33 collocations for stinking

The O.P. was a cramped, little, stinking place at the far end of the tunnel, shared with the Italians, undoubtedly visible and well known to the enemy, and with practically no view.

As I spoke, the officers came and took me away, and put me into a nasty, stinking prison, the smell whereof got so into my nose and throat that it very much annoyed me.

"As the sahib doubtless remembers, between that coffee shop and the next house is a stone buttress jutting out into the street, forming on its side farthest from the coffee-shop a dark corner, for whose filth and stink the street cleaners ought to be punished.

it boots not to relie On Neroes stinking fortunes; and to sit Securely looking on were to receive An Emperor from Spaine: which how disgracefull It were to us who, if we waigh our selves, The most materiall accessions are Of all the Roman Empire.

You most abhominable stinking Rascals, You turnip-eating Rogues.

358 elatum Tall ditto c.m. 359 foetidum Stinking ditto c.m. 360 purpurascens Purple-stalked ditto c.m. 361 medium German ditto c.m. 362 atropurpureum Dark-purple-flowered ditto c.m. 363 rugosum Rough-leaved ditto c.m. 364 dioicum Dioicous ditto c.m. 365 sibiricum Siberian ditto c.m.

An' did he homesickun by the Cornish Coast for the Street that Niver Sleeps, an' the whirroo an' stink av her, an' the foomum et opase strepitumkéto drink delight av battle with his peers, an' see the great Achilles whom he knewmeanin' meself?"

The same symptoms are repeated by Melanelius in his book of melancholy collected out of Galen, Ruffus, Aetius, by Rhasis, Gordonius, and all the juniors, [2460]"continual, sharp, and stinking belchings, as if their meat in their stomachs were putrefied, or that they had eaten fish, dry bellies, absurd and interrupt dreams, and many fantastical visions about their eyes, vertiginous, apt to tremble, and prone to venery."

Now and then came "stink pots," filling the air with such foul vapours that men coughed out their lives in the putrid fumes.

Tis some stinking troublesome knave, I warrant ye.

Meat, meat, Sir, for the Kitchen, and stinking Fowls the Tenants have sent in; they'll ne'r be found out at a general eating; and there's fat Venison, Sir. Char.

[Footnote 8: I will here add, that this "stinking fly"the parenthesis ("in a certain stage of development")was added merely to avoid dogmatizing on the question, how early in human history or in human life this mysterious notion of the divine spirit is recognizable as commencing.]

and I were stinking dirt?

And guying it in that stinking silly dress!

There's no body at home, and he chafes like a Lyon, And stinks withal.

The swallows had made their nests in his mouths and throats" (there were seven in so many faces) "and filled him up with all manner of stinking uncleanness.

he stinks like a physician. WIN.

'Sdeath, how she stunk my senses are most luxuriously regal'dthere's my perpetual Musick too

An envoy was despatched to Constantinople, to whom the wretch was handed, and, two months after his crimes in Santa Maria del Fiore, his living body was added to the string of stinking corpses, upon the side of the Campanile, which still dangled in their iron chains, betwixt earth and heaven, rained on and withered by the elements, and fed upon by carrion!

"You stinking young adders!"

"Bunt, or stinking smut, is caused by two different species of microscopic fungi which live as parasites in the wheat plant.

"Only conceive," Washington complained to Congress, "the mortification they (even the general officers) must suffer, when they cannot invite a French officer, a visiting friend, or a travelling acquaintance, to a better repast, than stinking whiskey (and not always that) and a bit of Beef without vegetables.

Below, by day, heavy wherries swung moored to the ooze-clad spiles or, when the tide was out, sprawled upon stinking mud-flats with a gesture of pathetic helplessness peculiar to stranded watercraft.

"Give him that stinking stuff to peddle, Skinner, and if you can dig up a couple of dozen carloads of red fir or bull pine in transit, or some short or odd-length stock, or some larch ceiling or flooring, or some hemlock random stockin fact, anything the trade doesn't want as a giftyou get me, don't you, Skinner?" Mr. Skinner smiled his swordfish smile.

Meat, meat, Sir, for the Kitchin, And stinking Fowles the Tenants have sent in; They'l nere be found out at a general eating; And there's fat Venison, Sir. Cha.

33 collocations for  stinking