a kind of German mustard with a touch of horse-radish andwell, mushroom.

I was away for a while and decided to see what the Harlot was up to and almost spit my pepsi on the computer screen.

" "Well, what does that matter?" answered Diggory, cracking another nut and spitting out the shell.

The day, though it began brightly, had long been overcast, and the clouds now spat down a few spiteful drops upon us, besides that the east-wind was very chill; so we descended the winding tower-stair, and went next into the garden, one side of which is shut in by almost the only remaining portion of the old city-wall.

Can the computers, or whatever it is that this register is composed of, spit out all the lots under that category that were sold at market value?

A whole row of people in Italy shouted out 'spits out pizza' for some mad reason.

It was New Year's Eve when BlueDot's computer spat out an alert: a Chinese business paper had just reported 27 cases of a mysterious flu-like disease in Wuhan, a city of 11 million.

Another Pathan rushing forward, with uplifted knife held as a sword, was met by a sudden low fencing-lunge and fell with a hideous wound, and then, whirling his weapon like a claymore in an invisibly rapid Maltese cross of flashing steel, the man who had been Ross-Ellison drove his enemies before him, whirled about, and established himself in the opposite corner, and spat pungent Border taunts at the infuriated crowd.

We have a taske in hand, to kill a Serpent Which spits her poyson in our kingdomes face.

"If she should begin spitting up a little livelier ..." he speculated with a shrug, and presently took himself off to his bunk after an inspection below had shown that none of the schooner's seams had started.