219 collocations for stifled

He looks where Jack had been and sees him lying on the ground, stifling an agonized cry by holding his left arm over his mouth.

Was it not trying to stifle the voice of conscience in his breast?

"The fatigues of a long day, coupled with the evening's wine" He stifled a yawn behind the back of his hand, and smiled in polite deprecation.

Don't you ever stifle a warm or tender feeling toward a dumb creature.

Will Rheid was a good young fellow, honest and true; Miss Prudence stifled her sigh and said, "Well, dear" as the young girl came and stood beside her chair.

The lout was human; and I could not stifle my convictions in his favour.

Again the people in the street called on her to save her own life; but her only answer was to go back into the fierce flames and stifling smoke, and bring out another child, which was safely transferred to the crowd below.

The sound of stifled sobbing in the room reached her ear, and, pushing back the bed-curtains, and leaning forward to look, she saw her maid, Willett, sitting with her back to the wall, crying bitterly, and striving, as it seemed, to stifle her sobs with her apron, which was wrapped about her face.

"Messire," quoth the young knight, stifling his groans, "art very strong and wondrous gentle withal!"

There, there," as Laura tried to stifle a fresh sob, "that's right, take my handkerchief,yours is sopping wet, andMy goodness, there comes Maud Aplinshe must not see us sniffing and sobbing like this, she'll say we've had a quarrel.

Instead of attempting to quiet the agitation, by outraging the rights of the petitioners, Congress referred the petitions to a committee, and made no attempt to stifle discussion.

Nancy, stifling her laughter, goes on rapidly: "And so the Knight summons Younger Brother Peter to come, and he flies in a great air ship from Charlestown to Beulah.

But the restrictions thus stringently and laboriously imposed by custom and police on Roman poetry stifled its very breath, Not without reason might Naevius declare the position of the poet under the sceptre of the Lagidae and Seleucidae enviable as compared with his position in free Rome.(23)

But she knew her power, and stifled her resentment, and waited for her time.

The boy tried his best to smile, holding his hand over his left side, as if stifling pain.

After having dispersed some rebellious meetings and stifled the germs of an insurrection, Caesar believed that the summer would pass without any serious war.

He coughed in a shuddering way, trying to stifle the sound under his beard.

He longed to stifle his fears of insurrection by a massacre, but dreaded the consequence in the event of the city's being taken.

All alone, with no one to speak to, sitting in a damp, stifling atmosphere, the poor children had to stay day after day; and if they went to sleep they got well beaten.

" "It is that 'guard' of which you speak," remarked Spalding, "over the emotions, the sentiments of the heart, stifling their expression, and chaining down under a placid exterior their manifestations, that constitutes one of the broad distinctions between youth and manhood.

So, when Mrs. Butterby, after the refusal of her warm caudle, proposes she shall bring Madam a tray of victuals, that she may pick something in bed, Moll, stifling a merry thought, asks, in a feeble voice, what there is in the larder.

Yet behind the shoddy tinsel of Doyers and Pell Streets, as behind Alice's looking-glass, there is another Chinatowna strange, inhuman, Oriental world, not necessarily of trapdoors and stifled screams, but one moved by influences undreamed of in our banal philosophies.

Then I threw myself into science, that I might stifle passion; and I stifled it.

"The matter, is, my friend, that I have just found Marie lying across the cradle as drunk as a market porter, and half stifling the child.

Margaret, through the heat and stifling air, worked steadily alone in the dusty office, the cold, homely face bent over the books, never changing but once.

219 collocations for  stifled
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