108 collocations for spur

"Lieutenant, give me that note, and I will take it to the General," said I. He gladly handed me the dispatch, and spurring my horse I dashed up the creek.

" At this the trumpets called to arms; Without one farewell word each knight Turned from the lady of his heart And spurred his steed in headlong flight.

There did not then exist the temptation of gain to spur men on to the profession of an author.

Peter stood in the whipping dust, and the caution of the inmates spurred his impatience to see Cissie.

Hurrah!" "Get on the table," said Casson amid the cheering, and climbed up, spurs jingling, glass on high.

19 For Jude Cartwright the world was gone mad, as he spurred down the hills away from Sinclair and the girl.

Very good, your Horse is well set up; but ere you part, I'll ride you, and spur your Reverend Justiceship such a question, as I shall make the sides of your Reputation bleed, truly I will.

Impatience spurs Peru rift settlement.

Racey spurred up the bank and rode toward the long, low building that was McFluke's store and saloon.

Such interest by the Emperor may well have spurred Hindu members of the court to have other texts illustrated for, ten to fifteen years later, in perhaps 1615, a manuscript of the Gita Govinda was produced, its illustrations possessing a certain fairy-like refinement.

Wages perform their material share in spurring the worker.

The great Empress spurred hope by another movement.

R626312. Baruch Committee spurs aid to physically handicapped.

Off to the side and well ahead, spurring his mount to top effort, came Red Perris, who must have marked the chase with his glass.

Very good, your Horse is well set up; but ere you part, I'll ride you, and spur your Reverend Justiceship such a question, as I shall make the sides of your Reputation bleed, truly I will.

Of course those intellectual high-brows in your set didn't need an introduction to you; you were advertised as an example of ultra-fashionable perfection, to spur the ambition of those lower down in the social scale.

After all, perhaps the eccentric uncle who left such a strange provision in his will knew human nature better than most people do; for he had picked out the very thing calculated to spur a chap like Roland to do his best.

Over this rise the Midland yeomen spurred their chargers and, giving full-throated cheers, dashed through the Turks' left flank guard and went straight for the guns.

If and when society is ever so organized that it can produce what it needs without spurring the citizen to work with the inducement supplied by possession, and the power to hand on property, then it may be possible to abolish the inequities that hereditary property carries with it.

" He bowed stiffly, and, as he looked down at the medal, went away, spurs clattering.

No, not once had the cruel spurs clung in his flanks, or the quirt whirred and fallen; not once, above all, had his mouth been torn and his jaw nearly broken by the wrenching of a curb.

An event, however, over which no parties and no leaders had any control, suddenly intervened to hasten the action and spur the convictions of the leaders on both sides, and especially of the Prime Minister.

But this spurring his courage, he declared he would live in hell rather than she should fall from her high estate, and become a mere vagabond wench again, adding that 'twas but the first effort gave him so much pain, that with practice 'twould all be as nothing; that such sweet kisses as hers once a week did amply compensate him for his fast, etc.

He spurred his courser to the blood; One clattering bound he took, The Moorish maiden turned to him.

He rushed about the next turn of the cliff and saw that the race had been in vainthe Great Enemy was spurring his reeling cowpony into the mouth of the Little Smoky gap!

108 collocations for  spur
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