478 collocations for sprung

After waiting for some time, that she might ween this terrible truth, Mr. P, concluded that there was nothing to do but to spring a leak.

Excitedly, I sprang down the steps, and, guided by the rattle of the window-sash, reached the door of one of the empty bedrooms, at the back of the house.

He had sprung one surprise.

Young Blodget, who had displayed the ardour of a hero, and the coolness of a veteran throughout the short fray, sprang down the stairs unarmed, at this sound, passed through the astonished crowd in the court, unnoticed, and rushed to the outer gate.

And Roger sprang down the bank and heedless of the water, plunged in to catch Beltane's hands and kiss them.

They'll manage to spring the trap and carry off the bait.

The negro rowers shot the boat alongside, and the linen-clad steersman sprang up the ladder.

And yet, when Phineas Duge sprung that thing upon us, and we saw the thunderbolt coming, we were like frightened sheep, glad to do anything he suggested, glad to sign our names even to that dd paper.

The ground must have been dug over and over again, innumerable times, until the soil is made up of what was once human clay, out of which have sprung successive crops of gravestones, that flourish their allotted time, and disappear, like the weeds and flowers in their briefer period.

The past stood there in the form of William Drew; he and Sally made the present, and through his love of her sprang the hope of the future.

It was small enough, and had only a clay floor, but when he and his bride danced over it, the floor grew as smooth as if it had been polished, and from every stone in the wall sprung a flower, that looked as gay as the costliest tapestry.

As for Arthur Pendennis, after that awful shock which the sight of his dead father must have produced on him, and the pity and feeling which such an event no doubt occasioned, I am not sure that in the very moment of the grief, and as he embraced his mother and tenderly consoled her and promised to love her forever, there was not springing up in his breast a sort of secret triumph and exultation.

The provision against the crime of wilfully springing a mast, is at least useless; for when did any man admit that he sprung his mast by design?

They spring like products of the land The men by whom the realm doth stand.

Then she who once had wept like Niobe, Beheld her children springing round her feet, Raising young voices in the early day, That never to her ear had seem'd so sweet; And the soft murmur of a thousand rills Proclaim'd how Spring had loosed them on the hills.

Then, greatly rising in his country's right, Her hero, her deliverer sprung to light: A race of hardy northern sons he led, Guiltless of courts, untainted and unread; Whose inborn spirit spurned the ignoble fee, Whose hands scorned bondage, for their hearts were free.

* Up to an elbow sprang Beltane to find the sun new risen, filling his humble chamber with its golden glory, and, in this radiance, upon the open threshold, the tall, grim figure of the stranger.

These took root and sprang up the instant they touched the ground.

Dan's forceful right landed on Jetson's neck, sending that midshipman to the floor, whereupon Dalzell sprang back three paces.

It was a kind of small glen through which a rivulet flowed, but the banks were covered with a thick impenetrable undergrowth out of which sprang many fine old trees, a place that had apparently existed for centuries undisturbed, for here and there a giant trunk that had decayed and fallen lay across the bank, or had rolled into the rocky bed far below.

And from those souls spring noble kings, and men swift and strong and in wisdom very great: and through the after-time they are called holy heroes among men......

From this sprang the vary ignorance and vice, which in the view of many lie in the way of their immediate enfranchisement.

Jarvis sprang to his feet, a new glad light in his eye.

He was sleeping very lightly, and sprang up the moment I put my head inside his tent.

We'll meet him on the honest seaboard in the natural way, where he can't spring the tricks of The Pleiad, nor use the slather of yellow naygurs that live off the cold sweat of him" Hereupon Monkhouse drained his already empty cup, the sign that another sirocco was sweeping his throat.

478 collocations for  sprung