347 collocations for sticked

After tearin' about the lake a spell, we came to something like a halt, and old Mossyback stuck his head out of water, and openin' his great glassy eyes like the moon in a mist, 'How do you like that?' said he, in a jeerin' sort of way.

The bereaved parent was busily engaged in sticking pins into a wax effigy of Basil, under the direction of Panurgiades, already honourably mentioned in this history.

" She stuck her nose in the air, and waved her hand to French Charlie, who had just then opened the door and put his head in.

As long as you two stick to your work, instead of sticking out your colors and sticking your knives into each other, I am very glad to have you for neighbors, but now that you have shown yourselves to be jack-asses instead of vegetables, I would not give an American Beaver dam for the two of you.

"Well, now," said Acton, getting off the bench and sticking his hands deep in his trousers pockets, "what had I better say?

" So Joel stuck his books under his arm and the two crossed the yard, traversing the quadrangle in front of University and debouching on to the avenue near where the tall shaft of the Soldiers' Monument gleams in the sunlight.

Then all of a sudden he stuck his foot into the glass jam-dish, and it slid along the floor, and down he came bang in the middle of all the spread.

Here he winked one eye slyly and stuck his tongue into his cheek.

I stuck a twenty-dollar bill into his coat pocket.

They stuck sticks in the ground for the wall.

This round dident last more'n two minutes, for as soon as they got me down, they all stuck their confounded needles into me, and then left me lookin' more like a porkupine than a human bein'.

'Here, be a sport,' they says, an' sticks a piece o' hot mince-pie under my nose.

Cry-baby, stick your little finger in your little eye!"

Turn them frequently with steak-tongs (if these are not at hand, stick a fork in the edge of the fat, that no gravy escapes), and in from 8 to 10 minutes they will be done.

There was a roar of laughter at my mistake, and a little dark-whiskered fellow stuck his sword into a loaf and handed it to me.

" "Yes," said the child, and he took him and stuck a thorn into him.

The gendarme takes it very cautiously; meditates awhile how to carry it; sticks the point of his bayonet into its muzzle, and lifts it aloft.

They don't mind swarming up and down stairs in a solid phalanx; they can enjoy half a dozen courses of salad, ice and strawberries, with stout gentlemen crushing their feet, anxious mammas sticking sharp elbows into their sides, and absent-minded tutors walking over them.

" "What do you mean, sir, by this rebellious attitude?" questioned Tobey, sticking his damaged face close to that of the fiddler.

His cap was new, too, and Helma had stuck two new little brown feathers in it as in the old one; so he still had a look of flying.

But I sicken of all this talk of what we might do if only somebody had the courage to stick a dagger into Commodus.

" "I'll clean 'em all after the Blow-Out," said Mac, and he went out, buried the charms in the snow, and stuck up a spruce twig to mark the spot.

" "You stuck up thing," cried Violet, putting a fond arm again about her.

It would go through a fattish person's body as through butter, and the point would stick a little way through the clothes at his back.

The other leaned out from the rails and Lister, studying him with the glasses, saw a small patch, like sticking plaster, on his forehead.

347 collocations for  sticked