87 collocations for steams

He turned round after a few seconds with a cup of steaming tea in his hand.

A huge white pitcher of steaming golden coffee was in his hand.

Cover with buttered paper and steam 1-1/2 hours.

This rule should not be neglected when steaming vegetablesthe water should be fast boiling.

But I had stayed on top long enough to see the other cruisers, which I learned were the Cressy and the Hogue, turn and steam full speed to their dying sister.

[Illustration: ROSE APPLES EN SURPRISE] MOCK LOBSTER À LA NEWBURG Wipe a 2 pound haddock, remove skin and bones, sprinkle with Salt and steam 20 minutes over boiling water.

Place the steamer over a saucepan of boiling water, and steam the potatoes from 20 to 40 minutes, according to the size and sort.

In the mean time, we busied ourselves with breakfast and a cup of steaming cocoa, for a long ride was before us.

Here we are steaming our way towards Cork harbor, with most beautiful weather, along the Irish coast, which is in full view, and expecting to be in the Cove of Cork in the morning of to-morrow....

Almost directly after breakfast our people had to go, and G. and I, very stricken, watched the launch as it steamed up the river till lost to sight behind a big vessel.

SEE Cedar Creek steamed crabs.

While steaming up the Bay of Bengal, the anti-mission chorus appeared at its critical best.

It was noon, and steaming dishes were hastily carried into the dining-room.

After finishing his professional education, he came to England about 1842, and made a thorough study of iron shipbuilding and steam navigation, in both of which we then held a long lead of France.

The sun was down in the west, and in its track a cruiser steamed a mile or two out from the coast, while from under Ari Burnu, where we had been that morning, a transport put out, rather recklessly it seemed, and went straight across the open water.

In houses where the post-bag has a patent lock, of which the master keeps the key, this diversion has been found a good substitute for the more thrilling entertainment of steaming the letters and reading them before taking them upstairs.

Future Prospects Steaming up the OhioContrast between Freedom and SlaveryAn Indian MoundSplendid SceneryCoal Hills LETTER XXIII.

What she saw was Anthony Bard kneeling by the coals of the fire over which steamed a coffee-pot on one side and a pan of crisping bacon on the other.

The fleet steamed up the Mississippi to Milliken's Bend, where it remained for a day or two.

ORANGE RICE.Wash and steam the rice according to directions already given.

Hot sulfuric water, which contains radium, bubbles up in all parts of Pöstyén, and even the bed of the cold river is full of steaming hot mud.

" "Maybe it's there without speaking to ye and it will be speaking before an hour longeror afther ye're home between the sheets with the rheumatiz, and yell be saying, 'Why didn't I take that glass?' which I'm holding out to ye this minute, steaming its invitation to be drunk.

Start that right after the onions and the peppers; give it time to steam a little and not be so wet.

The telephone was a great triumph of science, next in importance to steam locomotion.

But as the vessel, with our flag at its fore, was steaming up the channel toward Charleston harbor, the Southern batteries fired upon her, and she went back to New York.

87 collocations for  steams